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fantasy (of all stripes; high, low, modern, etc), post-apocalyptic, sci-fi / space opera, pretty much any "-punk" genre (steampunk, mythpunk, cyberpunk, etc.)



he / thae / they ♦ 23
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Howdy, I'm Courier! You can also call me Coyote or Achilles :3 This thread's gonna serve as my permanent 1x1 partner search thread, so stuff may be altered here and there as time goes on.

Once you've read through my rules/notes & subjects/interests sections, feel free to shoot me a PM or leave a comment down below! Also feel free to ask about other, similar subjects that aren't listed!


what to expect of me
  • I don't use Discord for roleplays or OOC chatting, sorry ^^"
  • 16+ to 18+ ♦ I don't mind roleplaying with minors, as I do not tread into explicitly sexual topics, but I do like my darker/mature themes-
  • I like using the forums best, but I'm def not opposed to private messages!
  • I write in Third Person Close, Present Tense. ♦ I often slam out posts that are pretty beefy, around 10 or even 15+ paragraphs if I'm really in the zone, and around 5 or so when things are slow/chill, but I also tend to "mirror" my partner's post lengths (unless there's something specific I have in mind).
  • Offline late Fridays thru Sundays. ♦ I usually try to post in "bursts," where I'll reply/post multiple times in a single day. Though, I can't guarantee a super steady reply speed, as I'm still re-learning my commitment limits due to college burnout-
  • Down for short-term and long-term roleplays.
  • Media examples with tones similar to what I like to write about are FullMetal Alchemist, Our Flag Means Death, Borderlands 2, Life is Strange, and Night in the Woods.
  • Masculine & Nonbinary characters. ♦ Most characters I play are transmasc, masculine-aligned/presenting, nonbinary, or gender neutral in some way. This is mostly due to vague dysphoria reasons lol- That said, I do like playing specific fem & fem-aligned/presenting characters! I'm just a little more picky in that regard.
    • I usually limit myself to 1 - 3 "primary-focus" characters, but I have no preference for how many characters my partner uses! So long as you can keep up with 'em, use as many or as few as you like~ (I think the term here is "Doubles/Doubling" when it comes to playing more than one character, so, guess I'm double friendly! :D)
  • Romance/Shipping is optional. ♦ If it happens at all, I don't have a strong pairing type preference. Only thing I won't go for is CisHet romance :p (Note that I don't mean MxF. Bi4Bi / Pan4Pan / T4T / Ace4Ace is all a thing <3)
  • Ghost Friendly. ♦ I know how difficult it can be to maintain the energy to participate in this hobby :'D So don't ever feel bad if you have or want to drop, or if you need/want to step away, for any reason, be it with or without notice. Also chill if you just forgot! (My memory is beans, I totally understand <3)
  • I have ADHD so my time management is pretty garbo- I may not have enough energy/spoons to respond every day, but I'll do my best to shoot you updates if things get too quiet. I'm usually more than willing to try picking up month old roleplays, if I'm still interested in the subject!

what i expect of you
  • Patience. ♦ Roleplaying is a hobby for me. I can't be online all the time, nor will I always have the energy to give same-day responses. I'll be patient with you, if you're patient with me
  • No One-liners. ♦ At least Intermediate or above writing level, and A few small paragraphs or more in terms of post length. Narrative style doesn't matter to me; whatever works best for you!
  • At least moderate OOC chatter. I like to get to know my partners, at a least a little!
  • Pre-Planning & Worldbuilding. ♦ I lovelovelove in-depth planning! I can work with on-the-fly narratives, but I really enjoy heavy brainstorming and world/character-building. I Will write entire novels worth of character analysis stuff, if you let me- That said, I don't enjoy when the prep is one-sided. I'll quickly become disinterested if I'm the only one providing or pushing ideas.
  • No coding necessary. ♦ While I enjoy spicing up my posts with coding, it's def not necessary for you to do the same unless you want to!
code by MaryGold ♦ deco by LEZIFIED


topics with sparkles by them are ones I'm primarily interested in!

