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Based on or borrowing elements from the Bleach anime/manga.
  1. R

    A multi-fandom search! Craving Bleach, OHSHC, and Berserk

    About me: 21+ year old woman 10+ years rp/writing experience Recent college grad About you: 18+, preferably 21+ Female or nonbinary (I don’t feel comfortable roleplaying with men) Not terminally online, don't take things too seriously RP preferences: I RP over discord only...
  2. The Alpha and the Omega Vergil

    Bleach rp request! Message me if interested

    Harribel is my Bae along with Unohana. I would love to do one with Harribel. My oc Koga is Head-Captain Yamamoto's son with his father's Zanpakuto Ryuujin Jakka except his flames are black and hotter than his father's. He also has the original Kyoka Suigetsu which is hidden in a pocket...
  3. R

    Couple of fandom cravings! (Bleach & Dangan)

    Not replacing anybody! Last Edited: 11/6/2022 Edit Notes: N/A Discord: notjojivlogs#1651 About me: I'm Jo/Joji! 20+ year old woman 10+ years of RP/writing experience College senior About you: 18+, preferably 21+ Female or nonbinary (I don't feel comfortable roleplaying with men) RP...
  4. H

    Rainclouds and Stormy Nights

    ! Hello and Welcome ! It's a pleasure to meet ya! Call me Hero bb C: So, I know you're all here because you too are incredibly bored during this unfortunate quarantine school season. I'm 22 and a college student who happens to be decently busy but roleplay helps me take the edge off so here I...
  5. Jessica Stansell

    Bleach RP

    I've had this Bleach RP posted up for a while now since September of last year. I had some roleplayers who were interested back when I posted it up. They dropped out though and sense then I hadn't found anyone else. And considering no one had responded to it in so long, I honestly thought it'd...
  6. Jessica Stansell

    Bleach IC Thread That's the OOC and signup thread link above _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Up in the soul society, Izuru...
  7. Jessica Stansell

    Bleach RP OOC and Signup thread

    List of Bleach canon characters you can play as in the rp if you want. Gotei 13 1st Division Captain: Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai: 1st Division Lieutenant: Chojiro Sasakibe: 2nd Division Captain: Soi Fon: 2nd Division Lieutenant: Marechiyo Omeada: 3rd Division Captain: 3rd Division...
  8. M

    Let's create beautiful stories together ~OC, fandom, email, doubling~

    ° I’M DYING JUST IN GENERAL ° ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Hello and goodbye to my social life and schoolwork because I am craving more roleplays. You can call me whatever you want so long as you pay me. (Mandy is my name tho so you can use that) I’m 20 years old, which means in a year I’m...
  9. Xillia


    I'm actually fairly new to the series but I'm watching it avidly on Hulu so I am currently looking for someone to do an original plot within the same world. Novella--Multi Para writers preferred. PM me for details and discussions.
  10. Red Thunder

    BLEACH: Imbalance

    Interest Check | Lore | In Character Black as jet, the wings of the Hell Butterfly are the Shinigami’s messengers. Usually, there merely convey notification or orders of more routine fashion. But today, something is off. A veritable swarm of the creatures has descended upon the Seireitei, each...
  11. Red Thunder

    BLEACH: Imbalance

    Life requires balance, and so Death is its counterweight. A knife’s edge, they say: too many dead, and the World of the Living decays; too many living, and Life itself runs short. As Life is gained through conception, Life must be lost in a final heartbeat; as Death brings a temporary finality...
  12. C

    Fxm romance rp (anime, video games, fantasy,)

    Hello everyone I am looking for a long term male rp partner who is interested in a long term rp. I like using my own Oc's and characters already created and I have some ideas if you are interested or have your own ideas please feel free to pm me. Ideas Bleach Naruto RWBY Inuyasha You lie in...
  13. S

    Another Bleach Rp?

    Hello everyone, I am Sasha, and I thought I'd try my hand at GMing again. Bleach one of the reputable Big 3 along side Naruto and One Piece. I have seen and partaken in some of the ones on this site, but this was back when I wasn't that great of a roleplayer when I first registered on this site...
  14. Akashi

    Bleach: Fractured Souls (IC)

    DISCORD | INTEREST THREAD | CHARACTER INDEX | OOC FRACTURED SOULS SOUL SOCIETY SEIREITEI 1st DIVISION BARRACKS In his barracks, there he was. A man with a rather huge smirk plastered on his face. His well built body. His name was Renzo Bayroad, and the Commander of the Gotei 13. Playing...
  15. Akashi

    Bleach: -insert title-

    Hello guys. As you can see, I may get a Bleach RP up. But first, I am making this thread to see how much interest I will get. I also want to just lay it out now that I want committed members.. I also would like to have 1-2 co-GMs that will work on the plot and our world/setting as much as me...
  16. Jessica Stansell

    Bleach RP 6

    Hello everyone. I'm here with another bleach rp. I hope that those who participate in the rp with me have a good time here. I have a good several OCs that I'll be playing in this RP so I'll list them and give their background stories. I won't be putting every single one of them in every post I...
  17. Jessica Stansell

    Bleach RP anyone?

    This will be my 4th bleach rp on here. But I love the anime and I loved doing the rps I did in the past. So I decided to do another one.^^ If anyone is interested just let me know.
  18. Force of Nature

    Various and Fandoms (M lf F)

    So... yeah. Hello there, fabulous perv... I mean - people of iwaku - in fifth iteration of my LF thread. Some of you may know me from deleted iterations, yet there's always someone, who didn't visited "Third time's a charm" and "Truly menacing thread" As you probably noticed (or not), I am not...
  19. S

    In need of roleplays

    Hello! I just joined this site, so I need a few roleplays! I would prefer for you to be literate enough that I'm able to understand your posts and that you'll be able to post more than a sentence or two! Now, onto my don'ts: Don'ts One-liners Play just a male for those that 'can't' roleplay...
  20. Jessica Stansell

    Couple/Romance Rp Ideas 1- (No 18+ stuff unless you are old enough)

    Okay well I was looking through other RPs to join and I saw a lot of RP suggestions for romance based ideas among the other rp ideas I searched through. That made me brainstorm this topic so yeah if anyone is interested let me know. Anime couple and Family ideas I've had so far...