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  1. Jessica2477

    BY INVITATION ONLY BNHA Rehabilitation Academy

    @The Dapper Mog @ForlornFury @AliceFalling @Tarieles @Mahou-Shoujo @MrStoryTeller @Takashi @sleepingxdragon IC Welcome to the Juvenile Rehabilitation Academy, where delinquents 18 years old and under come to prove that they deserve a second chance. Each student has been convicted of a...
  2. Rebornfan120

    PARTNER REQUEST Seeking New Partners! - Open

    Hello! I've decided to do a new roleplay search from Reborn! Seeing some posts with rules I have decided to at least show my rules, don't worry it'll be short since I normally don't have many rules, to begin with normally. 1. 1-4 paragraphs are preferred but compromises can be made through...
  3. Panda3

    ALWAYS OPEN OPEN SIGNUPS Ivanov vs Japan (Revival)

    So awhile ago I made an RP that I really liked, and I would like to revive it, and this time make it go well. The History In the year 2020, a man in Russia named Igor Ivanov rose to power, but he had a vision... World domination. A vision he is so close to making into a reality. The countries...
  4. CrystalTears

    Rhapsody of the Sea

    Haeju Mizuchi Haeju swam around the water, perhaps a bit too close to the coast. They weren't allowed to go there for numerous reasons that his parents had pounded into his head over and over again. None of them stuck, and despite what they said, the coast had the best and prettiest rocks! He...
  5. rosesandaloe

    ALWAYS OPEN Detailed Soul Eater

    Hello! I’m going to keep this short. I’m looking for a detailed Soul Eater role play. I’ve been finding myself wanting to write very detailed scenes, but I currently don’t have many partners to write with. I’m also working part time so I may not be able to reply every day but I do tend to be...
  6. timv999

    Who wants to role-play some Anime Fandoms!

    Hey everyone! I hope things are going well! My name is Tim and I am looking to role-play some Fandoms! I have been roleplaying for quite a few years now and have been apart of some very good and some very bad role-plays, both in groups and in one on ones. I typically will try and match my...
  7. Neoncat

    The world ends with you (TWEWY)

    About me/ my roleplaying style: - Been roleplaying for +10 years, +3 in English (it isn't my first language so sometimes I derp and I make mistakes, sorry in advance for that). - I'm more into quality over cuantity, but because I usually use e-mails I'm used to long posts/ roleplay replies. I...
  8. Casuna

    Searching for a male partner

    #1 Hey everyone I'm coming out of retirement I have been roleplaying for a little over 7 years now and I took about a 6 month break and I'm ready to get back in it, I play female characters since I am a female and usual only play female characters but sometimes I can try playing a male character...
  9. Caracal

    OPEN SIGNUPS Black Magic and Golden Hearts

    Black Magic & Golden HeartsStorySign-up/OoCCharactersDiscord The StoryIn the quiet river town of Aldenburg, magical creatures secretly live alongside humans. The masquerade has been successfully held for several years now, especially with a declining belief in the supernatural. However, a new...
  10. Caracal

    OPEN SIGNUPS Black Magic & Golden Hearts OOC and Sign-up

    Black Magic & Golden HeartsStorySign-up/OoCCharactersDiscord The interest check is here: INTEREST CHECK Why appropriating cultures for profit is bad: A Roleplay Sorry the thread isn't very pretty, I'm kinda in a rush to get everything posted before it all falls out of my head, and in case the...
  11. Paz

    Kingdom Hearts, Soul Eater or Fairy Tale

    So I missed a deadline and am not going to be participating in a bleach roleplay sadly, but I have never seen the show so I guess it’s whatever. With that being said, I am a big fan of the aforementioned things in the thread title but can’t seem to choose between the three. I’m not looking to...
  12. Lady White

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST The Thread of White Regality - Lady White's Search Thread!

    Welcome to my search thread! If you're reading this, you might be thinking what this person is like, and how can I possibly Roleplay with this person, right? This thread should detail some basic information about me, my preferences, and what I'm interested in. If you are interested in setting...
  13. Gossip

    Looking for some Persona 4 Cuteness-Drama-Slice of Life

    Heyo! I was reminded of my love for one Kanji Tatsumi today and I would love to play him against either a Canon character or one of your OCs. There could either be romance or not, and to be truthful I don't really care if there's not - I just want to play with that blond teddybear and have fun...
  14. Caracal

    Why appropriating cultures for profit is bad: A Roleplay

    TL;DR: See title Sign-up thread: OPEN SIGNUPS Black Magic & Golden Hearts OOC and Sign-up The masquerade is well and alive in the small suburban city of Aldenburg, Pennsylvania. Humans are oblivious to the true nature of their neighbors - the pale, red-eyed woman who likes to deliver the...
  15. Falcon

    OPEN SIGNUPS Fire Emblem: Seal of Ages

    The OOC Thread The continent of Jedica is divided into seven nations: Stanislav, Thalia, Ufral, the Islas de Abaroa, Midori, Eshil, and Atrea. These countries, albeit different, have generally observed a standing peace, at least since the end of the great war. Now, hoping to insure future eras...
  16. D.j


    Hello my name is d.j I am 18 year old wolf hybrid I have long blue curly hair,green eyes and, tan wolf ears and tail. My skin is pail and I have freckles I’m blind in my left eye though. I have a brother p.j or peter. My family was murder and I was stabbed in my left eye this happened when I was...
  17. TheWildOne

    Looking for partner for a romance fantasy rp

    Looking for a preferably female partner for a fantasy romance roleplay. You can suggest your own roles and I'll be more than happy to hear them or we can come up with some roles ourselves. Kik me at NParker2020 if interested, thank you! :)
  18. TheWildOne


  19. Artorias

    Attack on Titan

    This isn't going to be a fancy Interest Thread or heavily detailed, but I'm just placing this to see how many people might be interested in a group RP set in the universe of Attack on Titan.
  20. Falcon

    ALWAYS OPEN Fire Emblem: Seal of Ages

    OOC Thread Discord | World Lore | Character Information | Game Rules and Information IC Event Tracking | IC Thread The Story Premise ago the great dragon Naga and her tribe bestowed upon humanity numerous gifts that...