Dealing with or focusing on the Korean pop industry.
  1. alifetimewithyou

    K-Pop 1x1

    Heyo! I'm looking for a long-term dedicated partner who would like to roleplay kpop based roleplays.
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  4. UniqueChance

    Plenty of Ideas - Slice of Life, Fandoms, Kpop

    First things first; This list isn't exhaustive, I just couldn't think of anything else to add. Feel free to message me at any time about ideas or pairings that aren't listed. Secondly; There are going to be times when I can't reply because I'm too low or in the middle of a...
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  6. Q

    Debut K-Pop Roleplay - Unnamed at Present

    They're a small time group, five members in total (Honestly, I'd prefer a smaller group right now, unless people want to double/etc) with very little expected considering the current status of the market: oversaturated. However: With the help of some rather excited fans, their debut gets a...
  7. Hufflepug

    Rookies (Kpop RP)

    ROOKIES The life of a K-Pop idol is not an easy one. Amidst the schedules and concerts and fame, there is little-to-no free time and no privacy. This is now your world. You've joined one of the world's biggest entertainment companies, SM Entertainment, in the hopes of realizing your dream of...
  8. Hufflepug

    ISO Co-GM for Kpop RP

    Co-Gm Needed! So! I need help plotting and running a Kpop RP that centers around rookies new to the business. I've got the bare bones (How many players, concepts of the groups). I'm just not sure where or how I want the plot to develop. I have a small list of musts that I'm looking for: 1...
  9. Cheek

      * summertime searching | plots & fandom galore

    * status: 0/? * craving: fandom * updated: 7/2/18 * summertime searching.Hello there, my name is Cheek and I am a twenty-two-year-old loser with a non-existent sleeping schedule and a severe gaming addiction. I have been in the role-playing business for about twelve years now so it is safe to...
  10. Wing

    Currently looking

    I'm just looking for some partners to roleplay with. I enjoy both fandom and original roleplays. Original: I don't list pairings but I do have plot ideas and I'm always open to hearing yours. Fandom: (If something is not listed, please feel free to suggest it.) Supernatual Stargate...
  11. UniqueChance

    Always Looking - Check inside

    Please note: I'm still pretty low so I'm making a slow effort to return. All roleplays will be slow paced due to this. I'll always have the intent to respond. Current Cravings ~ all the below are Non Canon ~ Slice of Life College High School Assorted pairings ( too many to list ) Band <-...
  12. Wing

    Seeking Partners {Temporarily closed}

    Please do not post on this thread. When I am seeking on this thread again I will open it back up. I will only roleplay with red-star members. I am looking for fandom and original roleplays. Please note I can play all genders and pairings. ------------------------------------ Original I...
  13. Wing

    Roleplay Search

    I will only roleplay with red-star members. I am looking for fandom and original roleplays. ------------------------------------ Original I have a few ideas that you can ask me about. I also have no problem if you throw your ideas at me. (Just please don't send me to your thread)...
  14. Mystica

    Date with a K-Pop Member

    I recently got into listening to K-Pop boy bands and I would like to do a roleplay about one of them. Basically, a girl wins a radio contest and gets to spend the day with a member of K-Pop group. That's basically the whole premise of it, but if you have any ideas of how to spice it up, let me...
  15. Hufflepug

    Seeking Versatile Partners!

    Hello there and thank you for checking out my request! I'm looking for a long term roleplay partner. I'm a very versatile roleplayer and I'd like my partner to be the same. There are many plots and ideas that I have roaming in my head and I am always open to a plot my partner would suggest...
  16. UniqueChance

    Slice of Life - Assorted Genres

    Hi! As you can see, I'm craving something Slice of Life. You'll find all my cravings here! At the moment, I'm not looking for too many as I don't want to push myself away from roleplaying again. So I'll probably only take a few on, although you're welcome to contact me either way. I’m happy...
  17. Indabayou

    CLOSED FOR NOW - New Year, New Memes (18+ mxm originals and others)

    Indabayou is in da building! Terrible wordplay aside, I am on winter break, so I’m looking to do some 1x1s! Rules *Be 18+ !!! I am in my 20s, so I'm really uncomfortable rping with bluestars/teens. I can do PM or forum thread, but I strongly prefer PM. I also like to keep a separate PM for...
  18. Wing

    Join me for a roleplay?

    You may call me Wing. Please read below then send me a PM. I ask that you do not post on my thread. I probably won't see your response. Gender - I am able to play both male and female characters. As such I expect the same of my partner. Pairings - I can do M/F, M/M or F/F. When you PM me...
  19. Wing

    Join me for a roleplay?

  20. Wing

    Looking for a roleplay