Based on or borrowing elements from an existing anime movie/series, OR borrowing typical anime tropes and aesthetics.
  1. Thugisa

    Naruto Roleplay

    Hi, I'm Thug! I'm 21 and looking for someone to do a Naruto Roleplay with! My Roleplaying info: I'm a literate writer with over ten years of experience with roleplaying. I do prefer male x male plots but I'm open to anything! I only do third-person point of view. I tend to match whatever...
  2. Oni


    Not really a new arrival but it's been 4 years since I last posted or even looked at the site due to personal issues. A lot has changed since then, and I'm working on a webcomic now so I'd like to have a space for all the excess creative energy to go. This worked for me then, hopefully it'll...
  3. reiraxzz


    ˏˋ°•⁀➷ INTRO ⋆.ೃ࿔:・ Hello! My name is Miracle, though you can call me Mira or Icy! I go by she/her pronouns and I currently live in central time zone. I'm not super active on Black Dahlia, which is why I tend to send my discord (just message me if you're interested!) I'm currently a 19 year old...
  4. AnemoVictorious

    GUARDIAN ANGELS - a shugo chara inspired group role play

    Guardian Angels[slide] [slide] [slide] Templates by Ardent
  5. Raddum

    Rad's Fandom Box

    Currently Closed! (New Job Opportunity, Too Busy!) Hiya, and thanks for clicking on my search! I've had good success already with a few RP's but wanted to make a thread of my own to find a few more. I'm 26 with he/him pronouns, though I don't particularly worry about that too much. This thread...
  6. swordstray

    Daemon Weapons { soul eater X his dark materials, 1x1 Search }

    fa fa-swordfa fa-firefa fa-pawplease be sure to read through the introduction & expectations sections of my roleplay info! here's the general cliff notes; posting speed & frequency can be kind of all over the place depending on my energy levels, but i try to do at least 1 - 3 replies per week...
  7. Onslaught

    Demon Slayer: Kimietsu No Yaiba

    I'm looking for a partner that can make an detailed OC for Demon Slayer as we work our way t o becoming Hashira!
  8. humanalien

    Twisted (pvllingteeth&humanalien)

    Serenity Price x Lilia Vanrouge Riley Kojima x Leona Kingscholar //The most effort I think I've put into much of anything. Lord help me if it doesn't look good I tired idk formatting and what not.
  9. sevyn

    sevyn wonders ┇ oc x cc⠀ ( &* )⠀ oc x oc

    heyyy party people, sevyn here! i'm a twenty year old multi-paragraph writer who uses she / they pronouns. i've been writing for a decade or so ( or… since i was probably too young to be roleplaying with strangers on the internet 💀 ). while i have more free time than normal, i'd like to expand...
  10. R

    Couple of fandom cravings! (Bleach & Dangan)

    Not replacing anybody! Last Edited: 11/6/2022 Edit Notes: N/A Discord: notjojivlogs#1651 About me: I'm Jo/Joji! 20+ year old woman 10+ years of RP/writing experience College senior About you: 18+, preferably 21+ Female or nonbinary (I don't feel comfortable roleplaying with men) RP...
  11. lumbago

    [OPEN] Slipped Through The Cracks: Genshin-inspired Isekai Roleplay

    Teaser ───────────── Entering the Paideia was an arduous process, not only for its exclusivity—the school allowed none but the staff and students upon its grounds—but also for its journey. Built upon the cradle of the World Tree, the Paideia, the college you were admitted to, resided, not with...
  12. .Phantom.

    fandom partner search ~ updated [10/05/22] with Phan || s e a r c h i n g || [strong anime focus]

    Introduction:: Hello, my user is .Phantom. but you are free to call me Phan! I have been roleplaying for over ten years now and started off years ago on WCRPG before it became FeralFront and ultimately ended up shutting down. I am currently 22 years old and go by She/Her but to be quite honest...
  13. RottenRally

    Anime Plots!

    I have plots for a few anime below that I have come up with. All you need to do is make a character for the plot and I'll basically GM the rest! I just ask that your character is relatively creative. If it's in MHA, don't just make your character have one of the main cast's quirks for no reason...
  14. Freikugel

    Plots and Plots and Plots!

    Welcome to my interest check! credit to Igor Wolski for the amazing art About me. I am a 22 year old recent college graduate currently studying for the LSAT. I love going to the gym, photography, and picked up wrestling last year. I've always loved physical activity and combat, which is...
  15. pvllingteeth

    love is a violence || bnha [pvllingteeth&error606]

    this thread is a continuation of a deleted thread from a different site. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to HOURS, hours to d a y s. Little by little, the wound in her chest stitched itself closed, leaving nothing but scar tissue in its wake. She glanced down at it as she shed her hospital...
  16. PavellumPendulum

    Favourite anime OPs/EDs!

    Hello fellow weebs, I know you've got one or two or even ten in mind when you think of best OPs and EDs. There are some real bangers that come out of anime and I want you to share them today so we mayhaps learn of a new bop or two 😤 Here are some that I think slap: I first heard this when I...
  17. elfieqx

    Looking for a Genshin Impact themed RP

    Hello everyone, I am extremely new to this site but I have been involved in roleplay for many of years, typically coming from sites like tumblr and twitter. I have joined here to see if I can develop my writing skills. If anyone is willing to join me in a roleplay about Genshin Impact or other...
  18. pvllingteeth

    healing auras || bnha [pvllingteeth&humanalien]

    (this thread is the continuation of a deleted thread from a different site.) One of the first things Kanae had learned about Izuku during their first year at U.A was how openly expressive he was. His heart was always on his sleeve, much too large for one body to possibly contain. His feelings...
  19. Xenotrix Metamorph

    Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ties That Bind

    (IC can be found here: IC) The world was taken by storm when game designer Maximillian Pegasus created Duel Monsters. Though his inspiration for this game was strongly tied to ancient games of great and terrible power, this card game he created was, at first, simply a popular pastime. Then, it...
  20. Xenotrix Metamorph

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Based Rp Brainstorm

    Hey, guys. Sorry for the informal and unorganized approach, I promise with some interest and discussion, if this picks up I will make a much more organized and professional OOC. So, I grew up playing card games with my brother, so they are a huge part of my childhood and hobbies, the main one...