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  1. Vio

    INTEREST CHECK GROUP RP PLOTTING The Verraad Estate | Mystery Survival Horror Game

    fa-play-circle fa-2x fa-pause-circle fa-2x Haunted House Ambience In the small town of Oakridge, Oregan, nestled snugly upon the valley town's scenic mountains, lies the Verraad Estate. A large property hidden away behind the ever expansive coniferous trees of the north. Left alone and untouched...
  2. Doctor Jax

    OPEN SIGNUPS e s o t e r i c a : DRY SEASON || sign up and info

    THE STORY SO FAR In the year 1898, Charles Green and his expedition embarked after their former lost expedition into the verdant hell of Siam's jungles in search of... something. On its outset, strange things began to happen, and there was little explanation for the goings on that overtook the...
  3. IceWater


    Wants & needs: - Decent English. It's not my native language, so I'm definitely going to bitch on a mistake or two, it happens, but it has to be well-readable. The characters are the ones cracking codes, not us. - Effort in a post. I hate 'enforcing' a bare minimum, but I do prefer it when me...
  4. Doctor Jax

    INTEREST CHECK GROUP RP AD A Lovecraftian Adventure Into the Jungle!

    COME ONE. COME ALL. Venture into the wilds of Siam and encounter wonders never before seen by Man. Seeking workers for expedition into the unknown! Prior experience overseas preferable. Must be of sound mental and physical constitution, and good temperament. Upon completion of 10 week tour...
  5. Excession

    OPEN SIGNUPS Black Noise (Chronicles of Darkness)

    From 1953 to 1973, the CIA ran a staggering number of mind control experiments as part of Project MKULTRA. A combination of drugs, torture, and more dubious tools were applied to citizens of the USA and Canada, frequently without their consent or regard for their safety, until Director Richard...
  6. saturnia pavonia

    Southern Hospitality

    Abandon cotton fields, dense fog and the smell of the murky swamps were almost overstimulating to a stranger. The closest airport by the little town was still a solid two hours and, after countless cab drivers seemed to deny Ryn, an ignorant Uber driver looking for a break and some quick cash...
  7. Sideris

    BY INVITATION ONLY The Bilge Rats - Prologue [Shadow of the Demon Lord]

    @DarckRedd @Chaka @Hair @Ragoza @Sarky Horrific Murders Baffle Watch: Does Killer Walk Through Walls? Cry the hawkers of Shipping News throughout Freeport this sullen morn. One particularly obnoxious pair of young boys heckle any soul rushing past along this stretch of the Docks, just shy of...
  8. Hair


    Dump your characters here. Dice roller
  9. Sideris

    CHARACTER INDEX The Bilge Rats

    Characters here!
  10. Adrian


    Alfa Slab One Eczar Ramabhadra SIGN-UP IC LORE DISCORD fa-play fa-pause  Man With a Harmonica
  11. Adrian

    OPEN SIGNUPS A Sin of No Name

    Alfa Slab One Eczar Ramabhadra SIGN-UP IC LORE DISCORD fa-play fa-pause  Man With a Harmonica
  12. mr_pibbs

    Coolsville (OoC)

    Play Me In the heart of America lays the quaint little town of Coolsville. Established in the 1600’s, the town is listed among the oldest active communities in the country and has become a popular tourist destination in recent years due in part to its historic, if not sinister, past. Any who...
  13. Adrian

    A Sin of No Name (Pls join. Free memes.)

    Alfa Slab One Eczar Ramabhadra fa-play fa-pause  Man With a Harmonica THE HIGHLAND TIMESVOL. LXXV.—NO. 1    THIRTY-FOUR PAGES    TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1879    PRICE 2 CENTSA BRIGHT FUTURE FOR HIGHLANDHighland, UT. 1879 -- The proud and virtuous citizens of Highland will be elated to hear the...
  14. 7.39

    Body Hunt

    INTRODUCTION Hello! Like everyone else here I'm looking to find some partners to write with. I'm 19 and work so I sometimes come home and barely have the energy to take my shoes off let alone boot up my toaster of a laptop. Meaning I probably won't be able to reply every single day (but I...
  15. mr_pibbs

    Welcome to Coolsville (A “Riverdale”-inspired Group RP, See Inside for Details)

    ((Made this banner, then forgot that Iwaku got rid of banners, so I'm showing it off anyways because this is a few hours of work!)) ---------------- Oooooo~ SPOOKY STORY THREAD! But all silliness aside, here’s the bottom line; over the last few months, I started watching Riverdale and...
  16. Draugvan

    Newscast - 8pm update, critical information

    The sell I am looking at an original group roleplay for a modern slasher story. I can imagine recruiting four players, and then myself (total of five players). I will be the GM. I will: - Provide plot direction through the use of the Newscast announcer. - Play as one of the 'victims'. This is...
  17. Jays

    Shattered Realm: Atonement

    In Character || Lore || Signups || Interest Check || Discord 41st day of Enu, 237th Cycle Post-Apocalypse The sandstorm raged outside but the cave was quiet. Seven men and women sat in a circle, surrounding a single lone figure. Their faces were gaunt, skeletal, full of hard lines and...
  18. Gossip

    Gossip's Generally Generic Garage

    I know, my alliteration was bad, but I had fun and it picked your attention so sue me! I'll start with... Hey, I'm Gossip, a 27 years old with a long history of writing for fun, especially for role-plays. I play both genders as I feel like it and my characters can be of any orientation...
  19. Dooley

    Kindred Cometh|Dark Vampire Mystery RP

    Kindred Cometh In a different time Jorrik was a prosperous county. A land on the rise. It's people happy and numbers ever-growing. Then the war came. The shores that had delivered so much wealth gave access to misery. Three times Jorrik was blockaded and fired upon from the water. Parts of...
  20. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    There Beneath Your Husk

    How long ago has it been since you've last seen anyone? How long ago has it been since you've last seen anything other than that painting? How long ago has it been since you last heard it? It’s still there isn’t it? As you as you lay prone, strapped to this hospital bed you have to realize...