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Based on or borrowing themes from the Fallout video games.
  1. rissa

    MECHANICS Wasteland Survival Guide (Start Here)

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  2. Schnee Corp Lawyer


    FALLOUT: RECLAMATION A gentle breeze rolled through the crowd around the 188, a brief respite against the desert's heat that carried even through the shade of the overpass. It was a hectic scene, despite the NCR's efforts otherwise; barriers of sheet metal and old world signage had been...
  3. Schnee Corp Lawyer


    Killers, dreamers, thugs, soldiers, saints. A more disparate gathering of the highs and lows the West had to offer couldn't be found anywhere else, but they were all walking the same way. And whether they had the same goals or not, there were only two ends on their road together down the Sixty...
  4. littlekreen

    OPEN EXPEDITION Phantom Fallout Fae: Unmasking the Mystery of the Missing Munitions

    Unmasking the Mystery of the Missing Munitions West of Lake Okeechobee is deep marshland crisscrossed by canals, which formed a natural enclave, though too far from the Everglades to be from the fen folk. The Mossbacks ruled this particular territory, general menaces sprinkled along state Route...
  5. Havoccultist


    Okay, this is a bit of an odd way to start a thread, but I'm going to skip all the fancy stuff and just state my concept outright. As is shown in the copied text above (which is just my own idea taken from the discord and transplanted here), I would like to do a crossover between Fallout (4 to...
  6. rissa

    OPEN QUEST MARKER A Taste of Bliss

    QUEST MARKER FOUND: A TASTE OF BLISS "I'm lookin' for some folks who have a thirst for the finest Pre-War cola ever made. Prospectors, perhaps, who'd like to pilfer through untouched goods. A trade baron's pet, even, to ensure no antique gets left behind. Shit, I'd take a souvenir junky as long...
  7. littlekreen

    OPEN Ghosts in the Engineering

    EMBRACE DEMOCRACY ANCHORAGE ALASKASTR: 10 | END: 10 | LUK: 8 Deep in the lowest levels of Vault 120 lie a darkened labyrinth of tiny, twisty tunnels that such a gigantic vault required. These first shafts were drilled straight down into limestone so construction could expand. Later the...
  8. rissa

    LORE Pocket Pip 7000

    Origins of Life code by nemo Factions The Wasteland isn’t sparse of life, though it's often twisted and mutated beyond recognition. Sometimes, the same can be said for the people who survive and thrive in the post-nuclear apocalypse. code...
  9. rissa

    MECHANICS Character Creation Station

    Welcome to the Wasteland's Character Creation Station! Between Origins and Factions Fallout: Requiem has a place for everyone's creativity. The options presented for you are only starting points to create richly unique characters and the personal arcs you'd like to explore with them. As the...
  10. rissa

    EVENT Fallout: Requiem

    FALLOUT: REQUIEM Welcome to the Wasteland! The bombs fell. The world burned. Humanity… survived. 227 years after the Great War, mankind, splintered by radiation, thrives in remote settlements across the post-nuclear landscape. Welcome to the Wasteland— where everything and its mother wants you...
  11. Onslaught

    Fallout: Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying

    "Because war, war never changes..." - Narrator Hello, I would like to bid you welcome to one of my most beloved fandoms: Fallout. It's dark and gritty; has strong elements of science-fiction, comedy, and even romance. It's based in the 2200s and onward. At least this story certainly will be...
  12. W

    The Wasteland

    An rp that people will hopefully join
  13. tilucki

    moo's spring time search! ( M/F , F/F )

    hiya and thank you for clicking on this thread! i go by tilucki on here but you can also call me moo. just like my profile title says, i am a sleepy (and lazy) artist and have been roleplaying for over 8 years now. i have survived and returned from the messy year that was 2021 and am back...
  14. Marzopup

    Local Marzo Seeks Fun Fandom ocxcanon! (Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Fallout New Vegas)

    Hello all! My name is Marzo, and I'm a 24 year old grad student who's been RPing for about 3 years now--but writing has been my hobby of choice for at least a decade. Here's some of the things I'm looking for: And here's what you can expect from me: If it sounds like you might be interested...
  15. Shotgun Vigilante

    Fallout Seattle: Hells Point

    It is the year 2292, 10 y years after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam in the Mojave Wasteland in the NCR's favor. Legate Lanius was slain by Courier Six, along with dozens of legionaries. at Fortification Hill. Caesar and what remained of the Legion's forces fled Northwest towards Oregon and...
  16. N

    Small Fandom Request

    Hello! I hope I'm not posting too frequently, but I thought I would shoot my shot here and see if I get anything. I haven't seen a whole lot of fandom requests here - which isn't a problem. The fandoms that I'm looking for can be based on original ideas as well. If that makes sense? Feel free...
  17. A

    fallout new vegas rp

    looking for as many people possibal to play
  18. Dmitry

    Fallout RP

    I'm just gonna be straight up and say it: I love fallout. I've loved it ever since Fallout 3 came out and ever since then I've learned all I can about the series, even the games that were a bit before my time. So, naturally, I really want some rp from the series. This thread is to check if...
  19. UniqueChance

    Always Looking - Check inside

    Please note: I'm still pretty low so I'm making a slow effort to return. All roleplays will be slow paced due to this. I'll always have the intent to respond. Current Cravings ~ all the below are Non Canon ~ Slice of Life College High School Assorted pairings ( too many to list ) Band <-...
  20. L

    Lulu's Partner Search

    Welcome Hello, my names Lulunopia, call me Lulu or Lu. I'm seventeen going to be 18 next month and have been rping for about 3 years now. My grammar and spelling depend on if I'm awake or not but, mostly it's good seeing as if I'm dead on my feet I stay away from the internet. Never know what...