Dangerous Wrestling Federation (Roleplay)

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    CEO: Me (HakuUzumaki)

    Pay Paper Views:
    January: NXT Royal Rumble for both Divas and Superstars from NXT & King Tournament and Queen of the Hill.
    February: Money in the Bank & Against all Odds
    March: Bound for Glory & Night of the Champions
    April: Wrestlemania
    May: Living Dangerously
    June: Guilty as Charged
    July: Great American Bash
    August: Summerslam
    September: Lockdown
    October: Halloween Havoc
    November: November to Remember
    December: December to Dismember

    TV Shows: DCW & DEW

    Dangerous Championship Wrestling Roster:


    • World Light Heavyweight
    • World Cruiserweight
    • World Tag Team
    • Women’s Title’s
    • Women’s Tag Team


    • Elevation X
    • King of the Mountain
    • Steel Asylum
    • Ultimate X
    • Xscape
    • Queen of the Cage
    • Fight for the Right
    • Feast or Fired
    • Battlebowl
    • Wargames

    Dangerous Extreme Wrestling Roster:


    • Hardcore Title
    • Internet
    • Women’s TV
    • Tri-state Tag team
    • Tri-Country Women’s tag team


    • Barbed Wire Massacre
    • Monster’s Ball
    • Bared wired cage
    • Doomsday Chamber of Blood
    • 10,00 Tacks
    • Prison Yard
    • House of Fun
    • Elimination Chamber
    • Lethal Lockdown
    • The Punjabi Prison
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