Taking place during the early days of a nation's founding by a larger empire, especially roleplays set in or influenced by the 16th-mid 20th century when several European powers established colonies in Asia, Africa, and America.
  1. Black_Swallow

    Search with Samples

    *Big edit* I am obsessed with this game called Butterfly Soup, So I am looking for a similar roleplay. Basically an FxF highschool themed roleplay with memes. Thank you for your attention. Hello! So, since I suck at doing stuff right, I decided to try this again and in a slightly different...
  2. moffnat

    looking for dedicated 1x1's~ fandom and original!

    Hey, everyone! I'm in desperate need of some good stories and partners. I used to be a staff member here on Iwaku, but I was diagnosed with bowel disease in the middle of junior year of college ALL while living in a bad situation, and those three things combined totally zapped my time. However...
  3. T

    Colonial RP

    Hello all! I am having the wickedest craving for a colonial RP. OC x OC, male x female or male x male, please! The requirements is some decent grammar, write a few good paragraphs, and wanna chat OOC! I like to get to know my partners! I don't have posting requirements outside of that. I'm a...
  4. Nahellion

    Looking for Pirate 1 x 1(s) (Can double up and/or play 4+ characters)

    Normally I would put this in my already partner request forum, Nahele's Neverending search for 1 x 1's, but I figured I do this since I am looking for a SINGULAR plot and/or pairing. And yes, it deals with pirates! I guess a few things happened in my life, and I crave this kind of RP. Whether...
  5. Lurcolm

    Looking for Steampunk, Biopunk and more

    Hey there! Please, put down your gears, dials. The coal goes in the back and the diesel goes in the silo. We keep the magical crystals in the vault in case they explode and your fabricated beasties can be kept in the stables. Everyone in order? Very well. *readies his monocle* Greetings fine...
  6. conman2163

    Lotal: Humanity's New Home

    In the year 2022, Earth is destroyed. A group that only called themselves the "E.I." came out of no where in 2020, and in little over a week, they managed to takeover the world. As it turned out, this group was secretly a multinational armed organization with sleeper agents in every government...
  7. R

    Love....with a Price [Red/Redblood]

    It was a morning thick with the aroma of certain death. Many people, mainly workers, gathered outside the quarters of their master's chamber, sincerely anticipating the news of what was to come. It had been many weeks in this mansion situated in a farm where the owner, Hanz Wasserman, was...
  8. K

    Looking for A Partner! (:

    Hello there! My name is Ashdyn, but I go by my favorite muse's name, Diesel. I am looking for a partner to roleplay with. I am not online all the time, but I do try to reply as much as I can. Please have patience with me. I get irritated when people spam me over not replying right away, and it...
  9. redblood


    Test thread for tags.