✮ Looking for quick short term (or long term) role play partners!


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Hi, I’m Tianna and I’m looking for a partner who is interested in doing a simple rp nothing really long term since I suck at staying committed.


  • At this moment I’m more interested in doing short term plots/storylines. as I want to practice getting better at writing.
  • I’m looking for someone who likes to do more then one kind of plot, anything dystopian, supernatural, gore, horror, sci-if, shows etc. Original plots tend to bore me sometimes.
  • I reply weekly since I tend to be busy with work and such. 2-3 posts weekly is my minimum.
  • Yes, I do like playing the male role. Although I usually prefer playing the more submissive kind of character
  • I prefer using anime or illustrated characters.
  • I tend to write about 2+ paragraphs minimum
so if you’re interested please dm me !


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Hey I'm interested, but just a heads up I'm not the best writer.

Do you have a discord? if so mines below,


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Horror, Anything dark, Modern with supernatural twists. However, I'm open to most ideas.

I think we could be great partners! I'm looking for a more casual roleplay as well since I'm trying to jump back into this whole roleplay thing again. Let me know!