Focusing on/seeking dudes kissing other dudes.
  1. EpicPlayer1601

    PARTNER REQUEST M x M Cobra Kai (LawRusso rp)

    Set after season 5, Daniel and Johnny begin teaching together again. They end up with a 20 year old assistant(I’ll give a full description to you if we start :) ), who’s father actually went to school with them. One day, while helping Johnny with some handy stuff around the dojo, said assistant...
  2. SomewhatofaBIGSHOT

    PARTNER REQUEST M x M M x NB WANT TO BE A [[bigshot]]?! (Spamton and Addison's!!!)

    Hi hi!! so as the title may suggest I am looking for people to do a Deltarune roleplay with!! So a little of info about me and how I write first, just so we get some things clear I suppose: -I go by they/them (My name is Sin by the way :)) -I am 21 years old and I would prefer you being...
  3. Frigg_Olmsted

    Long term, descriptive, Norse inspired romance - plots inside

    Hello, all you weary storytellers and welcome to my thread. Stop and stay awhile, or keep on traveling. Whatever your fancy, but those who are here to linger I have an offer for you. I am seeking someone to Role play with which is the prominent part of why this thread is being created. What I...
  4. Mira-Charma13

    Mira's Endless Search for Partners! (Current Craving: Five Nights at Freddy's)

    ABOUT ME Hi there! My name is Mira! I'm 29 and I live in Pennsylvania. I love video games, true crime shows, tiny houses, and animated movies, and I'm an animal lover as well. I've been writing and role-playing for more than a decade and thoroughly enjoy it. I frequent Discord and would be more...
  5. ★Zaffrei★

    火与血 [Fire and Blood] || Zaffrei & Nemopedia

    The night covered the mountain like a blanket, cold seeping through its threads. Despite the lanterns around the pavilions and houses, darkness found its way in the corners, the crevices, and the cracks. And in one of those spots, a pair of yellow eyes shone, the owner waiting for the right...
  6. Mira-Charma13

    Mira's Endless RP Search! (Craving FNAF)

    ABOUT ME Hi there! My name is Mira! I'm 28 and I live in Pennsylvania. I love video games, true crime shows, tiny houses, and animated movies, and I'm an animal lover as well. I've been writing and role-playing for more than a decade and thoroughly enjoy it. I frequent Discord and would be more...
  7. UndeadMarshmallowLambie

    Monsters Beyond the Fog [p]

    In the kingdom of Lakhmotr there was town of Morganar, a small village by outskirts of Draken Forest. The people are simple folk here they make there coin from gathering wood and farming. Inside the forest lived what most humans would consider monsters. Monsters of all shapes and sizes that...
  8. Kuno

    .44 caliber love story

    .44 caliber love story kuno x neptune
  9. genki-

    ♥ Married at First Sight ♥ RP? Idk I keep thinking about this.

    Hi there! I kept thinking about this show that I don't know if it was that popular but I still thought it was kind of interesting. I wanted to put a little spin on Married at First Sight. I tried this a couple of years ago and I had a lot of fun with it because it's nice to have characters put...
  10. honeyumbrella

    looking for a roleplay.

    well, it's been a while no doubt ! I think about a year. I lost my password and don't remember my username.whixh besides the point ! my name is astro, I go by they/them & I am looking to get back into roleplaying. I mostly prefer bxb and a submissive role, in a dark sexual fantasy roleplay - if...
  11. Skelebro

    MxM rp search

    Hey! I'm looking for active MxM, long-term RP partners/friends. (Not to mention, I'm new to this site). I'm open to any kinds of interesting plots, no matter what the genre is. However, I'm more familiar when it comes to more realistic/modern settings. I love dark/thriller plots with romance...
  12. Jenamos

    sage ও thyme {partner search}

    sage ও thymeSTATUS: CLOSED"I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter.” [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] Code by Jenamos
  13. Mikimandolin

    Stephan Strange from Marvel

    Hey there you guys I'm looking for someone who can do either a Stephan Strange from Marvel for my OC. I am more then willing to do a double up looking for anyone who is looking to do a marvel role play. when it comes to literacy i prefer Semi literate or higher is preffered. me personally i am...
  14. obieblu


  15. WeirdoWithBoots

    A Dragons Tale, (MxM)

    Hello! Ive officially finished an OC's story and I wanna find someone who'll explore it with me! Its Fantasy/action, in modern setting, I don't care what kind of character you play as, I only ask for it to be MxM, Anything else makes me uncomfortable, and participation in both in character, and...
  16. N

    [searching for partners...]

    hey hey! i’m rain (she/her), and i’m a high schooler in an unspecified american city looking for some partners on this lovely site. i’ve been writing as long as i can remember, but rp-wise i’ve been frequenting sites like iwaku for about 4-5 years. i’m a huge science nerd, a caffeine addict, and...
  17. ThatGuyOverThere

    Our Time at Olympus: An Action Romance School Life Bio and Jump In RP

    Two centuries ago monsters crept through portals that littered the world. The alien creatures wrecked havoc across the world leaving destruction in their wake. So much so the end of the world seemed near. Nothing could harm them and most of the world was wiped out. Nations across the globe came...
  18. Feyrith Arbelladon

    Searching for 1 on 1 (Open to multiple rps)

    Hey all. I'm looking for a dominant and possessive male. I myself am playing a male if you haven't come across me yet and I am an elf. I want to do a plot line where my character is fighting with himself on whether or not he's gay and your character comes along to confirm that he is. From there...
  19. Diana

    Macho Cafe: The Hassle Continues

    WELCOME TO THE MACHO CAFE Once upon a time Fujimoto Hinata was a beautiful young woman living in Tokyo, surrounded by the strong, brave men of her family that she very much loved with all of her heart. But the Fujimoto men were a rough n' tumble bunch, often making the kind of hot blooded...
  20. Fritten

    Raise Your Head, Taste the Courage

    Today had been a long, long goddamn day he thought to himself as they pulled into the parking lot of the motel they’d all agreed upon to stay in for the evening. There really wasn’t much to fuss over really, it was the only one that they could afford that didn’t mean they would all have to share...