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  1. Macie Melody Lightfoot

    United States Pokemon Region- A possible Multi-Crossover.

    Macie: *Voice-over; Narrator* It was the day that we all reached the outskirts of Cleveland. It wasn't as if we were all to just go all heel-to-toe and bolt on in to the city itself. We had to gather our bearings and make sure that we had everything as we spent the night camping out. Camping and...
  2. DareToDream

    Please Delete

    Delete please.
  3. Wolfsbane706

    Idols on Ice! IC thread

    Kimberly looked out over the ice from her office door. Public skate had just ended an hour ago, and while most skaters had already left and the zamboni had already run, most of the Frost Sirens were only just now starting to file into the rink. The rest, the most dedicated, had simply stayed...