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Based on or borrowing elements from an existing book/book series.
  1. ~Happily.Ever.After~

    Hollowclan .. Dark x Happily

    1x1 for @~Dark Disney~ and myself Welcome to Hollowclan Home of the most sly, calculated and energetic cats. The Current Season is :: Newleaf [ ] Greenleaf [ ] Leaf-fall [X] Leaf-bare [ ] .::. Prophecy .::. None ATM .::. Relationships .::. Greystorm & Greyfoot Shadowfall &...
  2. A

    The charm of soul pets

    The charm of soul pets
  3. ᴛᴏᴄᴋᴀ

    (Advanced) Hail Gunslinger! (Dark Tower Verse search, looking for Male Main Character)

    Hello! I will not deny that Dark Tower is my obsession. I absolutely love the world and I feel that there are a million things that could be done with it. However, finding a partner for it is damn near impossible. -Insert sad face here- So here I am, again, on a mission to find someone who would...
  4. Maalefic

    Vᴏx ɴɪʜɪʟɪ - 1x1 partner search

    Ay how you dooin? I'm the friendly(?) neighborhood Viking of legal age out looking for some long-term roleplay's to occupy my thoughts with, you may call me Maal. I'm always around one way or another (I get email alerts and am always near one of my devices) and I am a versatile writer. I can...
  5. Thor

    Ready Player Two

  6. Pahn

    Novae Diluculo [Sloth x Pahn]

    A private roleplay between @Pahn and @Sloth To be added Sources: Harry Potter world belongs to JK Rowling and Warner Bros Banner image: source
  7. SkittlesAndSpike


    The pipes of Pan. A powerful magic artifact that allows its wielder to control the aspects of nature itself. In the wrong hands, it could be used to bend the world to its wielder's desires. The pipes were split into two parts and given to the twin daughters of Pan in the hopes of keeping the...
  8. Rebornfan120

    Seeking New Partners! - Open

    Hello! I've decided to do a new roleplay search from Reborn! Seeing some posts with rules I have decided to at least show my rules, don't worry it'll be short since I normally don't have many rules, to begin with normally. 1. 1-4 paragraphs are preferred but compromises can be made through...
  9. Michale CS


    A very cool video that captures the essence of Epic Crossover (though not necessarily the plot) Player characters will not be allowed to be "Villains" except on a case by case basis after being vetted by the admins and clan owner. I am aware some really disparate comics are under the umbrella...
  10. isomian

    【 The Necromancer 】MxM 18+

    This is an "original" idea inspired by my wattpad story "Grave Adventures". You can skim through the three chapters I have if you want to get a general feel of how the RP is going to go BUT that's completely optional. The premises: Set in Victorian London, a necromancer and his undead assistant...
  11. ShadowGhoul

    Help Me Roleplayer You're My Only Hope

    So, I have had a Star Wars interest thread out for a while but now I am looking to branch out. First things first: Are we right for each other at a glance? I play MxM and MxF with preference towards MxM and mostly playing male characters. I enjoy posts every day or every other day because I am...
  12. ~Dark Disney~

    The Reincarnation (A Harry Potter Rp)

    We all know the story of Harry Potter and the many people who came before him. Who we don't know are the founders of the wonderful houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It's been many years since Harry Potter his friends roames these halls and stopped Voldemort from...
  13. Rebornfan120

    Roleplay interest off hiatus

    Hello! I've decided to return and do a new roleplay post/request! After some time to think things through from a hiatus of not posting interest checks for some time I have decided it was time to try my luck again and return with the hopes to find some people to roleplay with. Seeing some posts...
  14. GalaxyHopper

    Easy As Pie Partner Search (Discord mostly)

    :heart:Hello There!:heart: So, here I am again, looking for roleplay partners and decided to put some more thought into my thread and just to try to make it look pretty. Now, before you go on and head over to the plots and cravings under all this, please, check out my rules. Thanksies! :earth:My...
  15. GalaxyHopper

    Jo Nesbo Books inspired Roleplays!(Looking for male character/Discord only)

    Hey, so I'll keep this short and sweet. I love Jo Nesbo and his works. So far I've read Blood On Snow and currently I am reading Headhunters, but I also am planning on reading The Son and Macbeth from him after finishing headhunters. As the title says, I am looking for a roleplay inspired by...
  16. GalaxyHopper

    I give up - anything is good

    Hey, so, yeah. I'm fine with anything, my only thing is that I only roleplay on Discord. I'm good with any pairing, I like playing multiple characters, I'm pretty much always free and bored and up to rp since school is basically out for me now and all. I a up to playing canon characters from...
  17. GalaxyHopper

    Blood On Snow AKA Norwegian Fixer

    Hello! So, since I am a new, but big fan of Jo Nesbo and I admit that I cried like a baby after finishing Blood On Snow, I just really got the craving of an rp of the same caliber, it's that simple. I've also bought Headhunters, The Son and Macbeth just recently, so I will be getting to reading...
  18. AHeartlessNobody

    The Little Prince Inspired Rp

    "You are nothing like my rose. You are beautiful, but you are empty," He went on, "One could not die for you. To be sure, an ordinary passerby would think that my rose looked just like you--the rose that belongs to me. But in herself alone she is more important than all the hundreds of you other...
  19. Astaroth

    My New Parents Are Vampires!!!

    Journal Date Friday IDFK Stuff like this isn't supposed to happen in real life. My friends and I always made fun of this kind of thing, y'know? That nobody girl in movies who was shy and clumsy with a classically tragic backstory that left her alone and miserable. The one nobody ever noticed...
  20. rosesandaloe

    In Search Of Twilight

    Hello! I’m looking for one fandom, and that’s Twilight, as you guessed. I’m just keeping this short, too. I would like to do a roleplay where I would play an OC, and you would be playing Carlisle. It wouldn’t be a romance, but more of a close friendship. Also, I’ll play any pairing you want...