alternate universe (fandom)

Taking place in a universe where certain aspects of an already established universe differ from canon.
  1. hero.ic

    PARTNER REQUEST Rainclouds and Stormy Nights

    ! Hello and Welcome ! It's a pleasure to meet ya! Call me Hero bb C: So, I know you're all here because you too are incredibly bored during this unfortunate quarantine school season. I'm 22 and a college student who happens to be decently busy but roleplay helps me take the edge off so here I...
  2. emmobina


    -ˋ . ° . ⋆ 𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐑𝐎𝐃𝐔𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 ༄ Hello everyone! My name is Emily, and I'm currently nineteen years old who's a freshman in college. Due to the pandemic we are all unfortunately stuck in, I am now devoting my time to improvise my writing! Even with college still occurring, I am still willing to make a...
  3. axe2029

    RWBY:Nimbus rising

    Hey howdy hey folks of iwaku. I am bot very well known but here i am taking a shot at my very first group rp on here. In saying that ude like to ask for any kind of help weather it be advice. Help setting it up. Where to set it up ect cause iam fairly new at this and idk how to start this right...
  4. TerraLion

    New thread for the decade from this new guy!

    Hello reader (or readers if more than one are reading this)! If you are reading this then I welcome you to my first ever thread on this site. I thank you for taingn time out of your day (or night) to look through it for a mutual interest for the both of us. Before we begin on the kinds of...
  5. 47Haven

    Changing Gears [Private with Lithël Aelfwine]

    Name (& pronunciation): Born Vixis Nytokuna, adopted the name Vincent Strauss, nicknamed Vince Date of Birth (& age): Donard 17th, Tempen, 19 y/o Place of Birth: Nearby Laedry Gender: Male Species/Racial Origin: Mix between a Nyss father and human mother Social Class/Community Status: Street...
  6. Trainbrain16

    Subnautica: Diving Deeper (Trainbrain16 X Soverign)

    "Emergency! Hull integrity compromised. Total hull failure imminent." The ominous voice of the Aurora's AI called out this cataclysmic announcement over the PA system amid blaring klaxon alarms and the labored groans, creaks, and tears of the huge capital ship's hull starting to fall apart...
  7. Gands

    BY INVITATION ONLY Injustice, Marvel Style

    An urgent call was sent out, received across the dimensions at New York's famed Baxter building. A call has gone out on this world, to extend it's long arm to another world, another dimension where things have gone terribly wrong. This rp is about the DC injustice series with a twist. Primary...
  8. Minamoto Lightning

    The Purge (Sign Ups & OOC)

    Rules Please be polite and respectful. If you can't manage this, you will be kicked, and YC will be killed off. No rushing people for replies. I'd like this RP to last and people hate being rushed. But at the same time, I want this roleplay to be active, so if you aren't going to be active...
  9. Elle Joyner

    Avatar: The Rebel Armada REOPENING With a few members down due to inactivity or real life busyness, our lovely leader Mobley has decided to reopen the AU Avatar rp we began a few months ago. Click the link to find out more information...
  10. Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    Ninja Team Omega: Taming the Stolen Lands (Naruto AU) OOC and Characters

    IC THREAD Hasaki Buredo (Below) -- @Mythy the Dragon-Wolf Suzue Hara -- @Jessica2477 Aiji Dream-Hand -- @Red Thunder Yuji Morimoto & Kazuki Hoshino -- @Lore Magus Fuyuki Shiromi & Hinagiku Hanazono -- @DangoYumi RULES -------------------- All Iwaku rules apply Please, no drama in the OOC...
  11. Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    Ninjas in the Bandit Lands (Naruto AU, OCs only)

    While I also have some original ideas held out in limbo, I've been working on some Fandom ideas in my head. Since I think Naruto has a big following, I figured this may be a good one to start with. This RP would be completely separate from the canon happenings. In this world, there is a far-off...
  12. UniqueChance

    Plenty of Ideas - Slice of Life, Fandoms, Kpop

    First things first; This list isn't exhaustive, I just couldn't think of anything else to add. Feel free to message me at any time about ideas or pairings that aren't listed. Secondly; There are going to be times when I can't reply because I'm too low or in the middle of a...
  13. Mystical Fox

    The Third War (Harry Potter AU) - Interest Check

    Plot It’s 2019 and the world has been at peace since the late 1990’s but in the shadows a new threat grows. One more powerful than the last. This threat goes by the name Jackal. Long ago Jackal was a normal wizard who attended Hogwarts like other wizards and witches, but during the last...
  14. Pahn

    Novae Diluculo [Sloth x Pahn]

    A private roleplay between @Pahn and @Sloth To be added Sources: Harry Potter world belongs to JK Rowling and Warner Bros Banner image: source
  15. happydeath

    Deadman Wonderland --i̧̤̞͉̟͠T̴̼̥̹̪̦ͅ'̸̡̼͈̫s҉̙̰̀ ̠͓̝̟͇͚͟p̴̡̖̮̩̤̹͍͟L͔̠͍̗̩̹͙͘à̝̭̺̠̫͉̰̮̲͘Y̨̫͉̣̜̠̻̩̘̕͝ ̭͜T̰̠̀̀i͏̞̱̻M̢̳͓̩͞ę͇͙͔ -- (OC and AU)

    Seventeen years. It has been seventeen years since the grand opening of the prison theme park known as Deadman Wonderland where criminals from all over are taken in and subjected to endless tortures for the amusement of citizens who come to the theme park to have fun. Prisoners are put through...
  16. DayDreamer

    BY INVITATION ONLY When Winter Leaves.... (Private)

    The Game of thrones begins. It hadn't been all that long since Winter had come for the world and infighting between the Living had almost led the world to ruins. Four generations. That's all it took for that lesson to be forgotten. The realms of Westeros were struggling to rebuilt themselves...
  17. R

    Looking for an infinity war au roleplay! [Info + Rules down below]

    After i rewatched infinity war by marvel studios. I came up with an au where heimdall sends Loki to earth to warn the others instead of Bruce/Hulk. Mostly will be focusing on the theme of how former enemies would interact with each other when there's a much worse thing to be worrying about...
  18. Wryneck

    Blacklights — An AU BNHA Roleplay

    ♪ For someone like me, it was always easy to tell just how blind people are. What happened, shouldn't have happened, but it did. Why? Why were they all so distracted that they couldn't take notice of the tragedy happening right behind them? That's right... It's because of them... Those...
  19. Wryneck

    Blacklights - An AU BNHA Roleplay

    "When we had no home, he gave us a place to belong. When we had no purpose, he gave us a reason to live. But above all else, he recognized us." —Kitagawa, Katsugu GM: @fol·ly·cle Group Size: 5 players Genre(s): Fandom, Action, Drama Pace: One to two posts per week Quality: Two or more literate...
  20. Michale CS

    CHARACTER INDEX Epic Crossover - Character Index

    Post any new approved Characters below.