Focusing on sparring, battles, and competitive combat more than character development or complex plots.
  1. Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    INTEREST CHECK Regios Quick Reaction Force (Two-character pilot mech RP - Interstellar Pacific Rim-style)

    Hello! A quick note about this RP You MUST play two characters. With that said, here is the idea! ---------------- Regios is the name given to the giant bipedal machines created by the Humans and the Rani. They are created to battle Reus, kaiju-like creatures who chased both Humans and Rani...
  2. Legens Legentis

    The Eternal Fortress

    The Eternal Fortress, known to the tongues of man as Moj, has stood for 1,000 years. Now, it is the last hope for a slowly-dying race. In one year, the final bastion of humanity will endure the greatest battle in all of history. This RP is meant to be hardcore. In all likelihood, characters...
  3. Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    ALWAYS OPEN OPEN SIGNUPS OC Tournament & Resort OOC Thread and Player Signups

    TOURNAMENTS THREAD DUNGEON THREAD RESORT THREAD CHARACTER THREAD COMBAT TEST THREAD Welcome! In addition to the Iwaku rules, please follow these of my own: No discussing real world hot-topic issues, such as politics, religion, or other things that may cause arguments. Do please respect your...
  4. Falcon

    D&D RP Interest Check

    Hi all, I've had a basic idea for a D&D campaign for a while now and wanted to know if anyone here was interested in a D&D RP. If you are interested I'd also like to know if you have any favorite elements, items, or monsters you like to see, or worlds or terrain you think would be fun to...
  5. Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    OC Tournaments - Combat and Lounging! (Interest Check)

    Hello there, and thank you for finding your way here. Have a seat, because have I got a pitch for you! Do you have droves of character ideas, and not enough RPs to play around in them with? Maybe you want to play around with them in no-stakes combat, and maybe you want to explore their...
  6. 47Haven

    Looking for Partner for Romance Action Drama

    Basic Premise Hello! I'm looking for a partner for a specific theme, one that I use as the title. I will be mainly RPing as girl, but I can go male if needed. Romance is rather mandatory, while smut is optional. I can do BlueStar or RedStar, preferrably RedStar, but it's much more flexible than...
  7. 47Haven

    SEEKING PARTNER Organized Crime Member Minamoto Jun

    Name (& pronunciation): Minamoto Jun (Last name, first name) Date of Birth (& age): 26 Place of Birth: Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan Gender: Female/Futanari (depending on preference, preferrably futa) Species/Racial Origin: Human Social Class/Community Status: Liutenant in an organized crime (not...
  8. PhantomThief715

    OPEN SIGNUPS Becoming Gods.

    Character Signup Derrida Andrea De Luca - Hades @PhantomThief715 Coral Rose Jenkins - Artemis @Star Searcher Anna Green - Artemis @ChrisClark13 Chloe Thanes - Persephone @Olissa Ethan Ryan Ashworth - Hephaestus @Keelash Oliwa Peri - Dionysus @The Legate Cayden Cadman - Ares @LuckycoolHawk9
  9. Lillian Gray

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Heart of the World - [2/2]

    Heart of the World Discord | In Character | OOC & Signups Aetheria: an ancient world wrought of mystery and magic. It is said that, during formation of the tiny planet, Aetheria was in turmoil. Unbalanced magic tore the world apart, pushing up mountains, shifting continents, and spitting...
  10. Peregrine

    Soul Jumping (Peregrine x LadyHarpy)

    Initializing Mission... Lyle was floating in a sea of seemingly endless darkness, suspended without sensation. No matter how he searched, he couldn’t find anything to orient himself, couldn’t tell if he was up or down, couldn’t tell if his eyes were opened or closed. He was no longer even...
  11. Peregrine

    The War of the Sects (Peregrine x Laifan)

    The Fire Sect was careful about who they let through their borders. They had to be, when every visitor had the potential to be a spy, thief, or assassin. Every visitor was put under careful scrutiny, their affiliations confirmed, their reasons for visiting checked and rechecked. With such...
  12. One Who Tames

    Terrenum: The Great War OOC and Signup

    Recruitment/OOC - Role Play - Character Bank Welcome to Terrenum Terrenum is a Medieval Fantasy role play. It borrows from many table top and classical historic elements. The goal of Terrenum is to create an engaging and easy system that grounds the actions in the game and gives weight...
  13. Mctoran

    Arena Battle! (sign-ups)

    i= Rules: 1.
  14. Peregrine

    Power Fantasy Trash

    (¯`*•.¸,¤°´✿.。.:* Hello Iwaku! *.:。.✿`°¤,¸.•*´¯) Peregrine here! I'm in the middle of a transitional phase in my life right now (I'm not anymore I just love this too much to let this interest check die), and I'm hoping to find a few writers to help me fill a craving for a particular...
  15. Rebornfan120

    Seeking New Partners! - Open

    Hello! I've decided to do a new roleplay search from Reborn! Seeing some posts with rules I have decided to at least show my rules, don't worry it'll be short since I normally don't have many rules, to begin with normally. 1. 1-4 paragraphs are preferred but compromises can be made through...
  16. Gands


    Gotham City. Since everything changed, it went from being just another crime-infested pit of a city to being the capital of New Jersey - and still crime-infested. Only difference now, is some people get paid by the government to add to that infestation. Politicians. People who think that because...
  17. Astroblaze

    Inter-Realm Battle Link (IC)

    【 SCOREBOARD 】NO SCORENO SCORENO SCOREA Andrew Hawthorne: 0 Astroblaze: 0 B N/A C Carson Pierpont: 0 D N/A E Eve Rowley: 0 F N/A G Greg Chasteen: 0 H N/A I Iron Head: 0 J N/A K N/A L N/A M N/A N N/A O N/A P N/A Q N/A R N/A S N/A T Tall Man: 0 U N/A V N/A W N/A X N/A Y N/A...
  18. Peregrine

    MAD: Class S (Peregrine x firejay)

    Good luck, you poor fuck. The words seemed to echo around the small, enclosed space Vala found herself locked in, louder even than the sound of the door being slammed closed and some locking measure engaging. She shivered slightly, rubbing her hands up and down her arms. Vala wasn’t entirely...
  19. Red Thunder

    BLEACH: Imbalance

    Life requires balance, and so Death is its counterweight. A knife’s edge, they say: too many dead, and the World of the Living decays; too many living, and Life itself runs short. As Life is gained through conception, Life must be lost in a final heartbeat; as Death brings a temporary finality...
  20. Lockheart

    Absolver - The RP

    Premise An Absolver, the immortal instrument of combat. With the Guides commanding them, the Absolvers can live again even after they die, to better serve the Guides goal of rebuilding their world after the fall of the Empire of Adal. Teaching martial arts and wielding Folding magic (able to...