otherworld fantasy

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Fantasy in which characters travel to another world OR which is set in a universe that exists parallel to our own and is theoretically accessible in some manner.
  1. Renose

    OPEN SIGNUPS Kingdom Hearts: Darkness Origins

    Prologue Assemble the Keys Peace. That is what had been achieved in the part of the universe that Sora's journey had touched. While this part was probably just a tiny part compared to the much more significant whole, it was still peace. With the creation of the World Defense System, or WDS, a...
  2. Diana


    THE ISLAND OF CHZESNABU IWAKU CHATBOX 2023-09-07T14:00:00-5 Researchers from different fields have chartered a boat out into the Bermuda Triangle only to find themselves trapped in a nasty storm. When the boat capsizes and they wash up on an island, this hodgepodge group of people find that...
  3. FrogScream

    Looking for Fun

    Hello! I go by frog. I have a discord. I am someone who will loose interest quickly. SO please lets keep things fun and light.
  4. lumbago

    [OPEN] Slipped Through the Cracks: Genshin Inspired Isekai RP

    Teaser ───────────── Entering the Paideia was an arduous process, not only for its exclusivity—the school allowed none but the staff and students upon its grounds—but also for its journey. Built upon the cradle of the World Tree, the Paideia, the college you were admitted to, resided, not with...
  5. lumbago

    [OPEN] Slipped Through The Cracks: Genshin-inspired Isekai Roleplay

    Teaser ───────────── Entering the Paideia was an arduous process, not only for its exclusivity—the school allowed none but the staff and students upon its grounds—but also for its journey. Built upon the cradle of the World Tree, the Paideia, the college you were admitted to, resided, not with...
  6. Absyinthe_Artica

    Gems of Exousia

    https://img.nickpic.host/6ECwjG.png INTEREST CHECK Welcome to the interest check and group plotting for Gems of Exousia. This roleplay aspires to be a long-term fantasy adventure. There are four sections in this interest check to describe the idea. Let me know if you're interested in joining...
  7. Diana

    One Last Book (Andy & Diana)

    "Rory, please. It's been six months and you haven't even submitted the first chapter yet." It was a beautiful, warm sunny afternoon in a small tourist town. Rory had spent her entire morning browsing the shops along the boardwalk looking for something to spark that little part of her brain that...
  8. The Mood is Write

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST A x A F x M M x NB A Concerningly Cumbersome Chronicle Collection

    The Call of the Wordbinder Hello! I'm Moody. I'm thirty two years old and have been roleplaying since I was thirteen. When I'm not writing or working on character information, I play My Time At Portia or browse for memes to share with my friends, usually while in a voice chat. Hope to hear...
  9. unanun


    Twenty thousand by four thousand steps, that was the length of Cadia. Within its depths Vanaya rarely left her farm, and focused her time and magic on encouraging green, leafy vegetables to sprout from her plot of tilled soil. Day after day, in the muted glow of the sunlight through the...
  10. Mowkie

    The Heart of a Mountain | Sign-Ups & OOC

    Announcements from Mowkie We have a pretty solid group now, but I will be happy to accept one more player entry to even out the team. The IC will be started no later than the morning of Tuesday, February 8th (Korea time - evening of February 7th US time), even if not all character entries have...
  11. Mowkie

    The Heart of a Mountain

    Hey, there, friends! Quick hello: though I'm not new to the world of writing, I'm more than a bit rusty when it comes to RP, so please forgive me for any momentary lapses as I get back into the swing of things. *Also, please note that any artwork I post is not my own. I'm currently in the...
  12. Absyinthe_Artica

    Wonderealm Society IC

    Wonderealm Society IC A World of Whimsy Wonderealm was a vast and whimsical world that existed on the fringes of what was real and impossible. The creatures and flora existed as unique beings wielding powers and abilities one could only dream about having. The history of this society that...
  13. Absyinthe_Artica

    Wonderealm Society OOC

    Wonderealm Society Signups Navigation DISCORD - Join the Wonderealm Society Discord Server! INTEREST CHECK - INTEREST CHECK - GROUP RP PLOTTING - Wonderealm Society ROLEPLAY IC - Wonderealm Society IC Wonderealm Guide A Realm of Wonder There is a special place down below, another world full...
  14. Itari

    Aspects of the Gods Sign Ups

    Aspects of the Gods OOC Signups This is the official signup thread for the Aspects of the Gods group roleplay. Interest Check here Discord here Lore: Aspects of the Gods Lore TLDR: AoG: TLDR Use the TLDR as a way to quickly see if the world is something you’d be interested in. If you decide...
  15. Kuno


    PEARLS OF PERSIA fa-play fa-1x fa-pause fa-1x Nascence - Ambient Background Music It is said that shifting sands do not a good foundation make*, and yet the seat of Eastern power has rested on the golden sands of Persia for nearly a hundred years. Peace in its basest form has managed to...
  16. Galgallin

    502: Bad Gateway [Sign-ups and OOC]

    502: Bad Gateway StorySign-up/OoCCharactersDiscord Welcome to the sign-up and OOC thread of 502! This thread is for discussing the roleplay, planning characters, etc. If you're interested in joining, let me know!
  17. Galgallin

    502: Bad Gateway

    502: Bad GatewayStorySign-up/OoCCharactersDiscord Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes.
  18. O

    Terrenum: The Great War OOC and Signup

    Recruitment/OOC - Role Play - Character Bank Welcome to Terrenum Terrenum is a Medieval Fantasy role play. It borrows from many table top and classical historic elements. The goal of Terrenum is to create an engaging and easy system that grounds the actions in the game and gives weight...
  19. The Astronaut

    King of Latun(IC)

    KING OF LATUN Out of Character | Character Index Vadimas took in his surroundings. This was the first time he was able to enter this room in the castle. The oldest and largest room in the entirety of King’s Mirror and it was beautiful. The marble work was exquisite. The elaborate murals...
  20. The Mood is Write

    Aetheric Anbolomagia

    K stared at the King of Hell for several long moments as the silence dragged on and on. With a slow movement, he turned away—he had his answer, but... he didn't like it. "Where do you think you're going, plaything?" the King asked. K glanced back as he answered, "Home." "Wrong." The king's...