Taking place during or heavily influenced by the events of World War I (1914-1918).
  1. SerpentJournal

    * Long term / Cravings [Mortal Kombat, Hotline Miami, Elder Scrolls, Star Wars]

    ABOUT Female / 21+ / I've been roleplaying for roughly 12 years. I write in the 3rd Person / Past tense / Anywhere between 2-6 solid paragraphs per reply. I work full-time, however I'm usually always available and frequently active. Able to reply a few times a day, my slowest is a few times a...
  2. Ky

    searching for a long-term rp partner

    hey guys! i'm still relatively new to iwaku and i'm currently searching for new roleplaying partners since the site that i used to be active on (figment) has all but died. below are a few details about me, my preferences and guidelines, and if you think that we'd make a good pair, comment or...
  3. moffnat

    looking for dedicated 1x1's~ fandom and original!

    Hey, everyone! I'm in desperate need of some good stories and partners. I used to be a staff member here on Iwaku, but I was diagnosed with bowel disease in the middle of junior year of college ALL while living in a bad situation, and those three things combined totally zapped my time. However...
  4. Ky

    historical RP request!

    hey guys! i'm super new to iwaku so i'm currently trying to branch out and meet more roleplayers with similar interests that i could possibly start something with. i don't have any specific plot ideas, so i'll keep it vague in order to attract anyone who might be interested. i only rp M/M and...
  5. Pahn

    House of the Dying Sons [Tales & Characters]

    A horror and historical fiction story as written by @Turtle Knight and @Pahn
  6. Supernova

    Wonder Woman Partner Search.

    After seeing the movie I have really wanted to have some sort of story related to the latest Wonder Woman movie. Maybe something with Wonder Woman/ Steve Trevor or Wonder Woman and some sort of O/C.. I would prefer to be Wonder Woman, but we could have an M/F or F/F depending on what we come up...
  7. Huntress

    Trying to get back into the goove (FxF, FxM)

    Hey everyone, looking for some RP partners for FxF or FxM RP's I just got back from being abroad for about a month so I'm looking to get back into the groove RPing and writing with people, trying to get all this creativity flowing again. I am sitting on some RP's that are trying to re-boot...
  8. L

    Alternet world wars RP anyone?

    Would anyone be interested in a alternative world wars scenario where say "Germania invades a small nation called asteria than a bigger nation called Brittonia also declares against asteria than the soviet union allies asteria and declares on germania and brittonia." Burgundy (France) Would stay...
  9. VerbalAbuse

    The Great War OOC

    "As the car quickly reversed, a thin stream of blood spurted from His Highness’s mouth onto my right check. As I was pulling out my handkerchief to wipe the blood away from his mouth, the Duchess cried out to him, “For God’s sake! What has happened to you?” At that she slid off the seat and lay...
  10. VerbalAbuse

    World War I Steampunk AU?

    So one of the main ways I get inspiration, either to simply update my muse, or to add to my considerable character pool, is to look up images online based on themes I like, and find characters I like from the results. On occasion, this inspires me to detail a character, which can inspire inquest...
  11. Morgana

    Looking for fxf partner

    Hey guys! I am Julieta - not my real name though -, I've been roleplaying for a considerable amount of time (6 to 7 years I guess) and I am looking for a partner(s) to start a FxF rp with me. About me: English is not my first language, so please forgive me for my lack of vocabulary and/or poor...
  12. redblood


    Test thread for tags.