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Interacting with other players as your online persona.
  1. R

    Moonlit Crusade

    Moonlit Crusade Moonlit Crusade is a fantasy quest RP set in the fictional city of Blancrete, where the readers are going to follow and influence the protagonist's actions as their lives get dragged into a messy side of the world. Inspired by the "Fate" series, "RWBY", "Persona", and "Fire...
  2. A

    Searching for a Roleplay or two!

    Hey there! I am Alexandra (or Alex for short) and I just joined this wonderfully designed website sometime yesterday afternoon in order to cure my crushing boredom. For this very reason, I've come in search for Roleplays! I am currently searching for Chat Roleplays, but I won't turn down...
  3. Almalthia

    Yay the selling of one's self via post...

    Okay here we go... Female looking for male partner for role playing. I'm not afraid of libertine but also don't mind not playing it. I like playing characters that are close to my age than father from my age unless the plot calls for it. Most of my characters are in their 20's and redheaded...
  4. redblood


    Test thread for tags.
  5. Kagayours

    Welcome Back to the Guild [continuation]

    “Yeah, so, um… yeah.” Muse continued nodding to the village folk as she awkwardly led the roleplayers out of the underground complex. Not a single guard stopped them on their way out, in fact it seemed that a few of them even gestured towards the exit, just to make sure they were could find the...
  6. Kagayours

    Welcome Back to the Guild [continuation]

    GM’s Note: This is essentially a part 2 of a sequel to an RP. To be more exact, this is the third arc of Welcome to the Guild, a roleplay that was running when the Guild crashed, was continued on newGuild (after working Guildfall into the plot), and eventually migrated here. Below is all the...