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  1. Red Thunder


    Life requires balance, and so Death is its counterweight. A knife’s edge, they say: too many dead, and the World of the Living decays; too many living, and Life itself runs short. As Life is gained through conception, Life must be lost in a final heartbeat; as Death brings a temporary finality...
  2. Lockheart

    Absolver - The RP

    Premise An Absolver, the immortal instrument of combat. With the Guides commanding them, the Absolvers can live again even after they die, to better serve the Guides goal of rebuilding their world after the fall of the Empire of Adal. Teaching martial arts and wielding Folding magic (able to...
  3. The Big Shot Wade

    Guerra Continua -- (Sci-fi RP)

    What is Guerra Continue? Well, a little history lesson: This universe is indeed an alternate one to ours. There's an earth, and like in many great sci-fi stories, we went to the stars, found aliens, and created a major empire... That didn't go far though. Our reach went to a very small section...
  4. Rebornfan120

    PARTNER REQUEST Roleplay interest off hiatus

    Hello! I've decided to return and do a new roleplay post/request! After some time to think things through from a hiatus of not posting interest checks for some time I have decided it was time to try my luck again and return with the hopes to find some people to roleplay with. Seeing some posts...
  5. Astroblaze

    CHARACTER INDEX The Inter-Realm Battle Link (Character Roster)

    IRBL Character Index This thread is intended to store all competitor CSs. Please submit each CS in its own post and edit the posts when updating information rather than posting a new CS. Posted Characters: Andrew "Pythagoras" Hawthorne (Astroblaze) Astroblaze (Astroblaze) Carson "Uranium"...
  6. Astroblaze

    ADDITIONAL INFO Inter-Realm Battle Link (Lore)

    IRBL Lore Your one-stop shop for all the information you'll need to roleplay in the IRBL! Peruse this thread for game rules, appearance descriptions, and the various functions you'll encounter in the mini-world of the arena complex. FAQ Is my ultra-powerful OC allowed? Yes, all OCs are allowed...
  7. Astroblaze

    ALWAYS OPEN Inter-Realm Battle Link (OOC/Signups)

    Inter-Realm Battle Link Welcome to the tournament of the multiverses! Please check the Lore thread (links at the bottom of this post) for game rules and other important information and join the Discord server for communication with other players. Important Links «Sign-Ups/OOC» Lore Character...
  8. Astroblaze

    The Inter-Realm Battle Link (Teaser)

    Welcome, challenger! If you are reading this, congratulations! You have been accepted as a competitor for the multiverse's largest and most varied tournament! A staff member will be along shortly to show you to your quarters, and then you will be free to roam the complex as you please. Here you...
  9. Dooley

    Eden Forgotten [Dark-Fantasy Anime Role-Play]

    The StoryAn era before time. A world unlike our own. Here battles were waged with eternal ferocity. Forces of light wrestled forces of darkness. Untold sacrifice given with neither claiming victory. Thus did continue such a grotesque cycle, souls born, lived, and ended; knowing naught but the...
  10. Gands

    BY INVITATION ONLY Rise 2: There was an idea

    There was an idea: To bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to. To fight the battles we never could." This is a continuation of Rise of the Marvels... CLOSED SIGNUPS - Rise Of The Marvels (IC...
  11. Peregrine

    Another Search To Add To The Pile

    Hello one on one roleplayers! I'm Peregrine. It's been about half a year since I've put up an interest check, but I've found myself with a bit of free time I'd love to fill with writing. I don't have any specific plots I'm looking for, but rather some ideas, concepts, and themes that have been...
  12. The Big Shot Wade

    The Evrensel Conflict -- A Crossover/Original Works group RP

    Evening. I'll get right to it, this group interest check is for a crossover plot that will involve fandoms and any original work you wish to bring into it. The plot is simple: An AI machine, controlling a massive army of robotic soldiers, wishes to create her own universe. The process of this...
  13. Astroblaze

    CHARACTERS Astroblaze's Profile Database

    Welcome to the Personal Multiverse Database of RT#824 I have way too many OCs. This thread is a gallery of my favorites, along with characters featured in certain roleplays or open for roleplay. If you're interested in roleplaying with a certain character, check the Technical category at the...
  14. Discoverer

    Destiny (A sci-fi merc RP)

    Hey guys, I know sci-fi isn't really that popular in here, but I've had an idea for a group RP and I have an idea I'd love to pitch, if any of you are interested. We only need about 3 people, though I think I could accommodate for for around 4 or 5. The setting is a sci-fi where humanity...
  15. MusicalT

    Big Brother

    Hey there everybody! So, I'll go ahead and get straight to the point since this is only an interest check. I was thinking that it would be pretty cool to do a roleplay about a reality TV conpetition show, like Big Brother. The show starts out with 15-20 people, but for the sake of rp pacing and...
  16. AshenAngel

    Characters That Need Playing (open for business)

    Ello there everyone, I have some characters that I would love playing in a 1x1. But before we get into that, I have some rules. I generally post around 2-3 times per week, and would appreciate a partner who can do the same. If we wind up posting more than that, then yay! I will always try to...
  17. Tiger Dragon

    OPEN SIGNUPS The Divinity Game

    OOCxDice RollsxCharacter Index X Roleplay Info x Sign-Ups X Roleplay Thread Signups are still open. There is 1 slot left. Players: @Cabob7 , @Astroblaze , @Lulunopia, @jeshem, @Illumi If you are not these people, please do not write in this thread.
  18. Tiger Dragon

    OPEN SIGNUPS The Divinity Game - Sign-ups | Questions

    OOCxDice RollsxCharacter Index X Roleplay Info x Sign-Ups X Roleplay Thread Spots Open: 1 Spots Taken: 5 Spots Pending : 0 Spots Reserved: 0
  19. Psychosis_Of_A_Yandere_Fox

    Queensland Private Aca (A different take to School RP)

    (An idea inspired by all honesty it might as well be an AU of it. But for the sake of people who don't know I'm explaining it and plus adding new stuff.) An unusual school that sits in the middle of Tokyo, Honshu Japan. The school has several alumni that have raised to the ranks of...
  20. fol·ly·cle

    Name Game

    Name Game Six players. One victor. Trix, the god of games, thought he had all the entertainment he could ever want. Boredom wasn't even considered a possibility for him. Or, so he thought. Yes, even for Trix, a god whose fun knew no parallel, the effect of all those distracting distractions...