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"If at first you don't succeed, just keep swimming!" people like Michael Phelps would want to get into a swimming course. With the vast, beautiful waters beckoning the students, who could say "no" to dipping in the water? With the love of swimming also comes with the competitive drive of aquatic lessons, training, and sanctioned entertainment.

"Just keep swimming! Just Keep Swimming!" Eventually, aquatic trainers and lifeguards came to the rescue. Two years after H2​O's debut, the students got bored with the hydrophilic curriculum. In order to balance it out, the academy opened up "land" classes. Students would use tablets, Internet, money, and other necessities. In order to balance the aquatic tension, they enabled the privilege of "personal natoriums" for the student dorms.


By the fourth year, the administrators divided admission tests into two days - One for written academics, and another for the swimming portion. The fourth year was the hardest; out of 200,000 8 - 12th [possible] 8 - 12th graders, only 2,500 students took the test. Those who didn't graduated, transferred, or dropped out. The H2O staff complained that students "didn't learn a thing", and student complained at the complexity of classroom courses.

At first, the academy denied disabled students, as some required handicap devices. The decision to allow accommodations for disabilities, height, or even anxiety attacks. H20 Academy had a tumultuous history filled with people wanting to get accepted. In order to allow a safe access, they had to allow an accommodation system. This allowed students to have personal assistants, floatation devices, or extended time during swimming and regular hours. Unfortunately, the swim tests aren't always easy. Those who fail... don't always return for another dive.

The H2O Academy was originally planned as an April Fools Joke to a Los Angeles high school. However, the idea resonated so well that students started donating money. "If Germany has a mermaid class, why can't we have one, too?"
Source: The Bubbles Daily; September 2045
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