murder mystery

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Focusing on the investigation of a murder.
  1. Absyinthe_Artica

    ALWAYS OPEN OUT OF CHARACTER The Eventyde Festival OOC OOC Signups [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] Be weary, be ready, and watch your back as you travel through the realm of the Eventyde Festival. {/slide} [slide] [slide] Sinister Intentions With these two factions...
  2. Absyinthe_Artica

    INTEREST CHECK GROUP RP PLOTTING The Eventyde Festival interest check The Eventyde Festival is a large group roleplay based on a magical mysterious festival hosted at the Grand Eventyde Estates. This festival is a testament to arcane knowledge, divine truths, and discovering one's mettle. Several affluent...
  3. NotAllThatCreative

    Mystery at Woodcreek Institute It was the beginning of a new year at this simple little university. In fact, this was her last year and Kiera couldn’t be more excited for it. She was finally going to graduate with more opportunities in front of her...
  4. LuckycoolHawk9

    RECURRING Hope's End- Every Sunday in October from 7PM EST to 10PM EST as well as November 19th,2023

    This is me deciding to be experimental with Something. This is a story of escapes room. This is a story about Halloween parties. This is a story about ghosts. This is a story about love. This is a story about murder. This is the story about Hope's End. Doors open at 7 every Sunday in...
  5. Juni_Tootie

    juniperr’s simple 1x1 search!

    hi! i'm juniperr, my pronouns are they/them! i also use neopronouns so if you'd like to know what they are ask me, i don't mind! I am 16, and going to be a junior in high school (i am currently on summer break). i consider myself literate, for i can comfortably write around three beefy paras...
  6. wren.


    WAFFLEVILLEfa fa-knife-kitchen [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] code by wren.
  7. The Mood is Write

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST A x A F x M M x NB A Concerningly Cumbersome Chronicle Collection

    The Call of the Wordbinder Hello! I'm Moody. I'm thirty two years old and have been roleplaying since I was thirteen. When I'm not writing or working on character information, I play My Time At Portia or browse for memes to share with my friends, usually while in a voice chat. Hope to hear...