crossover (fandom)

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Elements from two or more fandoms are present.
  1. Robyn Mizore

    Hazbin Hotel Parody Roleplay

    Hello! I’m Robyn, writer of my Fire Emblem oc x canon fanfic called Redemption. One of my favorite things to do is throw my favorite oc x canon pairing into other fandoms, this one happens to be Hazbin Hotel. The woman is Robyn Mizore, and the man beside her on the left is Takumi. Robyn is of my...
  2. Tsundere_AraAra

    RP Revival

    Hey Everyone, It's nice to meet all of you, my name is Ari (or Ara if you prefer). I'm both thrilled and a little apprehensive to be joining the Iwaku community. It's been quite a while since I've indulged in RP, but I'm back and looking to dive in once again. A little OOC: I've been immersed...
  3. Havoccultist


    Okay, this is a bit of an odd way to start a thread, but I'm going to skip all the fancy stuff and just state my concept outright. As is shown in the copied text above (which is just my own idea taken from the discord and transplanted here), I would like to do a crossover between Fallout (4 to...
  4. TheMeridianSea

    Avatar/MCU crossover rp!

    ALL CHARAS AND WRITERS MUST BE 18+ So! This may be an... Unusual request, in terms of crossover! But I am looking to do a crossover between Avatar (like on Pandora) and the MCU! I am hoping for somebody to play one of the recoms, not sure I have a preference for which one, I'm pretty open to...
  5. Seniornabbit

    OPEN SIGNUPS Strange new arrivals in remnant (rwby multifandom crossover roleplay) sign ups

    Remant is a odd world, sometimes old magic is involved and occasionally albiet rarely beings from other worlds are brought to it. For various reasons ranging from saving them from death to accidents occuring these entities are brought to the planet. They will have to adapt to the new world, its...
  6. Nomad-22

    Star Wars/Mass Effect: Star Crossed

    Local space station, Wild Space, A Galaxy, far, far away Year 22 ABY Blaster fire erupted as the siren alarms nearly drowned it out throughout the semi-darkened hallway. Turning the left corner was a figure clad in green armor took cover as several laser bolts flew past her, hitting the wall...
  7. Nomad-22

    Star Wars Roleplay/Mass Effect crossover search(reboot)

    Hello everyone I'm Nomad-22 but please feel free to call me Nomad. Before I get started here are some ground rules from me. 1) To be honest I'm not into smut RPs. However, if there is romance(I prefer MxF) in a thread that we're rping together the relationship can be referenced(fade into black)...
  8. Seniornabbit

    The Shield Hero needs assistance, guess we're chosen for this job (Rise of the shield hero crossover rp) sign ups

    Story The kingdom of Melromarc has summoned the four heroes of legend, The Spear, Sword, Bow and the (lesser liked) Shield. These four will save this world drom the waves. Events where large amounts of monsters invade the world to seemingly just cause mayhem and death. They will need to amass...
  9. PolikShadowbliss

    Post-Apocaypse-Madness (P.A.M) Sign Ups and Discussion

    Welcome to Post-Apocalyptic Madness or P.A.M for short. The first and probably last multi-fandom RP that focuses on the end of the world, or worlds for short. To put a longer story short the premise of this story is that the entire multiverse has collapsed and been assimilated into a single but...
  10. Celestial Speck

    ArcRift: Tale I - Divine Rot

    Shadows Die Twice Divine Rot ArcRift: Tale I It began before humanity first drew breath-- the grazing of the Divine Dragon, settling in from the West, to the land of Ashina. It was a thing beyond mankind's humanity's wildest imagination. One single entity driving out the influence of...
  11. thatguyinthestore

    ArcRift Special I: Be My Valentine (Sign-Ups / Info)

    This RP is a part of ArcRift. Please view our Discord / Wiki for further info. It had entered the month of February... well, wherever you were from. The month of love... giving... compassion... and of course buying shitty tasting corporate produced candy with messages on them. That's...
  12. thatguyinthestore

    ArcRift I: It's So Wonderful

    How you died didn't matter. You could have been the most evil son of a bitch on Earth, or the modern equivalent to Gandhi. What mattered was that you died. And you knew that you died, too. No one else knew how you died, though, not yet. Only you knew that information. Some of you may have...
  13. thatguyinthestore

    ArcRift I: It's So Wonderful

    Howdy, Iwaku Peeps! I've got a brand new RP cookin'! It's a multi-fandom RP based around character interaction, epic plots, deceit, drama, comedy... and all the other stuff that comes with the territory. If you've ever been in a multifandom, then you get the gist. This multifandom in particular...
  14. thatguyinthestore

    ArcRift I: It's So Wonderful (Sign-Ups/Info)

    ArcRift Arc I: It's So Wonderful So... you died. Doesn't really matter how. Or why. You could've been a terrible person who was killed after a six year long manhunt. Maybe you were just an average joe who got into an unfortunate car accident. Regardless of the how, all you knew now...
  15. Nomad-22

    Never mind

    Seeing that this was not going anywhere I have decided to close this request thread.
  16. Nomad-22

    Never mind this request

    I have decided my earlier proposition was not going to work out. Please ignore this.
  17. Seniornabbit

    Reborn in a world with a broken moon (rwby/multifandom crossover) sign ups open

    fa-play Theme Music Despite the outcomes of their struggles, heroes will always die in the end. Be it time or injury, death is guaranteed to follow the heroes of every world. However, some of these heroes will wake up in the world of Remnant, picked out of their worlds upon their death in order...
  18. Topless

    Battle of Armageddon (A Multi-Fandom Arena RP)

    It has been decided. Mankind will fall. The gods have decided that everything they have built shall be destroyed. But then came one god who disagrees. A "Hyper God", a being more powerful than the others. He proposes that humanity should have their saying. A gambit that will determine the fate...
  19. G

    Injustice, Marvel Style

    An urgent call was sent out, received across the dimensions at New York's famed Baxter building. A call has gone out on this world, to extend it's long arm to another world, another dimension where things have gone terribly wrong. This rp is about the DC injustice series with a twist. Primary...