Focusing on characters placed in extreme circumstances and the struggle to stay alive.
  1. MiharuAya

    Do you have a zombie survival plan?

    If the dead suddenly comes back to life and start to eat people, do you know what you are going to do? How will you escape? Or defend yourself? Will you fortify your home, and stay and fight? Or will you go somewhere more secluded and start over? When the world ends, every choice matters!
  2. GojiBean

    CHARACTER INDEX OUT OF CHARACTER ARK: Survival Evolved (Characters and OOC Chat)

    Hoyo! Okie dokie! So, we have a few people interested in the ARK RP. I'll post both my own character here, as well as a Character Sheet for you guys so you can add your own character ideas as well. We can also chat and discuss any questions you may have about the RP down below. All that said...
  3. GojiBean

    ALWAYS OPEN ARK: Survival Evolved RP, anyone?

    Hoyo everyone! I'm a huge ARK nerd and have put more hours into the Steam version alone than any one human being should be allowed to. I think I have a problem. Lol. Anyway, I have an idea for an RP about ARK which I will outline... Nnnnnnnnnnnow! EDIT: Here is the Characters OOC Page: ARK...
  4. rissa

    MECHANICS The Wasteland Survival Guide

    FALLOUT: REQUIEM Welcome to the Wasteland! The bombs fell. The world burned. Humanity… survived. 227 years after the Great War, mankind, splintered by radiation, thrives in remote settlements across the post-nuclear landscape. Welcome to the Wasteland— where everything and its mother wants...
  5. Minerva

    Manhattan Lockdown: A Zombie RP

    New York City is the most populous city in the country and an economic center of the world. Manhattan Island, the most famous part of the city, has a daytime population of four million people, and many more passing through. At a port, there is a medical laboratory performing research on several...
  6. Diana

    RECURRING Lost & Found - Thursday September 29th @ 2pm to 5pm Central

    LOST AND FOUND 2022-09-29T14:00:00-5 In 2022 just when everyone thought things were going to be maybe okay, the widespread pandemic turned ZOMBIE. Honestly, no one was surprised at how badly things were handled at this point. This set the globe into a panic fueled by chaos! Everyone that...
  7. thatguyinthestore

    ArcRift I: It's So Wonderful

    How you died didn't matter. You could have been the most evil son of a bitch on Earth, or the modern equivalent to Gandhi. What mattered was that you died. And you knew that you died, too. No one else knew how you died, though, not yet. Only you knew that information. Some of you may have...
  8. Asmodeus

    Suicide Plod

    SUICIDE PLOD When bad roleplays happen to good characters Your story was never meant to be. Perhaps it was ahead of its time. Perhaps you were a misunderstood genius. Perhaps you sucked and everyone left you because you sucked. Whatever the truth, a mystical ship known as the Brightsmile...
  9. TenguTango

    Skuldrudgery [Free plot]

    ---------- This is a free roleplay plot to use for your own story, provided the conditions of use are met. Failure to meet the conditions of use means you are not permitted to use this plot. Conditions of use: Write your roleplay in one of Iwaku's main roleplay forums, whether that is OnexOne...
  10. VioletGoddess

    If anyone is interested

    Hello, Im Violet. Im looking for partners to roleplay with. I do mostly romance, horror and fantasy. Example: demon kingx human princess or zombies apocalypse survivalists. But I am open to other suggestions to any ideas you all may have. Feel free to reply to this thread or DM me if interested...
  11. Trainbrain16

    Subnautica: Diving Deeper (Trainbrain16 X Soverign)

    "Emergency! Hull integrity compromised. Total hull failure imminent." The ominous voice of the Aurora's AI called out this cataclysmic announcement over the PA system amid blaring klaxon alarms and the labored groans, creaks, and tears of the huge capital ship's hull starting to fall apart...
  12. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    {The Descending BSB} Run, Prey, Run.

    ~| The Main OoC | The 'Descending' BSB | The 'Descending' IC |~ | Conway | Jaycie | Keijo | Sabai | | Agent 94 | ⭐~~>We gunna pick up Keijo and Sabai along the Way~^^!! ⭐~~>Split into two: 'In The Passageways' 'In The Rec Room' Please label posties with proper titles k^^ ⭐~~ >Aaaand...
  13. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    {The Rewiring BSB} Run, Prey, Run

    ~| The Main OoC | The 'Rewiring' BSB | The 'Rewiring' IC |~ | Ada | Bella | DeeDee | Euler | | Agent 94 | ~~>⭐Accepting Appies for OCs! Come on down~^^!! ~~>⭐DeeDee up for adoption AGAIN~^^!! <~~~<★>~~~> ~| The 'Descending' IC | Conway | Jaycie | Keijo | Sabai | The 'Descending' BSB...
  14. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    {The Rewiring IC} Run, Prey, Run.

    ~| The Main OoC | The 'Rewiring' IC | The 'Rewiring' BSB |~ | Ada | Bella | DeeDee | Euler | | Agent 94 | ~~>⭐First IC Postie up~^^!! ~~>⭐DeeDee up for adoption AGAIN~^^!!! <~~~<★>~~~> ~| The 'Descending' IC | Conway | Jaycie | Keijo | Sabai | The 'Descending' BSB |~ ~| A Little...
  15. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    Please take over for DeeDee!! AGAIN!!

    Hey~hey~^^!! Once again we lookin' out for someone to take over for DeeDee in the fantastical world of Run, Prey, Run~^^!! This little Bunny-girlie is an established charrie but one that should be easy enough to jump in and play! Err'body sooooo nice in this RP and willing to help you get you...
  16. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    Sabai Adopted!!

    ADOPTED!! <~★~>
  17. Boo Girlie BoomBoom


    Hey~hey~^^!! Looks like we all done up in here! ;D IDN Subject: DD-19750399 ~ "DeeDee" This Female Subject is a friendly and adorable Year 2 bunny! Speaks French and is slated to be owned by Victory Casino Inc. and will make for a great Casino Girl once fully Instilled with her full set of...
  18. Blood Lightning

    The Purge

    Not sure, but its been on my mind for quite some time now. I was hoping to open an RP based off of the four films and the TV series. The franchise is set in a Dystopian Future where the United States is recovering from a period of economic collapse and social unrest after a Political...
  19. Maddeline

    Prion (signup thread and OOC)

    Setting : forests around the Great Lakes region, October 9th, 2203. Winter is setting in, heavy snowfall, no crop yields, and human desperation at an all time high. Plot, short: Civilization has long since crumbled, a side effect because it thrived. You are just trying your best to survive in a...
  20. Gray

    Neuter Haunt - Light and Darkness Fantasy Inn ADD

    SUMMARY Neuter Haunt is an inn, resort, hotel, tavern... A place where both demons and angels, along with other races, come to rest and socialize, but yes, fights and even death can happen. Two clans, two sides. You choose one. Light characters prefer peace, help others, respects all foms of...