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MxM OC Sports Team RP request

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by BlueVanishingDrive, Oct 8, 2015.

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  1. Introduction :
    You can call me Blue ^o^ I'm fairly new on this site, but I'm an experienced roleplayer and I'm looking for 2-3 new rp partners. I love sportsrelated animé and manga and I've got a couple of idéas that I wanna try out. First off, my rp guidelines to see if we're compatible.

    Guidelines :
    * I use paragraphs and I rp in third person. No oneliners, please! Be somewhat descriptive.
    * My idéas require multiple characters so we can have a team and build up a good story.
    * This is a MxM rp, meaning that I want to include a bit of malexmale romance~
    * I don't rp as the seme/pitcher in 18+ scenarios (doesn't mean my OCs can't be badass).
    * I go to University and have a busy life so I won't reply every day. I hope you'll understand.
    * Send me a PM. I'm still learning how things work on this site and it seems easier to chat there.
    * I'm a nice person so don't be afraid to come with suggestions or talk OOC-ish with me :3

    Idéas :
    I'm not picky with which sport we use, but I'd prefer basketball or tennis (mainly because I like Kuroko's Basketball and Prince of Tennis). Though I'm open to other sports as well. My idéas will mostly be based on high school teams. We can include lots of different genres (I really like comedy, drama and romance~). Anyways, here are a couple of BRIEF rp descriptions with silly titles :
    Idéa 1 : Teamwork is overrated!
    It's a new semester at Seishun High and while several members of the *insert sport* team have graduated, the team is lucky enough to get EXTREMELY talented new members who were stars at their previous middle schools. Though raw talent will make them go head-to-head as they try to prove who the best player is. How will they be able to become a TEAM?
    Idéa 2 : What happens at camp..
    Two rivalring teams unexpectedly end up having their training camps at the same place. To make matters worse, their coaches decide that they should practice together. While our characters are rivals who hate each other in tournaments, they might become more than just rivals at this camp..
    Idéa 3 : Road trip! (Could take place in USA or we could change it)
    The championship tournament is coming up and everyone is filled with anticipation. Unfortunately, it's out of state. Time for a road trip! It's the perfect opportunity for a bonding experience and the coach is letting them take the trip without him (he'll meet with them before the championship starts). Arguments, pranks, close bonding... Anything could happen on a road trip..

    I have other idéas as well so you can PM me if you wanna brainstorm with me~
    Thanks for reading!

  2. Hello !

    I am Stitches and I’m quite new on this site as well but have the experience of an experienced role-player.
    I think your guidelines are reasonable so I agree with all of them.
    However, what do you mean with multiple characters.
    Is it as in NPC’s or ones that we play as other OC’s?
  3. Hello Stitches!
    I'm glad you're okay with my guidelines~ Feel free to mention if you have guidelines to add as well.
    I would say other OCs because I like using multiple characters. However, if my rp partners doesn't like having a lot of OCs, they can just be "bi-chars" - having a tiny role in the rp (I guess it's almost like NPC's, but I've never used that term before). After all, it's a sports team rp so it's hard to get by on just 2-4 chars, right?
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