Containing or focusing on characters with lycanthropy, a supernatural affliction wherein a person transforms into a wolf or wolf-like creature.
  1. MaryGold

    INFO Cervian Guidebook

    THE CERVIAN GUIDEBOOK what you should know when visiting or living in Cervia Welcome to Cervia! Cervia stands in the land where the United States of America and Canada would have been. The land that would have been known as the USA is now referred to as Southern Cervia while the land that would...
  2. MaryGold

    INFO Applying for Citizenship [Introduction Pack]

    THECIRCLE A world where monsters reign and you concede... Can you imagine a world where monsters and magic are the norm? No? In Cervia, no one can imagine a world where monsters and magic don't exist. The idea is as strange and foreign as a fairytale. Humanity? A fictional term, surely...
  3. Artriba

    ☼ 𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕓𝕒’𝕤 𝕤𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕔𝕙 𝕥𝕙𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕 ☽

    ❊ 𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝖔𝖓𝖊 𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝖆𝖑𝖑 ❊ welcome, welcome. i am restarting this entire thread, just to start anew a bit. hello, hello!! i am artriba, but feel free to call me taylor. i will answer to anything, tbf. i'm twenty three ( which means i want you to be 18+ to write with me! ). anyways, i'm looking...
  4. Zizikitty

    Looking for adventure and long term rp's!

    Hello! I go by Zizi, I’ll try to make it short and sweet so as not to hit peeps with a wall of text. I am looking to pick up a couple of role plays. Took a long hiatus due to being sick, bogged down with life/work but I’d like to dip my toes back in. I miss writing. I’m really craving...
  5. MiharuAya

    Month of Monsters Art Contest - Vote Now!

    Welcome Goblins and Ghouls! I want to begin by thanking the many players who have already submitted their monstrous pieces of art. They have all given me quite a fright! Today is the beginning of the community voting and will run until the end of the contest on October 31st at midnight PST...
  6. JJPD2004

    Hunt, Slay & Bleed (A Grim Fantasy Roleplay)(Sign-Ups/OOC)

    It can be said that war never truly ends. Even though battles may be over, peace is only quiet time before the next battle begins. In some cases, the battle never ceases to stop, even generations later. One thing that separates humans from other beings in the world, is the vicious cycle of war...
  7. CanaryCry

    Howls and Happenstance

    Name: Maxim Kozak Age: 29 About: Works as an investigator/enforcer for a special branch of law enforcement meant to catch supernatural perpetrators. Lives in and runs a small, 6-unit apartment complex owned by his parents who no longer live in the city, which has slowly filled with a group of...
  8. Sapphire Moon

    Hello there

    "Hello!" hits the mic a little making a loud noise. "Hello, can everyone hear me? Alright, I'm Sapphire some call me Saph. I've been working on this thing called roleplay for a little over 10 yrs. Am I good at it sure I've been told I am. But I always have room for improvement im not perfect of...
  9. Sapphire Moon

    Looking for some serious role players doing some long term stories

    Greetings I am Sapphire I have been roleplaying for a little over 10yrs I have enjoyed learning through the years and meeting new partners I'm hoping to do the same here. I am looking for action, adventure, fantasy, romance, supernatural, and a slice of life. I do have a story for my character...
  10. Dmitry

    Seeing What’s Out There For a Fluffy Boi

    So I have a character that’s essentially my own take on a werewolf, who is the last of their kind, turns into a full blown wolf rather than a big hairy man, and is also enhanced in human form. He can work in any setting so long as they allow for fantasy or supernatural elements. I’m not looking...
  11. Astaroth

    Glampires and Self-Awarewolves: Welcome to Port Mirror

    Welcome to Port MIRROR The Boogie Bar was the newest bar in Port Mirror—technically speaking, anyway; a year ago, the place had been called Stucky's and had been a local favorite for the better part of thirty years. Then Stucky had died, the building had come up for rent, and an out-of-towner...
  12. Astaroth

    BY INVITATION ONLY Glampires and Self-Awarewolves: Welcome to Port Mirror

    Welcome to Port MIRROR Visit Port Mirror, Washington "Where the Olympics Meet the Sea!" Be sure to check out our local hotspots: Ruby Beach Port Mirror Ferry The Great Northern Hotel Salmon Chase College Landvik Logging St. Brendan's Church Puget Plaza Mall & Movie Theater The Boogie...
  13. Waffur

    Apparently Doing One Of These Every Year Now

  14. MiharuAya

    What We Do In The Shadows IC

    What We Do In The ShadowsFriday, April 26th 11:30PM Sarasota, Florida As the bright spring sun vanished below the horizon, it was replaced by the waxing crescent moon. A mere sliver hanging in the sky like a hook, hardly illuminating amongst the flickering stars. With the daylight gone, the...
  15. MiharuAya

    What We Do In The Shadows

    IN THE SHADOWS Since the beginning of time, stories of the creatures who go bump in the night have haunted the weary and restless. It started as explanations for the inexplicable, things our primitive knowledge of the world couldn't yet interpret. These cautionary tales were meant to warn us...
  16. J

    The Immortal Song (P)

    @Hopes~Wings Here we go. It is a sad day but at least we get to continue our bbs story!! EDIT: A fresh start for our bbs ^_^
  17. StrangeVsWeird

    Finders Keepers

    The flames seemed colder, the stone it was encased in made of ice. Warm blood hasn't flowed through the Queen's veins in centuries and the vampiress should have been used to the cold by now, but the once golden-haired monarch had always been fond of the grand fireplace within her castle walls...
  18. Huntress

    Looking for partners, FxF or FxM. Werewolves...for the most part, maybe a superhuman or two.

    Hello everyone, Huntress here. First I'd like to thank you for checking my thread and I do hope that you are interested in some of the things I have to offer. ABOUT ME: So, we've established that my name is Huntress. I never really get called anything else other than my real name so lets keep...
  19. Black_Swallow

    Inter-dimensional Bunnies and Snuggles (Multiple Genres, not just sci-fi [Also the Witcher, cause I'm really craving it])

    To start at the beginning, Hi there! How are ya? Just call me Mea, it's easier that way. My full name is Tímea though if you are interested. I hope the title was catchy enough to bait you into clicking on this so I'll cut to the chase. To start it all off I am a 19 year old gal studying graphics...
  20. Gray

    Neuter Haunt - Light and Darkness Fantasy Inn ADD

    SUMMARY Neuter Haunt is an inn, resort, hotel, tavern... A place where both demons and angels, along with other races, come to rest and socialize, but yes, fights and even death can happen. Two clans, two sides. You choose one. Light characters prefer peace, help others, respects all foms of...