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Containing or focusing on powers/forces which seem to defy science.
  1. vanissh


    The Gates of Yörj have opened... The Nernwyr Temple has been long thought abandoned on top of the dangerous, winding alps of the Drakeback Mountains. Its monastery walls rose up high and decrepit from age along what's known as the Spine of Oolomnir; jagged stone peaks dusted by snow year-round...
  2. Eliora

    Spirit Guardians: Chosen Children of Magic

    Rabbit Hole News Whispers of the Grounds At the grounds of Alice Eventyr University, a student has turned up dead in the football field. With the student was a small, carefully crafted box. Many students in the University are saying they have encountered strange experiences since this grizzly...
  3. Eliora

    OUT OF CHARACTER Spirit Guardians: Chosen Children of Magic (OOC)

    This is where we collaborate out ideas and bounce them around! This is also the place for scheduling communication. We don't need details, only if one cannot post this day or that – even going on hiatus.
  4. Eliora

    CHARACTER INDEX Spirit Guardians: Chosen Children of Magic

    Here are the cast of our Main Characters and any NPCs that may arise during story progression! Any accepted Characters go here. Edit: My bad everyone, I forgot to include your character transformations when they find some magical animal, item or what-have-you in the story. An image is just...
  5. Eliora

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Spirit Guardians: Chosen Children of Magic

    Secret News from The Rabbit Hole At the grounds of Alice Eventyr University, a student has turned up dead in the football field. With the student was a small, carefully crafted box. Many students in the University are saying they have encountered weird experiences since this grizzly discovery...
  6. Eliora

    INTEREST CHECK GROUP RP PLOTTING Spirit Guardians: Chosen Children of Magic

    Hello, Iwaku Community! I have a tiny seed-plot that needs help splitting its shell and grow as a sprout. This idea is set in a modern world with a fantasy twist, meaning the city would be made up and naturally will consist of low-magic. This is what I have so far: History of Mystery In recent...
  7. Jus a lil Microwave named Riley

    PLOTS WRITING Riley-Verse: Guardians of Magic 1+2

    In a small village in the early time, there lived a boy with a magic ability. Having a magic ability was unheard of, and he was resented for it, and people dispised him even more when they knew what his ability was. His ability was to summon strings of control, being able to control others or...
  8. Jus a lil Microwave named Riley

    OPEN SIGNUPS Riley-Verses! (inactive scenario, see latest post)

    Imagine a god that is perfect in every way, no past present or future, the perfect being, that controls everything.... Now take that and throw it away cause thats not how it works here! WELCOME TO RILEY-VERSES! :> These Universes are practically infinite, they would be infinite if it werent for...
  9. Gladis

    CLOSED SIGNUPS The Knights Arcane: Wardens of the Crystal [OOC]

    The Knights Arcane: Wardens of the crystal In the dawn of ancient times, the Aetherian empire rose to a technological providence that was unmatched by all. Their mastery over innovation and advancement knew no bounds, yet within the grandeur of their achievements lurked an insatiable thirst...
  10. Warren

    A Clockwork World

    In the midst of the ruins, a humanoid puppet stands unscathed, untouched by the malevolent influence of the Clockwork Puppets. The rare find presents you with a quandary: should you intervene and restore this puppet's humanity, or let it succumb to the corruption that has consumed the world...
  11. DarkMoon

    CLOSED SIGNUPS BY INVITATION ONLY Hunting For Freedom - Chat - Characters - Lore

    Yes this bit will have everything we need XD There isn't much Lore, so I see no reason to waste a thread for it. If you wish to join, just send me a message, I put invite-only to make things a bit simpler for us so we don't have to do an update for each new person who may wish to join...
  12. Dmitry

    Non-Fate Type Moon RP

    Well, I’m back again. A while back I tried my hand at slapping together some rp in the universe of Tsukihime, Kara No Kyoukai, and Fate/Stay Night. The intent was to lean more towards the former two rather than the latter one. Long story short, people got busy and the rp kind of died. I...
  13. Renose

    OPEN SIGNUPS Kingdom Hearts: Darkness Origins

    Prologue Assemble the Keys Peace. That is what had been achieved in the part of the universe that Sora's journey had touched. While this part was probably just a tiny part compared to the much more significant whole, it was still peace. With the creation of the World Defense System, or WDS, a...
  14. Renose

    OPEN SIGNUPS OUT OF CHARACTER Kingdom Hearts: Darkness Origins

    Peace. For about four hundred years, the greater universe as a whole has known peace. Thanks to Sora and his friends, threats like Organization XIII, Maleficent, and the Heartless are all merely things of the past. With their combined efforts they managed to deal with many of the threats that...
  15. Diana


    WIZARD FIGHT CLUB IWAKU CHATBOX 2023-09-30T20:00:00-5 In a town called Melonfell there is a centuries old tradition. No one speaks of it. Yet, it never fails to bring in wizards from all over the world to participate. THE WIZARD FIGHT CLUB. Testing wits, magic, and strength, wizards duel...
  16. UnicornBunny

    Can I be your villain?

    Disclaimer I am not good at all this forum stuff so this will look very sad… I am also on my phone… just desperate. I don’t have any pre-made chars I will be creating specifically a char for you or your char. I can play male or female I enjoy both. Also I post at least 2 smaller paragraphs...
  17. rissa

    ALWAYS OPEN Magic Unbound: Wolpurgiswora University [slide] [slide] [slide]