Focusing on/seeking heterosexual pairings.
  1. bighitbabie

    18+ DISCORD Shameless-ly searching for a Canon against my OC!

    Hello, hello! I started rewatching Showtime's series Shameless, and now, like lots of other fandom roleplayers, am looking to play my female original character against a male canon (In this case, I'm looking to play her against Lip Gallagher). I'm mainly looking to write on Discord! I...
  2. foodforpigs

    Grade A Nonsense [kittykxo & foodforpigs]

    Kenji looked up at the night sky from his bedroom window after looking at his journal. There were so many blank pages. He had been told that entering high school would be an exciting time in his life on the day of his junior high graduation, and that he should cherish it. They had said the same...
  3. Itari

    Thieves and Secrets

    Anika sifted through the reports, frowning. Break ins taking place in the middle of the night across the country with nothing stolen. Merchants and travelers attacked by mysterious figures, their items ransacked but left intact. Something was happening. Someone was looking for something. She...
  4. Viverescribere

    Tangled Weeds

    Tangled Weeds Katya Marilis had always been... odd. And living in Embris Hollow, a small town with an equally small population in Washington, it was hard to avoid that label. It was also difficult to deal with the different ways with which people dealt with her presence. Some gave her a wide...
  5. SaiseiTunes

    Life After Freedom

    Psyche's Daughter Name: Lexie Experiment number: P265 Age: 20 Height: 5'6 Build: Skinny Powers/Deity parent: Psyche/Telepathy, minor telekinesis, odynokinesis (control over pain) General Temperament: Friendly, calm Classification: Support/Mediator Fujin's Child (They/Them) Name: Kai...
  6. Durandal

    Winds Across The Plains(Manna x Durandal)

    Kath sat aboard his mount, watching the grass of the plains rustle and flow in waves as the wind blew across it. His mount was one of the wargs of his clan, known for their intelligence, strength, intelligence and ferocity. The orc reached down to pat the warg on the side of the neck and rub...
  7. Nemopedia


    Qiu An didn’t get his hands dirty, he has others to make their hands dirty for him. Hands they made dirty right now while digging into the roasted boar they had rewarded themselves with, considering themselves rich before the reward was in. An amusing sight accompanied with the barrels of wine...
  8. Freikugel

    Plots and Plots and Plots!

    Welcome to my interest check! credit to Igor Wolski for the amazing art About me. I am a 22 year old recent college graduate currently studying for the LSAT. I love going to the gym, photography, and picked up wrestling last year. I've always loved physical activity and combat, which is...
  9. pvllingteeth

    love is a violence || bnha [pvllingteeth&error606]

    this thread is a continuation of a deleted thread from a different site. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to HOURS, hours to d a y s. Little by little, the wound in her chest stitched itself closed, leaving nothing but scar tissue in its wake. She glanced down at it as she shed her hospital...
  10. pvllingteeth

    healing auras || bnha [pvllingteeth&humanalien]

    (this thread is the continuation of a deleted thread from a different site.) One of the first things Kanae had learned about Izuku during their first year at U.A was how openly expressive he was. His heart was always on his sleeve, much too large for one body to possibly contain. His feelings...
  11. Kanma

    Fallen Together (Maryjay)

    Max stepped into the nightclub, somehow certain what was going to happen this night. He always knew when he was going to run into her, somehow. Sure enough, there she was, sitting at a table in the corner. She didn't look in a partying mood, so what had brought her to Luxe, he was not certain...
  12. unanun

    CANTOR DUST (Itari + unanun)

  13. Redpanda77

    Looking for a Few Partners (Currently Closed)

    I am looking for a few partners to create some exciting stories with. I took a brief break to better manage my schedule, but I am ready to get back into it. And despite my long list of rules, I promise I am more lenient and friendly than I may seem. Rules/Preferences As I am 24, I require that...
  14. tilucki

    moo's spring time search! ( M/F , F/F )

    hiya and thank you for clicking on this thread! i go by tilucki on here but you can also call me moo. just like my profile title says, i am a sleepy (and lazy) artist and have been roleplaying for over 8 years now. i have survived and returned from the messy year that was 2021 and am back...
  15. anna

    let's get to writing once more! :)

    hello everyone! after a good while of not writing much, the idea of giving it another go has recently creeped back into my mind. I actually used to use this site last year and decided to try again for fun! :) though you can read the preferences on my profile (which I suggest you do), I'll give...
  16. Jezebel

    [Discord] One Flesh One End [f//, fxt, fxm]

    Life has finally stopped stepping on my throat, so I'd like to try this again... Here's what I'm looking for with a partner: Character development Redemption arcs Romance, romance, romance! fxf, fxt*, t*xt*, or fxm Bringing in side characters/NPCs as needed Brainstorming together-- please...
  17. Diana

    Opal Moon and Silver Fur (catalyst and Diana)

    Snow was on the horizon. Despite the heavy cover of evergreen trees and leafless oaks, she could see the dark grey clouds through the break of branches that loomed far above. Nights were getting bitterly cold and come morning she would find herself covered in a fine layer of frost. If it weren't...
  18. Ilovewarriorcats

    Looking to role play

    Hey guys , looking for males to role play with, please send me a chat
  19. Diana

    Not Much Ado About Lucky (Abysinthe & Diana)

    ☆ ☆ ☆ LUCKY BENNETT Most days were a series of unfortunate events in the life of Lucky Bennett, and today was no different. First thing in the morning she was fired from her job - which, okay. Setting fire to an entire art installment was a pretty bad accident, but really how are stacks of...
  20. Peregrine

    Green Mung Beans & Red Dates (Peregrine x Nemopedia)

    Lin Jingyi had always considered himself like the breeze. Gentle and unaffected, he had drifted through life with grace and contentment. He had never been one to burn with the passion of ambition, to desperately claim ownership over every opportunity that passed in front of him. And his...