low fantasy

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Fantasy that takes place in a world like our own, either a modern-day world with light fantasy elements OR an imaginary world that has little to no magic or fantasy elements.
  1. becca_bibi

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST bibi's ideas & plots//write with me

    I'm in my mid 20's and will not RP with minors. This is my personal preference as it makes me uncomfortable. Please respect it. I write in 3rd person, past tense. Multipara to novella length. Quality over quantity - but no one liners! I need something to work with, as I'm sure you do! If you...
  2. Vii

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST A Viiry Nice Partner Search

    Why hello there! I'm Vii, but you can also call me Roy. If you want details about me, I'll provide some below, although you can check out the "About" section of my profile for more: If you want details about what kind of roleplaying partner I'm looking for, I'll provide some below: If you...
  3. CrystalDisc

    Morning Glory (Adventure | Low Fantasy) [CLOSED]

    I've come so far. I'm not turning back after all I've sacrificed. I have to wonder what will I become with no fear left in my eyes...
  4. Elle Joyner

    The Weight of the Crown | Kingdom Building Interest Check/OOC

    . SYNOPSIS GENRE: Low Fantasy/Medieval || LEVEL: Advanced Detailed || WRITING: Bi-monthly | Three Paragraph Min. SECONDARY GENRE: World Building || TONE: Suspenseful, Dramatic || SCALE: 6-8 Playershttps://a.wattpad.com/cover/140280976-352-k906827.jpg ♕ THE FATE OF THORNWILD ♕ "Canst thou, O...
  5. SadistPoet

    M.A/I.D: Her Majesty's Assault/Intelligence Division

    maid /mād/ noun, a female domestic servant. There are many ways to serve someone and service never means the same thing to two people. Servitude is a fickle matter that is measured in different degrees. To some servitude means going to a nine to five. Others find a deeper emotional resonance...
  6. Riruru

    Looking for Villain MC for rp plot.

    Hello there, I am a long time RPer who prefers long term partnerships and intricate stories. I usually design and maintain several characters in a story to keep things lively and interesting. As such it is rare that I considering any one character my main character. This lets the story flow...
  7. ThatGuyOverThere

    Back again with my Muse: Looking for Casual Partners

    So it's been a long time since I have been here. Life has an awful way of getting in the way of things. But I am back and plan to stick around for a while. I plan to only use discord going forward but if anything I mention in this thread peaks your interest, private message me and we can...
  8. noodle

    1x1 Emporium

    Hey there guys! I'm noodle. I've been an active roleplayer for about five years now and I'm looking for some active, long term partners. I'm back from a bit of a crazy summer, and some of my RPs ended up getting dropped or put on hold- if I have roleplayed with you before and it didn't work out...
  9. noodle

    Searching for Platonic, Low Fantasy FxF

    So, this isn't as complex as my usual kind of thread, but I have a sudden craving for a platonic FxF pairing for a specific plot, because I just love the idea of girls being friends and supporting each other...maybe even starting a revolution (hint hint). If romance is absolutely needed, I'd be...
  10. Ryoka Akinori

    A Few Plots

    Hello everyone! I just got off a super-long hiatus (not one of choice, at least initially), and I'm looking to get back into roleplaying! That said, I'm going to kick this thing off by telling you a bit about me. I know, I know, you just want to get to the good stuff, right? But I promise you...
  11. Oetje

    Game of Thrones RP

    Hello! Nice having you in this thread! I hope you will enjoy reading what I got prepared for you. So without further due, allow me to elaborate! Game of Thrones. It is (or has been, which is subjective whether you like it or not) a series that intrigued a lot of people. Some people like the...
  12. AmberTheAlbedo

    The Child From The Sky

    You had gotten lost on your trip to the capital of kingdom , well more like got left behind on the road. Left with little more than a horse drawn cart and some supplies you set off in the direction you were heading on the road in hopes of reaching the next town. It wasn't long before you...
  13. The Dapper Mog

    The Academy Mysterium

    "Welcome, to the Academy Mysterium! You, lucky recipient, have been selected, test pending, to join the most illustrious school for mages! Once becoming a student at our wondrous institution, you will begin learning to use magic studying the various schools of magic known as arcana, including...
  14. The Dapper Mog

    The Academy Mysterium

    "Welcome, to the Academy Mysterium! You, lucky recipient, have been selected, test pending, to join the most illustrious school for mages! Once becoming a student at our wondrous institution, you will begin learning to use magic studying the various schools of magic known as arcana, including...
  15. D

    Age of Ruin| Medieval Dark Fantasy

    We sit upon the precipice of greatness. Such was my thought when I received word the King agreed to the Archbishop's proposition. Never had the order been given such an opportunity to present itself to the world. A solemn chance to exhibit the merits and degrees to which it excelled above all...
  16. Beast of Lores

    A World Without Man(Or With It, I Don't Know What Y'all Prefer)

    Imagine a world where there exists no man, no elf, no dwarf, nor any variation thereof. In the absence of man, monsters fill the void. And they've their own cultures, their own identities, their own lives. I've developed in this world many things, and plan to develop many more, but in truth...
  17. TheQueensGuard

    Seeking Invites/ Help Running and RP!

    Hello anyone and everyone reading this! I've recently started my own RP. insert shameless plug Alias: Cyberpunk Superhumans However I'm still wanting to get more practice writing and honing my skills, and while I have a few ideas on other Rp's I want to start, but to much on my plate to handle...
  18. noodle

    Looking for Active Roleplayers!

    Hey there guys! I'm Neo. I've been an active roleplayer for about five yeears now. I'm a seventeen-year-old female who enjoys watching people play video games because I can't afford to buy them myself :) Requirements/Expectations -Post at least once a week, more often if possible. I am a...
  19. Sjöfn

    Looking for Advanced M/F Long-Term Fantasy Partner

    Yo. I'm tired and bored so I'll keep it short, like a good tinder profile (that's a joke...). Looking for long-term, advanced writer for epic story writing. I am looking to write low/high/medieval fantasy stories. I like to read, so I like writing with a partner who loves to write. I also love...
  20. GoblinAghast

    Beneath the Ashen Sky

    Shifting uncomfortably as the carriage trundled roughly along the uneven road, Raelyn once again struggled to find a position that wouldn’t jostle him to the point of distraction. Overhead, a small lantern swayed, causing the dim, flickering light to cast dizzying shadows as it rocked. He’d been...