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hey hey! i’m rain (she/her), and i’m a high schooler in an unspecified american city looking for some partners on this lovely site. i’ve been writing as long as i can remember, but rp-wise i’ve been frequenting sites like iwaku for about 4-5 years. i’m a huge science nerd, a caffeine addict, and i currently work as an editor for a teen’s journalism program!

my plots, ideas, and overall rules are listed in the tabs below. if you want to talk rp, send me a pm! please don’t post in this thread, i’d like to keep things clean.

  • ooc
    • i’m under 18. no worries if you’d rather write with an adult!
    • my writing is only lowercase in ooc. samples are attached to my roleplay resume.
    • i write in third person, past tense, and subjective. feel free to do present if that’s what you’re more comfy with, but i only do third.
    • i mirror post! this means that i’ll write about as much as you give me.
      • on that note, please give me a little bit of description- at least a paragraph or two, though i know it varies with pacing.
    • i’m a little nervous ooc due to social anxiety & the like, but i honestly want to get to know you! i’m here to have fun in this community.
    • my response time can go anywhere from a few times per day to once every couple days.
    • i’ll let you know if i’m not feeling what we’re doing. i don’t like ghosting people.
      • this goes both ways! no reasoning needed if you want to drop something.
    what i’m looking for
    • looking for adept and up partners. i’m kinda flexible with this, though- if you’re pulling your weight, then i don’t mind.
    • i rp exclusively in private messages. discord is totally fine for ooc, but i like making some vague attempts at bbcode so ic should be on-site.
    • i really love brainstorming! it sucks when i’m the only one moving the plot along, so please work with me on what we’re doing.
    • only original plots. i’m not interested in doing fandom stuff, sorry.
    • no sexual content, please!
    character/plot preferences
    • doubling is totally fine by me, but it should be for a plot-based reason.
    • i play female characters for the most part, but i’m happy to switch things up if that’s what you prefer for a plot. nb and trans characters are also often in my repertoire.
      • i do not do futanari. please don’t ask me to.
    • if we’re doing romance, i’m most comfortable with fxf or nbxany. this is honestly pretty negotiable- but if you want to know my preferences, then here they are.
  • cravings are italicized!
    • mystery
    • futuristic
    • action/adventure
    • urban/modern fantasy
    • dystopian
    • horror
    • android x human
    • mafia/gang member x unassuming civilian
    • opposites: nerd x jock, reserved x emotional, etc.
    • queerplatonic soulmates
    • enemies → lovers
    • parent friend x chaotic gremlin
    • angel x human/demon
    word bank
    mafia | dark academia | historical + queer | pirates | androids/robots | steampunk | biopunk | angels/demons | ghosts | angst | revolution | space | time travel | experiments gone wrong | mythology | high school/college | metropolis | rebels
  • After the sudden end of society as we know it, only a single human remains. They survived purely out of luck, but grew skillful over time, learning enough survival techniques to stay alive in the harsh, unforgiving hellscape. On the third anniversary of the apocalypse, a mysterious figure in a top hat appears to them, telling them that they had passed her test, and so they would be rewarded with one chance to stop the world from ending. After being sent back, they discover with the help of a close friend that they could stop the end of the world, as impossible as the task first seems.
    In the cold and barren wasteland of Eastern Russia, there is a laboratory with no name. The scientists and psychologists who work there are sworn to secrecy by their superiors, and even if they were to break it, a majority of the employees have no idea what they're doing. Inside the laboratory is a small population of mutated human test subjects; completely unaware of the outside world. On January 1st, [REDACTED], the laboratory and building get infiltrated and attacked by a group of assassins. All the scientists are killed on sight. The subjects are left unharmed- merely transported across the ocean to the middle of a large American city. Now free to roam their strange new environment, they must make their own decisions for the first time in their lives.
    In a society that treats androids as nothing but machines good for labor, the city streets are lined with half-broken robots who have nowhere else to go. One night, an average citizen on their way home from work is stopped in their tracks when they come upon an old friend of theirs lying in an alleyway- someone they thought was dead. They take them home, only to discover that their once-human friend is now an android, only able to remember bits and pieces of the life they once lived.
    The Infinity Circus is coming to town, a magical place for kids and adults alike. It’s relatively new, and yet there’s a lot of buzz surrounding it already- enough for its ringleader to put out a lottery for backstage passes. One of the lucky winners is your average person, not all that interested in the circus industry, but willing to go for a change of scenery nonetheless. However, when they arrive, they stumble upon one of the performers, who tells them that there’s something unspeakable happening behind the scenes. They attempt to leave, but they find they’ve been trapped within the tent. Along with the one who gave them a shot at survival, they have to try to escape before the ringleader finds them, dodging death and uncovering mysteries at every turn.
I'd be down for a Roleplay if you're still looking.