D20, D-20 or d20 may refer to:
D20 road (Croatia), a state road
d20 System, a system for role-playing games
d20, one of the Polyhedral dice used in such games

Arriflex D-20, a film-style digital high definition movie camera
Chevrolet D-20, a pick-up truck made in Brazil and Argentina
152 mm towed gun-howitzer M1955 (D-20), a Soviet artillery piece
Dublin 20, a Dublin, Ireland postal district
Heavy water, or deuterium oxide (D2O or 2H2O)
D20, a diffractometer located at Institut Laue–Langevin used in neutron research
D-20, a version of the Roland D-50 synthesizer
Queen's Gambit Accepted, Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings code

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