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  1. Welcome to Endgame, a 1x1 roleplay between @Bastion and @monopoisoner. Please don't post unless you were given express permission by the two mentioned.

    This story follows the journey of a group of individuals who play in a new sport called ENDGAME. ENDGAME is a virtual death match between players wherein participants and their weapons are equipped with sensors that calculate damage given or taken. Once a player's HP bar turns zero, they are considered "dead" and brought out of the battle arena. With a focus on teamwork and physical abilities, the game has an extremely competitive side with paid-for viewership and tournaments, making it one of the most lucrative sports in recent decades.

    Whether our team flops or wins, their foray into this high-stakes world is sure to be an exciting one.

  2. Sebastian Drake Sebastian let out a yawn as he stepped into the cooking area of his team-home. 'Home' wasn't exactly the word most people would use, considering the fact that it didn't look like a home. The team-home consisted of five bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a den, a large gym, and a pool which was used more for training than for actual swimming. Sebastian considered this place to be his home, though he had an apartment only a few kilometers away. Many of the professional ENDGAME players end up living at their training gyms and Sebastian was no different.

    After preparing a cup of coffee, which Sebastian often referred to as a bad habit, he made his way into the den to await his teammates. It was often that he was the first one to wake up, but he had the patience to wait when for the rest of his team to wake up as well. Some of the team didn't sleep at the team-home, but they didn't take long to arrive in the mornings. Sebastian flipped through TV channels, skipping over the news stations before ultimately turning the TV off. He had never been interested in watching TV and in his early morning haze, he had even less interest.
  3. Rosalia awoke, stretching her arms overhead as blurry eyes tried to read the time. With much reluctance, she swings her legs to the side of the bed, wincing as the lights hit her eyes. The hour wasn't by any means late, but the day started early for ENDGAME players. Sighing, she shook her roommate to semi-consciousness, an affectionate but sleepy smile forming on her lips as Freya muttered 'one more minute'. Months of living with the only other girl in the team has adjusted the woman to her habits and she left her, knowing she'd rouse by the time she finished her shower.

    True enough, by the time she was putting on lotion and selecting her outfit for the day, the young redhead strides into their shared bathroom/dressing area and straight to the shower booth. She makes cursing noises at their (still) broken water heater, to which Rose could only nod to in understanding. They may have the perk of having the only room with its own bathroom (mostly because girls), but that also meant repairs were largely left unattended until they became disasters.

    She finishes dressing, giving herself a quick once-over before nodding in approval. "I'll go down ahead!" She only hears a grunt in reply. "Make sure you dry off right after; it's still pretty cold right now." The young athlete hears a muffled 'yes mom' as she exits, already raring to start her day.


    Rosalia hears the quiet hum of the television, idly wondering who it is, but heads to the kitchen instead. The scent of coffee is the first to hit her, followed by some provisions dropped off by their manager. As Rosalia makes herself some tea, she quickly assembles a breakfast good for two to three, knowing Freya would come down soon enough demanding food. Rose wasn't the best cook, but she didn't have to be an expert to know how to fry some bacon and eggs.

    Tray of food in hand, she walks into the den just in time to see the television turn off. The familiar mop of black hair seated on the sofa brings a warm smile to her face, and it grows wider as she greets him hello. "Good morning!" Rose sits on the chair perpendicular to his, placing the food on the coffee table that usually housed papers with information on the enemy team. She lifts an open-faced egg and bacon sandwich to her mouth, taking a small bite before continuing. Pale violet eyes turn to the mug in his hand. "You should eat something before you drink coffee." A frown colors her expression as she peers over to check on the liquid level. A considerable amount was gone, and her mouth deepens into a scowl. "You're going to get hyperacidity, Sebastian."
  4. A warm smile stretches across Sebastian's face as Rosalia greets him, and he quickly returns the greeting with a familiar nod. Though he would have preferred to spend his morning deep in thought, spending it with his teammates was just as good an idea. He looked down into his coffee as Rosalia scolded him, he knew that coffee was bad for him but sometimes he needed a little kick-start.

