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Including frightening, creepy, dark, or uncomfortable themes.
  1. Hecatoncheires


    “Where we are, There’s daggers in men’s smiles. The near in blood, The nearer bloody.” - William Shakespeare, ‘Macbeth’ In your defence, it probably wasn't your fault. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wrong shortcut. Wrong alley. Wrong party. Wrong date. Doesn't matter...
  2. Ardent


    MASSIVE SHOUTOUT to @Ghostly Boo for helping & cheering me on. I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you! 🖤 Font 1 Font 2 Font 3 fa-play-circlefa-pause-circleL'alba Dei Morti ViventiGRIMSWORTHSomewhere in our world, in a little known valley shrouded in mist, lies the sleepy village of...
  3. Venus_Invidia

    Hello All!

    Hi Iwaku! I'm Venus (any pronouns). I'm 23 and I have been RPing in some form since I was 14 (used to be on Reddit, then Discord and such). My favorite genres and subjects are horror (particularly body horror), whump (torture, torment, etc etc), yanderes, and superheroes. I'm not a fandom...
  4. Gladis

    OPEN SIGNUPS The Knights Arcane: Wardens of the Crystal [OOC]

    The Knights Arcane: Wardens of the crystal In the dawn of ancient times, the Aetherian empire rose to a technological providence that was unmatched by all. Their mastery over innovation and advancement knew no bounds, yet within the grandeur of their achievements lurked an insatiable thirst...
  5. MapalSyrup

    does anyone want to rp gore with me

    body horror, misc whump tropes, hurt no comfort, hurt/comfort... like i dont have a specific idea yet but i just wanna write some gore man
  6. UnHolyWolf9

    "Specters of the Forgotten Manor"

    In the small, forgotten town of Ravenswood, a peculiar letter arrived for each member of our group, revealing a mysterious inheritance. The sender, a distant relative, bequeathed an old mansion on the outskirts of town, notorious for its eerie reputation. The group, comprised of individuals with...
  7. MaryGold

    Black Rose Chateau || SPIDER IC

    Our house, our home... Black Rose Chateau has been in the Fontaine family since the country was built. And for centuries it has been passed down to the family’s heirs, sons, and daughters who took the keys from their parent's hands and maintained the chateau as they promised to do. As they were...
  8. MaryGold

    Whispering Woods || SPIDER IC

    Deep in the woods... In the early few days of September, the weather gradually grows colder and the skies greyer. The leaves begin to wilt and spot brown, the grass loses its vibrancy and becomes dull, and the birds begin to tweet a little less. It is a sign that life is leaving, and the world...
  9. wren.

    Iwaku Horror Contest 2023: Entries + Voting

    Greetings ghouls to Iwaku's Horror Contest! I am thrilled to be hosting Iwaku's first annual horror writing contest and even more thrilled to show you all our excellent submissions this year. To remind you, this year's themes were: - Uncanny Valley - Isolation - Obsession As horror is a genre...
  10. MaryGold

    Miss Spider's Tales

    What defines a monster? What distinguishes a man from a beast? How are people so different? And are they people when they are not human? Their voices have been silenced, but these are questions often asked and loosely answered. They say the truth varies based on the person and the life...
  11. The Duchess

    A Quest for Words

    A Quest For Words This is where I will post the writing wants of a nobody... I wish to escape, do you? I will be adding to this at some point in the future... Contemplating a return is a bit on the "We shall see" at this point in time.
  12. Manna Beast

    What's your Hallowe'en Name!

    FOR FUN! What's yours from this, and if you can find a better one, link it! Let's got ham! Currently my name is: Cursed Pumpkin Crafter.. I think I made Headless Horseman's head then!
  13. Renose

    OPEN SIGNUPS Kingdom Hearts: Darkness Origins

    Prologue Assemble the Keys Peace. That is what had been achieved in the part of the universe that Sora's journey had touched. While this part was probably just a tiny part compared to the much more significant whole, it was still peace. With the creation of the World Defense System, or WDS, a...
  14. MiharuAya

    Two Sentence Horror Stories

    Happy Halloween! I hope you are all having a fang-tastic time. In this season of sweets and creeps, I would like to introduce you to Iwaku's newest spook-tacular event, Two Sentence Horror Stories. This is inspired by the television series and Reddit group of the same name. To participate in...
  15. LuckycoolHawk9

    RECURRING Hope's End- Every Sunday in October from 7PM EST to 10PM EST as well as November 19th,2023

    This is me deciding to be experimental with Something. This is a story of escapes room. This is a story about Halloween parties. This is a story about ghosts. This is a story about love. This is a story about murder. This is the story about Hope's End. Doors open at 7 every Sunday in...
  16. wren.

    Iwaku Horror Contest 2023

    Greetings ghouls to Iwaku's Horror Contest! I'm Wren, an avid horror fan and your host for this year's horror contest. Since spooky season is upon us, now is the perfect time for you to show off your talent in the horror genre and make your fellow Iwakians tremble in fear or general...
  17. Renose

    OPEN SIGNUPS OUT OF CHARACTER Kingdom Hearts: Darkness Origins

    Peace. For about four hundred years, the greater universe as a whole has known peace. Thanks to Sora and his friends, threats like Organization XIII, Maleficent, and the Heartless are all merely things of the past. With their combined efforts they managed to deal with many of the threats that...
  18. Paper Darling

    ═════⊹⊱ The Doll of Oak Valley Sanatorium [Original, Fluff, Mystery, Horror?] ⊰⊹═════

    Now Playing: the swallowing sea colossal trailer music 0:01 ❍─────── 1:29 ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺ Last Updated: July 30th, 2023 ❦ ════ •⊰ The Doll of Oak Valley Sanatorium ⊱• ════ ❦ In a forgotten corner of the world, where time seemed to stand still, stood the Oak Valley Sanatorium, a place of both sorrow...