Boys, Soccer balls and Love triangles (Plot idea)

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  1. I have an idea that may or may not be strange, but I’m going to try and look for a partner anyway. Now, this idea will either involve my partner playing two characters most of the time or making it a small group rp with only three people including me. But, we can discuss and see what happens or how many people are interested in it.

    Here’s the plot idea:

    My character (female) loves to play soccer ever since she met a boy (Your character) when she was young who played it. She started to learn from him how to play and the two began to play a lot together. Until one day he told her she was a terrible player (even though she wasn’t) and didn’t want to play with her ever again. The next day, she never saw him again. This motivated her to play more and as she grew up she played in school. When she got to high school, her high school cut the girls soccer team and wouldn’t let her play with the guys. She wanted to play because she loved it and wants to become the best. The only option she had was to go to another school and the only other school nearby was an all-boys boarding school. So, my character decides she is going to pretend to be a guy and attend the school in order to play in their soccer team which is a very good team. This is where the boy from her past comes back in. He’s playing on the school team and is one of the best. He’s cocky, a player and classically mean to others. There is also the young man that becomes her roommate and friend who is also on the team (Your character as well). While dealing with these two, she has to hide her gender. But, this becomes more complicated when the two boys start to fall for my character and she them. But, my characters best friend, who is a girl (I will play), looks like my characters girlfriend. So, the boys deal with the fact they think she is a guy and has a girlfriend while she deals with being a girl pretending as a guy and the fact that she begins to care for both of them even though she couldn’t stand her old friend when she first saw him again.

    This might be a bit confusing but to sum it up, it’s like some kind of love triangle idea. She’s seen as a guy so that causes problems, there’s also the fact about the one boy being a jerk for some reason. Those reasons can be up to you; maybe he’s doing it for a reason or just really is a jerk. She'll have trouble deciding her feelings just like they will too. I figure we can discuss whatever we want to do with everything like the more specific details.

    I’m open to interesting twists or things that may not be realistic in reality. As my partner, you are also free to choice how your characters really are (though I at least want the one to be a jerk on the outside for some reason).

    Let me know if you are interested in this at all and we can work out the details.
  2. I'm very much interested in this plot :)
  3. Yay! I'll PM you so we can start to talk about it.
  4. I'm interested in this too! Are you still looking?
  5. Sorry but I just got a partner for it last night actually, forgot to change to filled request. But, I'm always open to rps, so if there's anything you want to do that's similar or anything, just let me know. Gosh, I hate telling people roles are taken, I feel so bad about it.
Thread Status:
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