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Containing high quantities of blood and/or graphic physical injury.
  1. MapalSyrup

    does anyone want to rp gore with me

    body horror, misc whump tropes, hurt no comfort, hurt/comfort... like i dont have a specific idea yet but i just wanna write some gore man
  2. ArachneShade

    Is there anyone interested in Vigilante RP?

    Hello there people I was looking for someone who can write with me a violent vigilante roleplay. (It's not about any superhero. But broken human. I have made a character. And I'm looking forward to see yours). I'm looking for a long term partner and I don't have any big expectations. Just don't...
  3. T

    Looking for a gore experienced literate partner

    I apologize if this is anything against the rules, I triple read them and I think its fine. But I am searching for a literate and mature roleplay partner who is open to the most devious and terrible of situations and plots related torture and gore. I do not want people who are inexperienced, who...
  4. Thor


    For more content & characters please view the extras. Private RP between mombie, barnes & thor
  5. Azazel

    Introducing Izzy ((The Umbrella Academy Fan Character))

    Out of 43 children born on October 1st, 1989 to mothers with no prior signs of pregnancy; Sir Reginald Hargreeves was able to obtain 7 of them. Meet Izzy Lothaire, one of the remaining 36. Hello, plebians. My name is Isabella Annamarie Lothaire. At least it was. Just call me Izzy. I don't...
  6. blueblossomtea

    ding dong ! earth is online ; please attack the tower !

    EARTH IS ONLINE PLEASE ATTACK THE TOWER INTRODUCTION January 1st, 2350, a strange occurrence appeared all over the world at 10:00 am, causing panic and confusion across Earth. Strange Black Towers appeared within a certain distance, creating “districts” of over millions of these odd Black...
  7. Shayla

    Resurgence of the Fallen Empire

    Rise of the Fallen Empire The power of Europe is divided between two great empires. To the south, encompassing parts of Africa and up through Italy and France is the Atlantean Empire. A land ruled from the island kingdom of Atlantis, this power has outlasted all those who wished to overthrow...
  8. Shayla

    Rebirth: The Final Stand

    RebirthCan good exist without evil? Can there be light without dark? An unceasing question. Serin, once the domain that embodied true darkness had long laid dormant since the cataclysmic wars. Bound by rune magic, the city had been sealed away to never allow another soul to enter such an...
  9. Shayla

    The Rebirth

    RebirthCan good exist without evil? Can there be light without dark? An unceasing question. In all the stories and tales told, there has always been a common theme known to each. The struggles and wars well fought between the heroines and the villains. These individuals carried throughout...
  10. affection

    gingerbread bakery (partner search)

    hello everyone ! my name is taffy and i go by they/them pronouns. i'm looking for a couple casual roleplays and a few rad partners but...that's providing nearly as much detail for what i'm looking for, is it ? nope. so read on ahead ! i'm from somewhere in south asia so english isn't my first...
  11. The Morrighan

    Tokyo Ghoul : Rise of The Spider

    Hi! I’ve had this storyline / character saved up for quite some time now, and I really want to find a group of people who want to help me bring it to life! This RP takes place in the Tokyo Ghoul Universe, but in an AU where none of the events from the anime / characters from that anime exist...
  12. Maalefik

    The World is Burning 1x1 endless partner search

    A B O U T Hey, good morning! Please call me Maal and I am seeking out some roleplays. Let me tell you a bit about me: I am an adaptable writer and I can produce small posts or long posts, depending on what I feel is needed to say. I've been writing/role-playing for over a decade and I am easy...
  13. Huntress

    Looking for partners, FxF or FxM. Werewolves...for the most part, maybe a superhuman or two.

    Hello everyone, Huntress here. First I'd like to thank you for checking my thread and I do hope that you are interested in some of the things I have to offer. ABOUT ME: So, we've established that my name is Huntress. I never really get called anything else other than my real name so lets keep...
  14. Black_Swallow

    Fandom stuff but actually whatever cause i am desperate at this point

    I only use discord to rp. I'm mostly looking for a Witcher rp, but tbh Im fine with whatever at this point. I've got a plot all set up and to be fair I am mostly either looking for an annoying bard like Jaskier from the show or Dandelion, or anything really as I got a nice little mysterious...
  15. G

    Neuter Haunt - Light and Darkness Fantasy Inn ADD

    SUMMARY Neuter Haunt is an inn, resort, hotel, tavern... A place where both demons and angels, along with other races, come to rest and socialize, but yes, fights and even death can happen. Two clans, two sides. You choose one. Light characters prefer peace, help others, respects all foms of...
  16. G

    Neuter Haunt - Light and Darkness Fantasy Inn

    SUMMARY Neuter Haunt is an inn, resort, tavern... A place where both demons and angels, along with other races, come to rest and socialize, but yes, fights and even death can happen. TOPIC The world has always been ruled by two sides. Darkness and light. So, to commemorate those two sides, I...
  17. Dark Country

    One in the Chamber

    So, I'm making this roleplay story; it's based in the not so distant future where the world's economy tanked so the countries we know today are shadows of their former selves. Well, the largest manufacturers of guns and weaponry; the U.S, Russia, France, England, China, Germany, Israel, etc...
  18. Shayla

    VAMPIRE KNIGHT: Shadow of Fate

    The generations of Old have come to fade and now ushering in the Time of the New.. A thousand years has passed since the events of Vampire Knight. For the past millenia, the Pureblood Princess Yuuki Kuran has instated a new reign and new laws for the world of the vampires. Through the agreement...
  19. Ragamoofin

    Knight in Gory Armor

    My hero. Hi there! Name's Ragamoofin and I've got a weird craving I wanna get into. I'm interested in playing the damsel to your hero, the one who needs saving and not the one who does the saving. Now, here's what I'm dying to see: seen-it-all, done-it-all, powerful and grizzled badasses...
  20. Peregrine

    Dark Fantasy Quick Transmigration Request

    Hello Iwaku! I'm normally a big fan of pretty interest checks, but this is a one-time-use thread, so it's lower effort on the visuals front. My title pretty much sums up what I'm looking for. However, for those who don't know, a "quick transmigration" is a form of repeat reincarnation. An...