persona play

Interacting with other players as your online persona.
  1. tapedeck

    courier's 1x1 search!

    COYOTECOURIERfa-scroll fa-dice-d20 fa-paw he / thae / they ♦ 23 ♦ writing samples ♦ Howdy, I'm Courier! You can also call me Coyote or Achilles :3 This thread's gonna serve as my permanent 1x1 partner search thread, so stuff may be altered here and there as time goes on. Once you've read...
  2. R

    Moonlit Crusade

    Moonlit Crusade Moonlit Crusade is a fantasy quest RP set in the fictional city of Blancrete, where the readers are going to follow and influence the protagonist's actions as their lives get dragged into a messy side of the world. Inspired by the "Fate" series, "RWBY", "Persona", and "Fire...
  3. A

    Searching for a Roleplay or two!

    Hey there! I am Alexandra (or Alex for short) and I just joined this wonderfully designed website sometime yesterday afternoon in order to cure my crushing boredom. For this very reason, I've come in search for Roleplays! I am currently searching for Chat Roleplays, but I won't turn down...
  4. Kagayours

    Welcome Back to the Guild [continuation]

    “Yeah, so, um… yeah.” Muse continued nodding to the village folk as she awkwardly led the roleplayers out of the underground complex. Not a single guard stopped them on their way out, in fact it seemed that a few of them even gestured towards the exit, just to make sure they were could find the...
  5. Kagayours

    Welcome Back to the Guild [continuation]

    GM’s Note: This is essentially a part 2 of a sequel to an RP. To be more exact, this is the third arc of Welcome to the Guild, a roleplay that was running when the Guild crashed, was continued on newGuild (after working Guildfall into the plot), and eventually migrated here. Below is all the...