Taking place in or heavily influenced by the events, social behaviors, and/or fashion of the 1970's.
  1. Yanaike

    Yanaike's Bottomless Plothole! (Adventure)

    *…lights a candle* Uhm… Hey, hello there! It seems you’ve fallen into my bottomless plothole! Now you’re trapped here! You only have two options to escape. First of all, you could start an epic adventure with me in a quest to escape this pit! Either that, or you could just click away and go...
  2. J

    Searching for a partner...

    Hey guys! My name is Jas, obviously. I am twenty-three and a stay at home mother to a wild toddler. Being a mom means I don't always have free time to write but I try to get on at least once a day or every other day, weekends just depends what I have going on. I'm a night owl so I'm on more at...
  3. foodforpigs

    [IC] The Light Fades Away - Chapter 3: Duke Be Wit

    This thread is the continuation and next chapter of The Light Fades Away, a story by @foodforpigs, @Wytchfinder, and @Sir Pinkleton. The first thread (Chapter 1) can be found here: The Light Fades Away (Retired Superheros) The second thread (Chapter 2: Shadow of the Dragon) can be found here...
  4. Sir Doobington III Esq.

    [IC] The Light Fades Away Chapter 2: Shadow of the

    Food, Pink, and Wytch Prod. Presents The Light Fades Away Chapter 2: Shadow of the Dragon The Freedom Five. Once, they were the world's most powerful team of superhumans. Founded by the super human David Jeremiah Duke, the team made its mark on history both in America and in the battlefields...
  5. redblood


    Test thread for tags.