virtual reality

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Taking place inside of a digital environment, especially an MMORPG.
  1. affection

    gingerbread bakery (partner search)

    hello everyone ! my name is taffy and i go by they/them pronouns. i'm looking for a couple casual roleplays and a few rad partners but...that's providing nearly as much detail for what i'm looking for, is it ? nope. so read on ahead ! i'm from somewhere in south asia so english isn't my first...
  2. Astroblaze

    Inter-Realm Battle Link (IC)

    【 SCOREBOARD 】NO SCORENO SCORENO SCOREA Andrew Hawthorne: 0 Astroblaze: 0 B N/A C Carson Pierpont: 0 D N/A E Eve Rowley: 0 F N/A G Greg Chasteen: 0 H N/A I Iron Head: 0 J N/A K N/A L N/A M N/A N N/A O N/A P N/A Q N/A R N/A S N/A T Tall Man: 0 U N/A V N/A W N/A X N/A Y N/A...
  3. Vigilante

    Partner Search (Original and Fandoms)

    Hello! Looking for a role play partner for a female character.I've been role playing for quite some time, looking for a Role Play partner for both original works and fan fiction works. Styles and genres of story include: noir, sci-fi, vigilante, time travel, detective drama, romance, drama...
  4. Astroblaze

    CHARACTER INDEX The Inter-Realm Battle Link (Character Roster)

    IRBL Character Index This thread is intended to store all competitor CSs. Please submit each CS in its own post and edit the posts when updating information rather than posting a new CS. Posted Characters: Andrew "Pythagoras" Hawthorne (Astroblaze) Astroblaze (Astroblaze) Carson "Uranium"...
  5. Astroblaze

    ADDITIONAL INFO Inter-Realm Battle Link (Lore)

    IRBL Lore Your one-stop shop for all the information you'll need to roleplay in the IRBL! Peruse this thread for game rules, appearance descriptions, and the various functions you'll encounter in the mini-world of the arena complex. FAQ Is my ultra-powerful OC allowed? Yes, all OCs are allowed...
  6. Astroblaze

    Inter-Realm Battle Link (OOC/Signups)

    Inter-Realm Battle Link Welcome to the tournament of the multiverses! Please check the Lore thread (links at the bottom of this post) for game rules and other important information and join the Discord server for communication with other players. Important Links «Sign-Ups/OOC» Lore Character...
  7. Astroblaze

    The Inter-Realm Battle Link (Teaser)

    Welcome, challenger! If you are reading this, congratulations! You have been accepted as a competitor for the multiverse's largest and most varied tournament! A staff member will be along shortly to show you to your quarters, and then you will be free to roam the complex as you please. Here you...
  8. Starlighter

    Game On

    Info | IC Welcome to the Game... >>Challenge Sequence:: INTROThe darkness surrounding Chlo was a lead weight, heavy and thick. It existed only through her hazey awareness, blurry and unreal. She pushed back against it with a groan, trying to force her lethargic muscles to respond. She blinked...
  9. RedArmyShogun

    GGO Operation Typhoon (IC)

    - Sign ups / OOC - Okayama - Japan - May 16th. 2028 Gazing into a cup of coffee with a bit of a smirk to her face, a woman in a formfitting white buttoned up dress shirt, is disturbed from her peaceful, absolutely uneventful day by a phone call. "Hello, this is Investigator Hirata, what...
  10. RedArmyShogun

    GGO Operation Typhoon - OOC Thread - Sign ups and base Information.

    - Sign ups - Discord OOC - IC - Interest Check - In the near off future the world has changed and yet stayed the same. People work, get sick, grow old, getting hit with the troubles of life and of course they play... With VR headsets being the norm, traditional gaming has all but vanished...
  11. RedArmyShogun

    SAO GGO Operation Typhoon

    Hey all, I want to shoot something, you want to shoot something too, right? This is for a more Arcady feel set in an AU of Gun Gale and chiefly Gun Gale Alternative, a highly popular Sci-fi VRMMO in the SAO universe, our plot is as follows; I will be assisted by two to three co-gm's in this...
  12. Starlighter

    Game On (Nemopedia & Starlighter)

    Info | IC PRE-CACHING CHALLENGE SEQUENCE....In the not so distant future, virtual reality has revolutionized the way soldiers are trained. Instead of spending months on end labouring against a strict system, combatants now work against a system that's flexible...
  13. Mollisol

    Neon Shadows // virtual reality magical girls // reboot

    This place was once Japan. Now its name is Henzai no Kuni. The computer system Henzai controls everything - people are genetically engineered to best serve Henzai, all information is known by the program, commerce operates within its boundaries. While children are docile and adults are...
  14. Villains

    Telluric | Profile Thread

    P R O F I L E S Anything in [brackets] is something you need to take out and replace with whatever it says to replace it with. Profiles are to be sent via PM to Villains. Accepted profiles are to be posted in the profile thread. Declined profiles will be given reasons why they have been...
  15. Ms.Ezra

    Enter The Oasis(A Ready Player One RP)

    Enter The Oasis Clan Disclaimer: This RP will contain plot spoilers for the novel Ready Player One and its film adaptation. The year is 2045. The Earth of this time is the result of decades of rampant conflict, greed, and hubris. What cities remain are plagued by lack of nearly every resource...
  16. C

    EDGE Online IC

    EDGE Online OOC, Signups, and Infodump January 3rd, 2046 The day the new models of ANI holding EDGE Online were shipped out across the globe to those that received the code "EDGE Interactive 2023" and input it on the EDGE Interactive website to receive their time-sensitive code that in turn...
  17. C

    EDGE Online OOC and Signups

    The year is 2046 and the world finds itself in an interesting state. Technological progress is booming and society molding to match the advances- particularly so in the entertainment industry. What was once seen as "virtual reality" is now seen as something to have a chuckle about, and more...
  18. C

    E.D.G.E. Online Interest Check

    The year is 2046 and the world finds itself in an interesting state. Technological progress is booming and society molding to match the advances- particularly so in the entertainment industry. What was once seen as "virtual reality" is now seen as something to have a chuckle about, and more...
  19. Aero Blue

    PatchWorld: Vanguard

    PatchWorld Universe - OoC - Discord They will, inevitably, pay the price for their new world. Altera was only a game. An infinite machine of crunched numbers, an ever-unfurling scroll of binary and hexadecimal mantra turned into something greater than the sum of its parts - but still a game...
  20. K

    ARLO: A Sci-Fi Roleplay

    It is present day, alternate universe. The United States is falling behind and has been for a long time. With every generation, our education system fails us a little more, lets the future sink farther down the rabbit hole. To combat this significant slip, private programs have begun accepting...