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  1. Laifan

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST My Hero Academia, The Legend of Dragoon, Harry Potter, Full Metal Alchemist, Tales of Berseria, Bleach, D Gray-Man MxM - Rare Fandom Pairings + OC

    Welcome Hey everyone, you can call me Kyrie! I'm in my 30s and have been roleplaying on and off for the last ten years. I am in GMT timezone and I work a full-time job, but you can expect several replies throughout the day, as my commute by public transportation is a tad long and boring. I am...
  2. Red Thunder


    Interest Check | Lore | In Character Black as jet, the wings of the Hell Butterfly are the Shinigami’s messengers. Usually, there merely convey notification or orders of more routine fashion. But today, something is off. A veritable swarm of the creatures has descended upon the Seireitei, each...
  3. Red Thunder

    ADDITIONAL INFO Bleach: Imbalance [LORE]

    The Gotei 13 The Shinigami Divisions •Gotei 13 - The Shinigami are as a whole known as the Gotei 13. As indicated by its name, it’s divided into 13 divisions, each of which is granted authority and responsibility in disparate areas, though all are trained to various degrees in combat. It is led...
  4. Red Thunder

    BLEACH: Imbalance

    Life requires balance, and so Death is its counterweight. A knife’s edge, they say: too many dead, and the World of the Living decays; too many living, and Life itself runs short. As Life is gained through conception, Life must be lost in a final heartbeat; as Death brings a temporary finality...
  5. Casuna

    Fxm romance rp (anime, video games, fantasy,)

    Hello everyone I am looking for a long term male rp partner who is interested in a long term rp. I like using my own Oc's and characters already created and I have some ideas if you are interested or have your own ideas please feel free to pm me. Ideas Bleach Naruto RWBY Inuyasha You lie in...
  6. Sasha Bliss

    Another Bleach Rp?

    Hello everyone, I am Sasha, and I thought I'd try my hand at GMing again. Bleach one of the reputable Big 3 along side Naruto and One Piece. I have seen and partaken in some of the ones on this site, but this was back when I wasn't that great of a roleplayer when I first registered on this site...
  7. Akashi

    Bleach: Fractured Souls (IC)

    DISCORD | INTEREST THREAD | CHARACTER INDEX | OOC FRACTURED SOULS SOUL SOCIETY SEIREITEI 1st DIVISION BARRACKS In his barracks, there he was. A man with a rather huge smirk plastered on his face. His well built body. His name was Renzo Bayroad, and the Commander of the Gotei 13. Playing...
  8. Akashi

    CHARACTER INDEX Bleach: Fractured Souls

    GM(s) : Akashi, Artorias, Doctor Jax FRACTURED SOULS IN CHARACTER | DISCORD | INTEREST THREAD | OOC CHARACTER TEMPLATE FOR LIEUTENANTS/CAPTAINS Appearance: Name: Age: Gender: Division: Rank: (Captain, Lieutenant) Accessories: (Optional) Zanpakutō Sealed Appearance: (Image or...
  9. Akashi

    Bleach: -insert title-

    Hello guys. As you can see, I may get a Bleach RP up. But first, I am making this thread to see how much interest I will get. I also want to just lay it out now that I want committed members.. I also would like to have 1-2 co-GMs that will work on the plot and our world/setting as much as me...
  10. Jessica Stansell

    Bleach RP 6

    Hello everyone. I'm here with another bleach rp. I hope that those who participate in the rp with me have a good time here. I have a good several OCs that I'll be playing in this RP so I'll list them and give their background stories. I won't be putting every single one of them in every post I...
  11. Jessica Stansell

    Bleach RP anyone?

    This will be my 4th bleach rp on here. But I love the anime and I loved doing the rps I did in the past. So I decided to do another one.^^ If anyone is interested just let me know.
  12. Ezechiel

    Various and Fandoms (M lf F)

    So... yeah. Hello there, fabulous perv... I mean - people of iwaku - in fifth iteration of my LF thread. Some of you may know me from deleted iterations, yet there's always someone, who didn't visited "Third time's a charm" and "Truly menacing thread" As you probably noticed (or not), I am not...
  13. Silvy

    In need of roleplays

    Hello! I just joined this site, so I need a few roleplays! I would prefer for you to be literate enough that I'm able to understand your posts and that you'll be able to post more than a sentence or two! Now, onto my don'ts: Don'ts One-liners Play just a male for those that 'can't' roleplay...
  14. Jessica Stansell

    Couple/Romance Rp Ideas 1- (No 18+ stuff unless you are old enough)

    Okay well I was looking through other RPs to join and I saw a lot of RP suggestions for romance based ideas among the other rp ideas I searched through. That made me brainstorm this topic so yeah if anyone is interested let me know. Anime couple and Family ideas I've had so far...
  15. Casuna

    Male search 1X1

    Hi everyone I have been roleplaying for 7 years now and have finally decided to get back into rping, a little bit about me I am a college student so I may only be able to post once or twice a day but my content is lengthy due to the fact that I enjoy going inside of the minds of each of my...
  16. mango

    Beyond Flesh (Bleach)

  17. Hishida

    Bleach RP, Anyone?

    Introduction Hey there! You can call me Mint/Minty. I started roleplaying about...I'd have to say five or six years ago? As things are now, it's been a while (with sporadic bursts of roleplaying every once in a while), but I've decided I want to get back to it, since it was something that I...
  18. Dreamer

    ~ Craving a BLEACH Roleplay (HET) ~

    Hi everyone! As some of you may know, Bleach ended and it feels like a huge gaping hole was left in my chest for so many reasons... and now I've been craving a rp of it. I would prefer a sort of AU-ish kind of plot, but we can stick to canon too if you want. I prefer plot over smut by a big...
  19. Doctor Freak

    Bleach: Soul Force (OnexOne Private RP with BlueFl

    Natalie Inoue was sitting in her chair while class went on. She had her eyes closed as the teacher talked, almost drifting off into sleep. Her long burnt orange hair was drooping over her face as she hunched forward, her busty bosom pressing into the school desk, She was the daughter of Ichigo...
  20. Doctor Freak

    Bleach RP Interest Check

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if there's anyone else out there that wouldn't mind doing a Bleach RP with me. I love the series and always wanted to do a successful RP of it. I'm trying to find a partner that won't just drop it, haha. I have a couple of plots in mind, all of which do involve...