world of darkness

Based on or borrowing the rules, lore, or campaign settings of the World of Darkness tabletop games.
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    Dark Wysteria: Young Joshua Stark

    [OOC This One-On-One is for @Gands ... ] The year is 2018... again. Having survived WW3 and a handful of subsequent "lesser" wars by "cleverly" sleeping through them all trapped in a Woodbine's stomach somewhere in Arcadia for 300 years; you finally escaped the Woodbine and returned to Dark...
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    Dark Wysteria

    This series of One-On-One Role-Plays is part of the Dark Wysteria mythos. It uses the World of Darkness rule set with two major changes to canon or the rules. #1 The main Dark Wysteria Chronicle, which is run live with a Storyteller (me) and five Players allows for the Players to mix and...
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    The Light and the Dark

    This is the story of two worlds. The Light and the Dark. The World of Light was filled with life, peace, love, and harmony. The Dark World was full of death, hate, and destruction. The two worlds were opposed to each other, both wanted the other to be like them. They would have fought over it...
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    Paranormal Investigation: Chronicles of Darkness

    The night is filled with creatures of myth and urban legend, where the creatures of the night ignore the rules and toy with mortal life. Richard Ashcraft, a Paranormal Investigator for hire makes his services available to mortals in trouble with the paranormals. Richard is not a hunter, but...
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    Castlevania City: TNR casual

    Name: Castlevania City Population: 10 million people Like a European version of Gotham City, Castlevania City stands as an example of the macabre and lies on the mortal foundation ruins of what was once the penultimate site of Dracula's stronghold that the city was named after. After Dracula...