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  1. SpooksTheSpookster

    FIRST RESPONSE Silver moonlight

    The power of the moon truly is a terrible, but beautiful thing. It governs the tides, draws gamers out of their homes, and even changes a cursed few into beasts. When the wolves came Ivan was young when his city, if it could be called that, was attacked. Not by normal wolves, no, normal wolves...
  2. CalamitousNag

    PARTNER REQUEST [Adv/Casual] Creepy crawlies, gothic goodies, etc. (mxm)

    Hey guys! So, it's October, and like clockwork, I'm craving some good storytelling and gothic fiction. :3 I'm looking for an advanced partner who likes creating and developing stories. I want to keep it mostly casual length (max. 500 words/post) but, at the same time, I know me and I might get...
  3. Supernova


    My name is Sarah aka Supernova. I have roleplayed on and off since 2008 utilizing various sites, and so far Iwaku has been my personal favorite. A few things about me... I am 21. I currently have two jobs, one is stocking shelves in my local grocery store and the other is as a DJ for my local...
  4. Tabitha

    PARTNER REQUEST Looking for Writing Partners!

    Hello and welcome to my RP Wishlist Thread! I'm Tabbi, nice to meet you! As I mentioned in my introduction thread I'm eager to improve as a writer and have fun while doing so! What better way than to find some nice writing partners? I've been writing and roleplaying for several years but I love...
  5. Hufflepug

    Welcome to Willowdale

    Welcome to Willowdale The small, quaint town of Willowdale is nestled right in the Appalachian Mountains in Western Pennsylvania. Though it was once a quiet, secluded area, with the building of a new highway, it's become a rest stop for countless vacationers and roadtrippers. But, even...
  6. Hufflepug

    Seeking Co-GM

    Hello! I am looking for a Co-GM to help with a RP I wanted to reboot from a different site. It is a paranormal RP involving humans, vampires and werewolves. I work a full time job as a manager so I can't always devote my time to running a game on my own, but I would love for someone to join me...
  7. Hamliton trash

    Hello there!

    Hi I'm Hamliton trash aka Ham I'm looking for a partner to rp I'm mostly interested in the following: girl/girl ,werewolves, royalty, fantasy but open to whatever ideas you might have
  8. Hamliton trash

    ♠The Alpha and the challenger♠

    There are two wolf packs, The Nightshades and the Druids. Both have been dominant in their hemispheres, that have come together for a meeting. The two alphas have decided to create a new pack -- in preparation to take over a new territory, to steal the best hunting and den sight from a vampire...
  9. Khaleesi Sunshine

    1x1 Search

    Welcome To My Thread Hello everyone, I am Khaleesi Sunshine but you may call me Sunshine, for short. I am not new to the art of roleplaying, itself. I have a few post samples, if one would wish to see before starting a roleplay with me. Just ask. Guidelines ►Please be...
  10. Quetzal

    Save me from this boredom (1x1) (Updated Aug 13)

    Please just save me from this boredom. Otherwise I'll have to tip the chair over and hang myself on this metaphorical noose of utter boredom. x.x (I have a morbid sense of humor, apologies...) Minimum Requirements Preferably be over 18 2-3 Average post, but nothing novel size. Be active enough...
  11. Casuna

    Searching for male partner

    Hey everyone I'm coming out of retirement I have been roleplaying for a little over 7 years now and I took about a 6 month break and I'm ready to get back in it, I play female characters since I am a female and usual only play female characters but sometimes I can try playing a male character...
  12. TwistedPainter

    Real quick looking for a F for a MxF

    Hey thanks for clicking, tapping, or whatever you did to get here. I'm looking for someone to play a Female role (of course), but also actually be able to hold a conversation for when we discuss things in DM's. Not picky other than that. I'm super relaxed about you taking your time to answer...
  13. IgnorantDaydreams

    Quest For RP Buds

    Hey!! I'm Ignorance or Iggy and I'm looking for some rp partners right now. I have been rping since before 2012 but just joined this site in the last week or so. I try writing longer length posts for rps that can range from a handful of sentences to multiple paragraphs depending on my muse in...
  14. Pandilicious

    Panda's Search For Friends ( Seeking Males)

    Hi! I am Pandilicious, and need people to roleplay with. Some things you need to know about me.... I reply about the same amount I am given, or at least I try. I don't like novel-like posts, but I also don't like one-liners. I play females, only. (I'm going to try to try others... but like I...
  15. Tia


    Hi and thank you for taking the time to actually click on this thread uwu . I am looking for a long term roleplay partner and honestly, I am up for pretty much anything. I just want someone who is willing to be open to new ideas, is very flexible, and is DESCRIPTIVE. I have tons of plot ideas so...
  16. winnie

    PARTNER REQUEST A search for partners

    — W E L C O M E hello! my name is winnie and i’m currently searching for some new roleplays. i’ve sort of been in and out of iwaku for a while and maintaining very few roleplays while some dropped — though that’s my fault and i have no other excuse except that life got in the way. and i can’t...
  17. Greenie

    PRIVATE Shouting Wolf, Hidden Vampire

    In Character Summaries for completed quests and other important details to be posted in this thread.
  18. TrashSubmarine

    Submarine Plots! [Plots and Pairings]

    [IM {slide=ABOUT THE SUBMARINE|center}Some of you might think I'm familiar, for good reason, and if you can figure out who I was I'll give you a cookie. Anyway, now that the weird pretentious 'Im so mysterious' thing is out of the way, my name is TrashSubmarine but generally I just call myself...
  19. Astaroth

    My New Parents Are Vampires!!!

    Journal Date Friday IDFK Stuff like this isn't supposed to happen in real life. My friends and I always made fun of this kind of thing, y'know? That nobody girl in movies who was shy and clumsy with a classically tragic backstory that left her alone and miserable. The one nobody ever noticed...
  20. Jinx

    Three Whole Plots!

    Hey I'm Jinx, and I usually bother with some formatting and coding, but honestly it's late and I just want to get these plots out here. Below I'll post the obligatory 'about me' section and you can request a writing sample if you're really that ambitious. Thanks for reading! Without further...