alternate universe (fandom)

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  1. R

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Looking for an infinity war au roleplay! All welcome to ask. Info and rules below

    After i rewatched infinity war by marvel studios. I came up with an au where heimdall sends Loki to earth to warn the others instead of Bruce/Hulk. I'm looking for someone who's willing to rp as Stephen Strange or Tony Stark, but I'm willing to discuss if you wanna play a different canon...
  2. fol·ly·cle

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Blacklights — An AU BNHA Roleplay

    ♪ For someone like me, it was always easy to tell just how blind people are. What happened, shouldn't have happened, but it did. Why? Why were they all so distracted that they couldn't take notice of the tragedy happening right behind them? That's right... It's because of them... Those...
  3. fol·ly·cle

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Blacklights - An AU BNHA Roleplay

    "When we had no home, he gave us a place to belong. When we had no purpose, he gave us a reason to live. But above all else, he recognized us." —Kitagawa, Katsugu GM: @fol·ly·cle Group Size: 5 players Genre(s): Fandom, Action, Drama Pace: One to two posts per week Quality: Two or more literate...
  4. Michale CS

    CHARACTER INDEX Epic Crossover - Character Index

    Post any new approved Characters below.
  5. Michale CS


    A very cool video that captures the essence of Epic Crossover (though not necessarily the plot) Player characters will not be allowed to be "Villains" except on a case by case basis after being vetted by the admins and clan owner. I am aware some really disparate comics are under the umbrella...
  6. KrimsonNeko

    DBH connor Oc rp

    Looking for a rp partner for a long dbh rp. It takes place after the story of the game as I'm my oc rose Anderson Hanks daughter and it's been a bit since my dad died and connor died with him and I'm now a lieutenant like my father with an rk900 partner and the rk800 are obsolete except a single...
  7. ShadowGhoul

    Help Me Roleplayer You're My Only Hope

    So, I have had a Star Wars interest thread out for a while but now I am looking to branch out. First things first: Are we right for each other at a glance? I play MxM and MxF with preference towards MxM and mostly playing male characters. I enjoy posts every day or every other day because I am...
  8. Paz

    Kingdom Hearts, Soul Eater or Fairy Tale

    So I missed a deadline and am not going to be participating in a bleach roleplay sadly, but I have never seen the show so I guess it’s whatever. With that being said, I am a big fan of the aforementioned things in the thread title but can’t seem to choose between the three. I’m not looking to...
  9. Camleen

    All The Universe A Stage (Multi-genre crossover!)

    ‘Gesture that becomes more and more-’ *Click* ‘Kinda uppity, aren’t-’ *Click* ‘I mean all 5 tentacl-’ *Click* ‘Good looks an-’ *Click* ‘President of the unive-’ *Click* “6 million channels and nothing to watch…” ‘New programming!’ “Huh?” ‘Coming next quarter, Zabava Broadcasting will be bringing...
  10. ck

    PARTNER REQUEST no day but today

    about me; - call me ck, a 21 (almost 22) year old who spends way too much time listening to musicals. - i love fandoms and originals. canon x oc is where it’s at, fight me about it. - i’m down for canon pairings too tho. - dude, i love au’s. - can respond multiple times a day, or i can respond...
  11. Artorias

    Attack on Titan

    This isn't going to be a fancy Interest Thread or heavily detailed, but I'm just placing this to see how many people might be interested in a group RP set in the universe of Attack on Titan.
  12. AceSorcerer

    The Sixth Blight (A Dragon Age RP)

    The Chantry teaches us that it is the hubris of men that first brought the darkspawn into our world... Nearly thirty years ago, the darkspawn- foul creatures from beneath the earth-...
  13. Artorias

    Bloodborne - Fires of Yharnam

    Hello! I am currently thinking about bringing back a Bloodborne RP I had once. It didn't get very far because of my poor ability to keep it alive, and how busy my schedule became and I just abandoned it completely but now with free time after work had settled down. I want to come back and try...
  14. Camleen

    The Argo Academy (DC AU)

    SO! My RP partner (@Ms.Ezra) have come up with another RP opportunity! For your consideration... =================== Once upon a time… The Earth was in a bad way. Rising evil threatened to overtake the planet at any moment. Beings of immense power and cruelty sought to destroy all that had...
  15. Ringmaster

    Dark Fairy Tales. Interest check.

    “Lips red as the rose. Hair black as night. Skin, white as snow. So it is true. The Princess has become Un-dead. Gods save us all.” -Her majesty's royal huntsman. The tale of Snow White is one known to many. From her dwarven protectors, to the beauty she was known for and the way her...
  16. DracoGale4

    Another Digimon Rp! 1X1

    Greetings! Still looking for partners, still craving Digimon! Before you click away, this isn't like the kiddy Digimon show on tv, this takes darker turns, kind of like how the third season took a slight darker turn towards the end. That being said, I'm looking for literate partners who are...
  17. ShadowGhoul

    Seeking Star Wars

    So, I've been looking around a lot and Star Wars does not seem to be a popular theme for 1x1 rps. It is my favorite fandom and I know a good bit about it but I'm by no means an expert. Anyways, on to the request. Looking for a short or long term rp in the SW universe. I like interesting...
  18. Aliceee

    Fantasy (AU) RP: New Generations

    Hey there! Interested in some glorious adventures? Wanting to embark on dangerous journeys filled with interesting lore, deceitful side-characters and twists? Eager to make your character harden through grim battles and tough operations? Then seek no further, stranger! Take a seat and allow me...
  19. Inkarnate

    Shinigami | OOC & Registrations

    interest check | ooc | ic | character index Genres: Shounen, Adventure Posting Expectations: Adept Theme: Resonance Players: 7 - 11 Welcome to the world of Soul Eater: Shinigami, where we take the core concepts of Soul Eater and try to make a collaborative, intimate, and enjoyable story that...
  20. AHeartlessNobody

    Post Infinity War One on One

    Just saw Infinity War in theaters and now (as you could guess based upon the title) I want to do an rp based after the events in Infinity War. In this rp, the Avengers would have to split between the two of us of course, so together we would decide who would play what Avenger. As I watched the...