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  1. •primevère•

    Trapped in a Web of Bloodlust and Torment

    11:54; Eerily close to midnight. Léonie didn't want to be out this late, but her easily avoidable circumstances would not allow any other alternative. Her best friend finally integrated into her university of choice and hosted a party as a celebration. Of course she would have showed up to...
  2. Yanaike

    PARTNER REQUEST Yanaike's Bottomless Plothole! (Adventure)

    *…lights a candle* Uhm… Hey, hello there! It seems you’ve fallen into my bottomless plothole! Now you’re trapped here! You only have two options to escape. First of all, you could start an epic adventure with me in a quest to escape this pit! Either that, or you could just click away and go...
  3. Pahndora

    Novae Diluculo

    A private roleplay between @Pahn, @Sloth, and @Sunny To be added Character Sheet Code: Dosis; Amatic SC; Roboto Slab; {slide=[ Character Name ]|center}NameXNickname(s)X AgeXGenderX{/slide} Hedwig's Theme - John Williams {slide=1 - personality|center}...
  4. SerpentJournal

    * Long term / Cravings [Mortal Kombat, Hotline Miami, Elder Scrolls, Star Wars]

    ABOUT Female / 21+ / I've been roleplaying for roughly 12 years. I write in the 3rd Person / Past tense / Anywhere between 2-6 solid paragraphs per reply. I work full-time, however I'm usually always available and frequently active. Able to reply a few times a day, my slowest is a few times a...
  5. neptune

    Winter Break Partner Search!

    I turned in my last project today and I am officially on winter break! Since I'll have a little more time from now until January 8th, I thought I'd post a new search and try and snag some partners for a couple cravings I have c: First: - Check out my RP resume for more about me. - I play male...
  6. kiley

    historical RP request!

    hey guys! i'm super new to iwaku so i'm currently trying to branch out and meet more roleplayers with similar interests that i could possibly start something with. i don't have any specific plot ideas, so i'll keep it vague in order to attract anyone who might be interested. i only rp M/M and...
  7. Chris_Reaper

    Friday The 13th: Hunter's Moon

    In the summer of 1980 a group of teenagers arrived at Camp Crystal Lake, a remote summer camp located in the isolated woods of rural New Jersey. They thought they were in for a few weeks of fun and relaxation as they attended the children as camp counselors...they were dead wrong. On their first...
  8. Eon

    Beatdown! World Tournament! (IC)

    It came to you in a dream. The image of a golden gauntlet sitting on a pedestal. Around you, you could see ghostly apparitions of other people, and you understood immediately: you had been chosen. There were others as well of course, scattered around the globe. The gauntlet chose them as well...
  9. Eon

    Beatdown! Character Select Screen (OoC)

    Welcome warrior! You are one of the seven greatest fighters alive today, and as such, you have been selected to compete in THE 1989 BEATDOWN WORLD TOURNAMENT! Every 100 years, the Champion's Gauntlet descends upon the world and chooses the seven most skilled fighters alive, pitting them against...
  10. mango

    Come live an 80's movie with me.

    Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Pump up the Volume, Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Have you seen them? Do you love them? Think our generation can suck it and the older eras were better? Then let's write together. We'll mix and match, alternate or start...
  11. redblood


    Test thread for tags.