themes & genres
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy
    • Low Fantasy
    • High Fantasy / Epic Fantasy
    • Urban Fantasy
    • Dark Fantasy
    • Sword & Sorcery
  • "-Punk" Genres
    • Cyber Noir / Neo Noir
    • Mythpunk
    • Cyberpunk
    • Aetherpunk / Magipunk / Dungeonpunk
    • Solarpunk
    • Dieselpunk
    • Sandalpunk
    • Oceanpunk
  • Self-Inserts
  • OC x Canon / Self-Insert x Canon
  • Dragon Riders
  • Xenofiction (animal characters)
    • Anthros / Furries / Fursonas
    • Wolves
    • Werewolves
    • Big Cats
    • Forest Animals, Jungle Animals, Arctic Animals, etc
    • Domestic Cats, Domestic Dogs
    • Dragons, Unicorns, Mythical Creatures
    • Biped Animals
      • (When a quadruped creature can stand on both their hind legs, be it temporarily or permanently. Think "All Dogs go to Heaven," "The Cat Returns," "Redwall," or "The Secret of NIHM," for some examples!)
  • Angst
  • Whump & Hurt/Comfort
  • Sci-fi / Space Operas & Sci-Fi Westerns
  • Daemons / Animal Familiars
  • "Isekai" Premises
character types & dynamics
  • /points/ The character with a sad backstory who was (inadvertently or on purpose) taught not to get attached to others has fallen for the kindhearted, affectionate character who shows them genuine friendship for the first time in their life !!
  • The pining isn't unrequited, it is in fact Very mutual, they're just idiots.
  • Grizzled older parent-figure who adopts a scrappy teen. (Yes, The Last of Us was a formative game for my teen years, how could you tell?)
  • Morally Gray as in "I'm willing to do bad things to get things done or to keep my loved ones safe," not "Chaotic Stupid Asshole" or "I had a bad childhood so now I'm a villain :c"
  • World weary character who has become jaded/bored with their role, meets a plucky newcomer who is off the walls unconventional in every way possible.
  • Ride Or Die best friends.
  • Whatever Jessie and James Team Rocket have going on.
  • Wolf's Rain
  • Borderlands
  • Soul Eater
  • The Last of Us, Part I
  • Spyro The Dragon
  • Transformers (More Than Meets The Eye / Lost Light, Prime)
  • How to Train Your Dragon


    = neutral
    = romantic or queerplatonic
    = rivalry, antagonistic
    = protective of
    = could work for any of the above
    / = either or
    (example: / = rivalry OR romance)
    subject = primarily interested in

    (could apply to any genre or fandom)

    bodyguard / outlaw / criminal

    thing thing

    thing thing

    unicorn // dragon
    unicorn wizard/mage

    guard dog household member

    god-hunter false chosen-one
    god-hunter / demi-god/deity

    dragon rider / dragon hunter

    dragon hunter dragon
    dragon hunter dragon rider

    older witch/mage young adventurer
    older witch/mage young royal/monarch
    (inspired by this mini comic)

    monarch "rival" monarch
    knight "rival" knight

    thing thing

    thing thing

    thing thing

    thing thing

    thing thing

    bodyguard transport pilot

    thing thing

    thing thing

    thing thing​
  • OCs
    Koli & Topaz
    How To Train Your Dragon / Dragon Rider

    Varic Speaker
    DnD / Fantasy

    Sonic / Anthro (wip)

    Kaida & Doryu
    Borderlands / Sci-Fi

    Lion (wip)

    Ketran Iteraid
    Dragon (wip)

    Urban Fantasy, General Fantasy

    Transformers Characters
    I have WAY to many to list, even by faction-

    My Hero Academia / Superheroes​
    Canon characters from some of the fandoms listed above, that I'd want to play as if we decide to use canons! (None of these are listed in any particular order.)
    If we go for a Canon x OC plot of some kind, I'll most likely want to play as the canon character <3​

    Wolf's Rain
    • Kiba
    • Tsume
    • Hige
    • Toboe
    • Blue

    • Gaige, The Mechromancer
    • Mordecai, The Hunter
    • Lilith, The Firehawk
      • I'll forever be smangy (sad-angry) that BL3 made my girl a goodie-two-shoes asdfgh- Lilith's a selfish asshat loser, and we love her for that in this house !! support women's wrongs, especially (magical) arson.
    • Timothy Doppleman, The Body-Double

    The Last of Us, Part I
    • Ellie Williams
      • I'm Very much in the "Not Acknowledging Part II Even Exists" camp, so I'd really want to explore Ellie's character as she adjusts to settlement life, maybe do some kind of "in-between" moments during Part I's main story, or an AU of some sort.
      • I also headcanon her as an ace lesbian <3
      • I would primarily like to steer away from anything to do with Part II, BUT.... if we wanted to totally re-work the story into something Way less mean-spirited, I'd be game!

    Soul Eater
    • Maka Albarn
    • Soul "Eater" Evans
    • Black*Star
    • Death The Kid
    • Crona & Ragnarok
Code by Jenamos

  • Title; ...
  • Unicorn-Bonded; 60s/70s setting • lgbtq • young & new adult characters • urban fantasy • horse riding • wilderness survival • low magic
    • Content Warnings for... emotional manipulation, potential physical abuse, & conversion therapy tactics.
    • (Google Doc) Info & Lore
  • Varic Speaker
    • plot 1
    • plot 2
  • Koli & Topaz
    • plot 1
    • plot 2
  • Kaida & Doryu
    • plot 1
    • plot 2
  • Fandom
    • plot 1
    • plot 2
  • Fandom
    • plot 1
    • plot 2
  • Fandom
    • plot 1
    • plot 2
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Still looking for some partners!

I've also added some paring types, and expanded upon a few sections :3
Finally updated this with some more pairings & little interest indicators, to match my redstar thread lol
Updated similar to my redstar connections thread! It should be much more comprehendable lol

Still looking for partners, as well~