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Taking place in or heavily influenced by "wild west" culture in late 19th-century America—often including cowboys, gun-slinging, and disputes between law enforcement and bandits.
  1. Apothecary Bruce

    ALWAYS OPEN [IC] Halo - Empty Throne: The Western Covenant Sphere

    On December 12th, 2559, the UNSC Infinity disappeared. They had been sent to stop Cortana, leader of the Created, from using Zeta Halo for her own nefarious purposes. As many would later discover, the UNSC was not the only force who had come to Zeta Halo with that goal. The Banished, who had...
  2. Thugisa


    Hi! I'm Thugisa, I'm 23 with over ten years of roleplay experience and I'm looking for a Semi-literate to literate partner to roleplay with! Looking for: Tops/Seme for M/M (while most of my characters are Bottoms/Ukes, they are not BORING. I hate that people with boring OCs have given...
  3. ThatGuyOverThere

    Some ideas I have been thinking about

    Hey everyone, I am back again looking for some partners for some rp ideas I have been thinking of. I will preface this by saying that I mainly use discord for rps. I don't mind setting up like a bare bones server for us to rp with. I mainly do FxF pairings but open to MxM (as long as a Femboy or...
  4. The Mood is Write

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST A x A F x M M x NB A Concerningly Cumbersome Chronicle Collection

    The Call of the Wordbinder Hello! I'm Moody. I'm thirty two years old and have been roleplaying since I was thirteen. When I'm not writing or working on character information, I play My Time At Portia or browse for memes to share with my friends, usually while in a voice chat. Hope to hear...
  5. Black_Swallow

    Anything goes, really [1v1, Long-Term preferred]

    Hello, so this will be a short post since I lost patience with writing long posts as they never really seem to work out for me. So, I'll just be straight forward in this one and will only bring up the most important points without sugarcoating anything. I'm an adult, so I would prefer to write...
  6. Black_Swallow

    An Even Moodier Search

    :brokenheart:Hi There!:brokenheart: Well, it's been a while since I actually posted anything, but here I am. In short, this week I've got spring break so I'm free as a bird. Sure I got my finals coming up and I'll be graduating soon, but that doesn't mean I don't exactly have time for role play...
  7. rissa


    ** I'm slow af. I have my share of bad days and there will be times when I won't reply. Please don't say I didn't warn ya. NO SMUT. NUFFIN WEIRD WITH THE PONIES. I'LL STAB YOU. A lil' about me and what I like to write - Multiple characters and viewpoints - 3rd person, past tense pov -...
  8. Black_Swallow

    A Moody Search

    :pumpkin:Hello! :pumpkin: So, I've come with a new post, since my last one comes off more like a corpse to me at this point. Anyway, here are some things about myself, that you should know I suppose before you reply to this post. Also, it's discord only. **Just gonna put this here, I am...
  9. Ardent

    A Sin of No Name

    Alfa Slab One Eczar Ramabhadra SIGN-UP IC LORE DISCORD fa-play fa-pause  Man With a Harmonica
  10. Ardent

    A Sin of No Name

    Alfa Slab One Eczar Ramabhadra SIGN-UP IC LORE DISCORD fa-play fa-pause  Man With a Harmonica
  11. Ardent

    A Sin of No Name (Pls join. Free memes.)

    Alfa Slab One Eczar Ramabhadra fa-play fa-pause  Man With a Harmonica THE HIGHLAND TIMESVOL. LXXV.—NO. 1    THIRTY-FOUR PAGES    TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1879    PRICE 2 CENTSA BRIGHT FUTURE FOR HIGHLANDHighland, UT. 1879 -- The proud and virtuous citizens of Highland will be elated to hear the...
  12. D

    Bucking Brontos- A Prehistoric Western

    You ride into the little town of Hornbrook, Montana, the wind kicking up dust in your face. You pay it no mind, though- after a day on the trail, you need civilization’s comforts desperately. A sign off to your left proclaims the building it’s on to be the Red Frill Saloon, and you head inside...
  13. sun.

    Wondrous West

    OverviewGenre(s): ● Western ● Supernatural ● JRPG ● Fantasy ● Steampunk Group Size: ● 4-7 Setting: ● American Frontier ● Louisiana Swampland ● Wild West urban areas ● Outback Influences: ● Red Dead Redemption ● Pulp ● Japanese folklore ● Borderlands ● Monster Hunter Charlatans and...
  14. T

    Seeking Invites/ Help Running and RP!

    Hello anyone and everyone reading this! I've recently started my own RP. insert shameless plug Alias: Cyberpunk Superhumans However I'm still wanting to get more practice writing and honing my skills, and while I have a few ideas on other Rp's I want to start, but to much on my plate to handle...
  15. JustAFed

    World-Building/Sci-Fi Western-ish Search

    Hey there! I'm Ein, a simple east-coaster who's been roleplaying for going on 11 years now and is an avid fan of science fiction. Currently I'm on the hunt for a long-term Sci-Fi/wordlbuilding RP. Since my Halo-based search fell through I've shamelessly copied/re-purposed my thread here for a...
  16. M

    Group Rper searching for a story

    It's me, Muse~ Let's get right on this. Excuse the most boring layout. I wanted to get my thoughts onto the post before I forget. About me Intermediate/Advanced/ Prestige/ Adept Aggressive and Passive Once a week/ twice a week posting.Can go up to once every 2 weeks Loves...
  17. Icystorm

    Dust Bowl Dance

    @Icy's Slave Sand crunched under the feet of a sixteen year old boy. He was making his way into a town he had not been in for eight years. The last time he was here, the town was only just starting to grow. It had been small and humble, and he enjoyed visiting the few stores and going to...
  18. P


    Charles Kincaid and his family saw Independence sprawled out before them in the distance with welcome eyes. Their journey had been a difficult one that had started just south of Charleston, West Virginia. The loss of his wife had taken a toll on the father of five, and the children as well. It...