elder scrolls

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  1. Greenie

    PRIVATE Shouting Wolf, Hidden Vampire

    In Character Summaries for completed quests and other important details to be posted in this thread.
  2. UniqueChance

    Always Looking - Check inside

    Please note: I'm still pretty low so I'm making a slow effort to return. All roleplays will be slow paced due to this. I'll always have the intent to respond. Current Cravings ~ all the below are Non Canon ~ Slice of Life College High School Assorted pairings ( too many to list ) Band <-...
  3. C

    Elder scrolls legend battle spire

    This plot is story based after the events of skyrim If anyone is interested Imperial Battlespire an academy for training of the Battlemages of the Imperial Legion. The Battlespire was moored in its place and sustained by five anchors,[1] with the Battlespire itself appearing to rest at some...
  4. ZhenyaDup

    Looking for partners for RPs.

    So I've had a bit of a creative hiatus for a few years and am slowly returning to RPing as a creative outlet. I'm looking for partners to 1x1 RP with and get back into the groove of things, I want to try to build worlds and characters. I mostly play male characters. inexperienced at playing...
  5. Natural 20

    A search for something interesting

    Hello to whoever is reading this. Let's cut to the chase, you're here looking to see if I would be a good RP partner for you and vice versa, simple of that. It's almost a compatibility test for two authors to write a story together. So here's the deal, I need someone who can do short, sharp back...
  6. Greenie

    Shouting Wolf, Hidden Vampire

    OOC Morndas, 9:15 AM, 17th of Last Seed, 4E201 Tall and proud pine trees lined either side of the cobblestone street as the morning sun's rays passed through the thick branches, shining down upon the wagons making their way downhill. Their pace was neither fast nor slow, rather decisive and...
  7. Jasper

    ✘ - jasper on the lookout - ✘

    gif credit hi! my name is jasper. i'm a 22 year old male from the u.s. (the good ol' midwest). i am currently a full-time student in human services/social work, but am currently in the process of dropping that to study english-creative writing and humanistic studies-ancient and medieval...
  8. KayWyn

    ▐▐ Fandom/Original Search ▐▐

    Hello, I'm Kay! I'm sort of coming back from a minor hiatus recently, one that kinda blindsided me (as well as my entire family). --ME/GUIDELINES-- 18 y/o senior student about to move on to college. I don't mind your age, so long as you're mature. My oldest brother is currently very sick, so...
  9. SkyrimSlaveForever

    Sexy play Skyrim

    If you are a female welcome to play. If you are a male who can play female characters welcome. I am looking for a fun rp with skyrim setting and fun. I need two people to join me.
  10. SerpentJournal

    * Long term / Cravings [Mortal Kombat, Hotline Miami, Elder Scrolls, Star Wars]

    ABOUT Female / 21+ / I've been roleplaying for roughly 12 years. I write in the 3rd Person / Past tense / Anywhere between 2-6 solid paragraphs per reply. I work full-time, however I'm usually always available and frequently active. Able to reply a few times a day, my slowest is a few times a...
  11. C

    Partners for a elderscrolls meets sword art online

    Looking for partners for a unique idea what if players of the elderscrolls games were sucked into the game just like sword art online and they were trapped Now in the world I'm talking about the elderscrolls were a virtual world fantasy that was always being updated and features were added...
  12. LoveIsInTheWriting


    Fandom Stories (OC/In Chatacter) The Last Of Us Ratchet and Clank Batman Assassins Creed Sly Cooper Skyrim Horizon: Zero Dawn Bioshock ANIMA (We can discuss a type of plot in any of those fandom stories) Original Plot(s) - (MxM/MxF) 1. The Backyard War - Long ago, ever since time began...
  13. Greenie

    The Dragonborn and Co. - A Skyrim RP

    Meowdy, Greenie here! ^_^ The premise for what I want is really simple, actually. I want to follow the journey of the Dragonborn along with a buddy on the quest to defeat Alduin, among other things. The roleplay will follow the canon story line along with canon side quests as well as small...
  14. KayWyn

    What Is This I Don't Even

    Hello! I'm KayWyn, but just put Kay. Or, you know, your Almighty Panda-Eyed Savior. Because eyeliner isn't very agreeable. Anyway, I'm looking for an RP partner!....Again..! I went on a hiatus for quite some time due to personal reasons involving family. It was rather sudden, and I don't...
  15. caligari

    Elder scrolls: Dead & Damned

    It did not matter how many fires Ennoc lit within the halls of Lost Valkygg, the icy cold of the north still found its way into the ancient Nordic structure as though it was its home. It was inevitable, neither the location nor the acts committed by the Breton were very inviting for a warm...
  16. caligari

    Fallout or Skyrim partner wanted

    So I've been rocking on through the Bethesda avenue and been getting a serious itch to live in one of their worlds. Considering the fact that Tamriel doesn't exist and North-Korea isn't firing their toys for at least another five days, I was wondering if anyone here would want to roleplay with...
  17. Necrowmancer

    Some Original Plots, Fandoms, And Monsters

    Hello! Thank you for visiting my partner search thread! Take a gander through the tabs - if you're interested, PM me ;u;! I would love to meet you! Please make sure to read the READ ME tab at least before you do so! I have made this little hub in hopes of finding some long-term rp partners or...
  18. Silent Killer

    Action Rp partner wanted

    Im looking for a partner that doesnt mind having alot of fighting alot of story and some brutalisim (my characters arnt up yet but if you want to know anything about them just ask) my used characters: Nightmare (reaper) Sillent Killer (science experiment ninja dude) Axel (orc based of the...
  19. Almighty-Kuma

    Legends of Tamriel IC

    4E 201, 17th of The Last Seed The sun rises on the day, soon marking the end of an time where Skyrim was in complete dismay; due to the White-Gold Concordat and the Nords' obvious dislike for the Aldmeri Dominion, conflicts have ranged across the land that has caused families to either go out...
  20. Almighty-Kuma

    Legends of Tamriel (An Elder Scrolls Roleplay)

    THE LEGENDS OF TAMRIEL An Elder Scrolls RP SIGNUPS ARE CLOSED! Hello! My name is Kuma and welcome to the experience known as the Heroes of Tamriel, taking place in the home of the Elder Scrolls series. In the first chapter of this beautiful northernmost land of Skyrim! Dragons The...