    "I know, I know" He smiled at Rosalia as he looked back up. "You know what they say about old habits though." Sebastian paused as he took another sip of his early-morning-poison "They die hard."

    Sebastian shot a playful wink toward Rosalia as he stood up. The kitchen was far from the the living room and his voice would still be easily heard. He'd spent the morning thinking about new tactics and strategies though their current one had been working well. Teams often had to adapt to another team in order to beat them and Sebastian felt lucky that his other teammates were as sharp as they were.

    Humming lightly as he washed his coffee mug, Sebastian lifted it into the drying rack. He tried to clean up after himself but he could be quite forgetful at times. Sebastian reached for a breakfast sandwich that Rosalia had prepared only moments ago as he stepped back into the living room, taking a seat on the couch he let out a short sigh.

    "My compliments to the chef." He spoke through a mouth full of food as he took large bites. "Everyone still asleep?" His questions seemed to rapid-fire out of his mouth as the last bit of sleepiness evaporated from him. "And what's the training plan for today? I was thinking of sparring." Sparring was his favorite activity though some of his teammates might disagree.
  5. She rolls her eyes at his response, although she could understand the sentiment behind his statement. Light purple eyes watch his back disappear to the kitchen, before returning to her meal. The stream of water provided a relaxing backdrop, a refreshing change from the haphazard mornings she usually got with her roommate. Leisurely eating, she alternated between bites and sips until she heard his footsteps grow closer.

    When he returned, he grabbed a sandwich which he promptly stuffed his face with. The food was getting a bit cold, but she supposed it was still acceptable. Still, that didn't stop the frown forming on her face as she fought the urge to take it from him to heat up in the oven toaster. Thankfully, his compliment brought a light chuckle out of her, and her line of thought went elsewhere.

    "I'm not sure about the rest, but Freya was in the shower just before I headed down." She finished the last of her sandwich, grabbing some tissue from the box on the coffee table to wipe any crumbs from her lap. Balling it up, she tossed it into the waste bin nearby - it hit the rim before soundlessly falling in. Nodding in satisfaction, she turns her attention back to Sebastian.

    The reluctance on her face was evident as he mentioned sparring. It was no secret that it was her least liked activity - and understandably so. Rosalia was the least skilled in melee combat within the team, and sparring meant she'd likely face consecutive losses. "Blech." She sticks out her tongue, her fingers hugging the mug of tea. "Well, I'll follow whatever the coach says we should do." She hated losing, yes, but she hated losing as a team even more. She'd suck it up for their sake.

    They hit a short lull, which she was comfortable with until she brought up something that had been nagging at her since their last fight. "The last team we fought, two people were waiting to ambush me at point C. Lucky I found them before they found me." Point C referred to where she'd head to at the beginning of the match. More often than not, she'd frequently go off in a different direction from the rest of the team. "We'll probably need to look into shaking up our starting positions."
  6. Sebastian was in thought for a few moments as he ran through ideas in his mind. There was a look of quiet pondering on his face and his eyes were defocused. Rosalia was right. It was about time that they changed things up a bit as it wasn't uncommon for strategies to become stale and predictable. It wasn't uncommon for a team to review another's tactics before a match so that they could get an edge, it was only a matter of time for their strategy to be predictable.

    "I think you're right. The last few matches have become notably more high tension as teams discovered our plans quickly." His sentence was slightly jumbled as his mind raced over ideas. "We can place you even further off to the side of the arena since it'll keep one side completely defended by the wall and still gives you an advantage."

    Sebastian wasn't the biggest planner, but he could come up with tactics on the fly based on his situation. Over time, his team had become fairly cohesive and it showed in the way they fought. Their coach was really only a trainer who set up matches, it was the team that got the work done.

    "I guarantee that our coach is going to come in here and tell us to take it easy today. I mean, we don't have another match for a while and we did work hard last time." Sebastian paused as a grin stretched across his face. "That doesn't mean I don't plan on training today, I just might make things a little unorthodox." There was almost an ominous tone when he spoke, but it was easy to tell when he had come up with a potentially bad idea.
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