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I'm open to a wide range of genres. Obscenely wide. It's harder for me to list all I do like than all I don't like.

My favorite settings are fantasy combined with something else, multiverse, post-apoc, historical (mixed with something else), and futuristic. I'm not limited to those, but it's a good start.

My favorite genres include mystery, adventure, action, drama, tragedy (must be mixed with something else and kept balanced), romance (again must be mixed, and more.

I'm happy to include elements of slice-of-life and romance, but doing them on their own doesn't hold my interest indefinitely.
The Call of the Wordbinder

Hello! I'm Moody. I'm thirty two years old and have been roleplaying since I was thirteen. When I'm not writing or working on character information, I play My Time At Portia or browse for memes to share with my friends, usually while in a voice chat. Hope to hear from you soon!


For any confusion about my terminology, please see this thread, which includes a small dictionary of my commonly-used terms and some lore.

🖈: Cravings.
🗪: Needs a greater plot.
🗢: Sexual themes.
: Very dark content.
Character names inside of parentheses are optional inclusions.

To answer this partner request, please send a PM.
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Rules and Plots

  • Everyone has their preferences, and I'm no exception. I try to be flexible, but there are some things for which I won't budge. For any questions, please DM me! I tried to make these as clear and concise as possible.

    • I try to post twice a month minimum per RP. I have been known to take as few as thirty minutes or as long as two months for forum RP.
    • Reminders every few days are welcome.
    • Advanced, adept, or prestige partners who appreciate flexible post lengths (two paragraphs minimum) preferred.
    • Third person and past tense are required.

    • 18+ partners are strongly preferred, though I find older partners work best.
    • All plays will be moved to the appropriate forum if sexual scenes begin.
    • All genders and sexes are on the table, but I will not alter my characters.
    • I want a partner who will help push the story forward.

    • I do not enjoy long planning phases.
    • I prefer to have finite plots, and am not averse to 'sequels'.
    • My partner and I should be open and honest with each other and ask if we have questions or wish to bow out.
    • Players who want to contact me should send a PM or message me via Discord and keep open communication throughout the roleplay's duration.
  • Characters and stories I crave the most.

    🖈🗪🗢⛒ Uncommon Piety
    • Rare is rescued by someone in the upper eschelons of society, someone unaware of who or what she is, but only knows that she was hurt and needs a guardian. Through their time together, he will learn that she isn't what she seems, but perhaps his hate for all things demonic will soften when he does?

    🖈🗪🗢⛒ Beyond the Frame
    • Entrapped within an ancient mirror, a shadow of a figure begs to be released with a voice so distant it's almost inaudible. Rumor has it that if you can free that lies within, you will gain a faithful and eager toy.

    🗪⛒ Out of Hell
    {K} ({Rena Silva})
    • K's incredible ineptitude is only matched by his high IQ. He's walked into hell, and now his story continues after he walks out into a different world.​
  • Characters of mine that can be inserted into a setting of my partner's creation.

    🗪 Presumed Dead
    • Three hundred years ago, Graham fled from the Council's rule suddenly at the end of a mission. He faked his own death and went into hiding, and now a strange scent is taking him back to the city where his last mission took him—or perhaps he's just found something interesting where he wanders.

    🗪 Trapped Hunter
    {Griff Agmund}
    • After a mission gone wrong, Griff is convinced of his fledgling partner's death, and in a fit of guilt and grief, he wanders away, missing his transportation home. Now, he must avoid the strange army that killed his partner, while also curbing his instinctual and monstrous urges.

    🗪 Useless Hunter
    • Nobody is quite certain where Twiggy comes from, but he's the only Hunter with tattoos. His unique Gift of foresight (and his blindness) have given him the position of the only Hunter not sent on missions, though he often finds himself in another world regardless, sent by his Gift to protect the first person who stumbles upon him: friend or foe.

    🗪 Lady of Secrets
    {Kina} ({Drake})
    • Kina is a Huntress who tells nothing about herself, but still seeks connections with others. With a specialty in espionage, she often goes on missions alone to check the veracity of a mission on the board, and in some cases, to complete the mission herself. Sometimes, she is accompanied by Drake.

    🗪 Misguided Miss
    • Once upon a time, Faida had a crush on a member of the Council who was a known abuser and pervert of young girls, though he refused to touch Faida. Despite this, they remained friends until the Great Devouring took his life and left no remains. Since then, Faida takes missions without a partner in order to protect others' loves and keep those romances from harm.​
  • Characters and plots that involve the need to solve some mystery.

    🗪 Anomalous Inmate
    {Warwick} (alt profile 1 alt profile 2)
    • Some time ago, Warwick murdered a pedestrian in the middle of the street during the day. He was arrested immediately and found guilty. However, there's something strange about his case: he can't speak the local language at all, the woman he was with before the attack remains at large, and according to autopsy the murder victim was dead over a day prior to the attack. Works best in a scifi/utopia.

    🗪⛒ Auspicious Creature
    {Kass Scian}
    • "Feed me and cut off my arms," the disfigured woman in the coat demanded, "And I will bring you good fortune."

    🗪🗢⛒ Ghost in the Dormitories
    {Lilevilen Dhumgilt}
    • The topmost medical university in this realm has a strange rumor: a ghost lurks in the male dormitories: usually Rosesabre Court, where the non-paying medical students live, however it sometimes has been seen ranging as far as the wealthiest of dormitories. The ghost takes the form of a girl, and when she crawls onto your bed, the story goes that she'll eat your soul and rip out your throat with her jagged claws. Comes in both lewd and non-lewd flavors.

    🗪 Lady Stump
    • She has outlived everything she loved, everything she hated, and her own heart's ability to feel. Through the ages, she has become god-like in ability to enact her will, but deep depression has robbed her will to live, and so she has been slowly turning to stone on her ancient seat.

    🗪⛒ Property of Tritine
    {Beta Synapse}
    • This clone of the infamous ex-warlord Biocybera is the property of Tritine Corporation. Unfortunately, The Public(tm) has found out and does not approve of a sentient person being owned, and so Tritine Corporation is out to get rid of her. They have two options: free her or 'eliminate her'. The latter might be easier, but we'll find out when her handler has to pull the trigger.​

More are incoming as they are formatted.
To answer this partner request, please send a PM!
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