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Containing explicit descriptions of violent acts.
  1. Gladis

    CLOSED SIGNUPS The Knights Arcane: Wardens of the Crystal [OOC]

    The Knights Arcane: Wardens of the crystal In the dawn of ancient times, the Aetherian empire rose to a technological providence that was unmatched by all. Their mastery over innovation and advancement knew no bounds, yet within the grandeur of their achievements lurked an insatiable thirst...
  2. Diana

    CHARACTERS EXERCISE Your Character's Views on Violence

    We all have our opinions about violence, right? What we think is acceptable violence, what makes us cringe, what is unforgivable. When we watch TV or the news we see things we may or may not agree with. Perhaps we even find some violence entertaining. Maybe we even like inflicting violence...
  3. Excession

    A Time of Monsters - Signup, OOC

    I may have posted this in slightly the wrong place and can't delete so uh I guess I'll edit as we go. A summary is no bad thing to have. The old world is dying. The king is dead, his son is a halfwit heretic, a dozen dukes raise armies to contest the throne and bark like caged hounds on the...
  4. ArachneShade

    Is there anyone interested in Vigilante RP?

    Hello there people I was looking for someone who can write with me a violent vigilante roleplay. (It's not about any superhero. But broken human. I have made a character. And I'm looking forward to see yours). I'm looking for a long term partner and I don't have any big expectations. Just don't...
  5. FeastOfPerversions

    From The Mouth of Damnation: Violent Military SciFi Tactical Action In A Savage Wartorn Universe

    OOC THREAD DISCORD SERVER Lore Thread The year is 4237 and in the wake of a brutal three and a half year war across the stars, once again only empires remain standing; decadent and prideful atop the ruins of their enemies or crumbling and recoiling from the creeping spectre of obsolence. A...
  6. drumsofLiberation

    The Omni-Verse RP [OOC&Sign-UP]

    Hello, New to Site but, looking to make something here if I can. So here the idea: The Omni-Verse is in danger and many world have been connected by a strange force has to began invade. A simple idea that feel we all can flesh out together. Sign UP: (You can use Canon Muse as well from...
  7. WinterO

    [ D A N G E R O U S ] - A Cyberpunk Roleplay | SIGNUPS

    Character Sheet |Photo or Realistic image here, scale within reason| "Quote" Name: Age: Height: Gender/Pronouns: (TEXT) (TEXT) (TEXT) (SONG NAME) Post Completed Sheets in this thread to be indexed.
  8. Thor


    For more content & characters please view the extras. Private RP between mombie, barnes & thor
  9. Azazel

    Introducing Izzy ((The Umbrella Academy Fan Character))

    Out of 43 children born on October 1st, 1989 to mothers with no prior signs of pregnancy; Sir Reginald Hargreeves was able to obtain 7 of them. Meet Izzy Lothaire, one of the remaining 36. Hello, plebians. My name is Isabella Annamarie Lothaire. At least it was. Just call me Izzy. I don't...
  10. The Mood is Write

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST A x A F x M M x NB A Concerningly Cumbersome Chronicle Collection

    The Call of the Wordbinder Hello! I'm Moody. I'm thirty two years old and have been roleplaying since I was thirteen. When I'm not writing or working on character information, I play My Time At Portia or browse for memes to share with my friends, usually while in a voice chat. Hope to hear...
  11. Shotgun Vigilante

    Fallout Seattle: Hells Point

    It is the year 2292, 10 y years after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam in the Mojave Wasteland in the NCR's favor. Legate Lanius was slain by Courier Six, along with dozens of legionaries. at Fortification Hill. Caesar and what remained of the Legion's forces fled Northwest towards Oregon and...
  12. Primula

    Vice & Virtue Cast (Canceled)

    Vice & VirtueCAST Action / Anime / Crime / Drama / Fantasy / Modern / Urban Fantasia. GUIDELINES + Basic grammar and spelling, comprehensible level. + No god-modding - if unsure, run your ideas by me. + Approved profiles will be given a reaction by me, as well as a place on the roster. + Feel...
  13. D

    Conspicuous Chapter I: Lawyer’s Directory

    Introduction It has likely been a while since I’ve written a plot or story. This one in particular is a little different for me since I rarely write crime plots so I’m extremely excited to be posting after a while. I will reply with my character's information since I don't want this...
  14. WinterO

    Cyberpunk Roleplay

    If you view this and decide against joining, i would very much appreciate a short response on why! for a roleplay I've been trying to get running for an extremely long time, the amount of interest this garners is next to none, and I'm looking to collect any information i might be able to use to...
  15. WinterO

    [ D A N G E R O U S ] - A Cyberpunk Roleplay | SIGNUPS

    The Yutani-Kandel Corporate Monocity, Southwest of Vladivostok, Russia. The clock has just ticked over to the year 2050, and what's left of the world is trying build itself back up after years of consumption following the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus led to vast socio-economic collapse and a...