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I.S. Zero

So I decided to hop back on Iwaku for the first time in a long while, and I decide to look at some old RPs in the archives, and I found an old RP called Fight School from a couple years back that I would be interested in doing something similar, or even just using the entire concept. I've taken the Original OOC OP and tweaked it slightly, but I will probably change it some more, so here it is. Feel free to take a look if you're interested in a Martial arts RP



Welcome to New Peaks Academy, known simply as Fight School! Normal classes do exist, but I can assume that's not the main reason you're here. No, you're likely interested in the many fights to be had; officially sanctioned or otherwise, 1 vs. 1, team battles, and even tournaments... all taking place within the same continuity. Friendships and rivalries will be formed. Great victories and bitter defeats experienced. For better of for worse, the memories of your adventures while attending New Peaks High for these four years will last a lifetime. They will mold you from an unknown fighter to a champion worthy of worldwide recognition.

English is the official language of communication at New Peaks. The high school is located on a private island in the Pacific Ocean, and was started by a wealthy group of investors from the United States. While English is the most commonly spoken language at the school, translators are on staff for any student who is not fluent in the language. As it is technically an international academy, any and all forms of martial arts are welcomed, if not already represented among the student body and staff.

This thread's IC will be used for both the fights and the normal character interaction. That being said, and Player-versus-Player fight posts should have a title at the top that states "Combatant A vs. Combatant B"


The Challenge Board

Fights between students, from 1 vs. 1 to a team battle of any number of students, can be done at any time as long as someone submits a form to the Challenge Board, all student involved signs their name, and a stamp of approval is placed on the form. This will be represented in this OOC by the challenger posting something like this:

"I, (insert here the name of the student you will be using as well as any other allies), challenge (name of any opposing students listed here) to a battle at Arena (insert the number here of any arena not being used at the same time in the storyline)." or something similar that signifies your challenge to another player.

Everyone involved must make it clear in the OOC that they will be participating, and then I or any other GM I may appoint will approve it. Once approved, data on the fight will be added to this opening post.



There's a school-wide tournament taking place every year at midterms and finals. All students are required to attend. If you don't want to or are not able to, however, we can just assume your character fought an NPC off screen and lost. Otherwise I will talk with everyone, consider who they think they would each be a good match for or who they want to fight, and set up brackets based on that. Or, I could just have people roll dice to see who fights who or something.

Special tournaments may be created through popular demand with specific attributes in mind. For example, MMA, kendo, and so on... so players can occasionally have different rule sets than normal. Not everyone has to attend these, but may submit their intention to do so.

Tournaments will be announced ahead of time, giving players time to wrap up any personal plot or interesting developments that are occuring for them. During the tourney, non-tournament IC activity should be kept to a minimum


Unsanctioned Fights

This is always an option and you can ignore all the rules as long as everyone involved agrees on any deviations taking place. For example, you can agree on a fight to break out in the hallway, but if you want to pull a knife on them then make sure to ask for permission beforehand.

However... unsanctioned fights will have consequences if they are not done properly or if a player gets caught by an instructor. These consequences vary in severity depending on the fight itself. If you are caught in an unsanctioned match that breaks very few rules, then they will be fairly trivial. If you're being a bully, you might get suspended. If you actively tried to kill a fellow student, you might just be expelled.


Fighting System

Player Vs. Player combat is decided by rolls of the dice, I'm still working on how the dice rolls will work, and will add it here ASAP.

That said, I don't want the person with the lower result to just half-ass it for the fight they get into. I WILL give rewards to people who can make a fight entertaining regardless of if they win or lose.

Every post besides the beginning three are comprised of first a reaction and then an action. The first two are introducing the characters to the battle where they cannot take any action against each other, then the third post is what starts the battle off, skipping the reaction step and jumping straight to the action.

Reaction is going off of what your opponent has written in their latest post. If they are swinging their fist at you, for example, then you may use this opportunity to respond to this attack in any manner that you feel fit as long as it can reasonably occur. A reaction could also be receiving the hit, more then likely because you didn't have any other reasonable options available to you... or perhaps you like a more cinematic fight where everyone gets a bit beaten up and the winner only emerges victorious by a small margin. This reaction portion of the post does not exist in the first post because there is nothing to react to.

Posts should be made as detailed as possible to avoid confusion. If you say something overly vague such as "I run up and attack him" then your opponent may ask you to clarify. If you refuse to do so for some reason, they can interpret your post however they see fit, assuming your attack can be a head butt to their shin and react accordingly if that's what they wish. That being said, the more you elaborate the less wiggle room they have..

Judges/GMs watch over fights to make sure nobody is abusing the rules. If no disagreements are made or able to be resolved between the participants then the judges don't have to be brought up. However, if there is something that can't otherwise be resolved then up to 2 judges for normal matches and up to 4 for tournaments (not controlled by any participants) may take part officially and any disagreement between them can be brought to the attention of the head judge (me or anyone elected to substitute for me). Unofficial input can be given by any number of people within the OOC. Judges can end the fight if they believe too much serious damage is being done to the students.

Don't be a jackass, use your brain, and get banned if you godmod or metagame.



Students are ranked between E to S after showing their abilities through various tests encompassing every facet of what makes a skilled fighter. It's still possible for a rank E to beat a rank S, but that would be highly unlikely. E rank is for the average joe or below who has yet to receive much or any proper training. Every increase in rank is generally though of as being able to beat two of the rank below you. So a D3 could take on two E3 characters and generally win without taking serious damage.

NPC Students are often rank E to D in their first year, D to C in their second year, C to B in their third year, and B or A in their forth year. Player Characters will likely scale higher than this, of course... they're player characters, after all. S-Rank are the exceptionally skilled, people who received additional training after graduation, and/or are instructors... so most NPC students never reach this rank.

There's an additional 1 to 3 ranking after the letter for even more precise ranking, so a D1 would be close to C in rank while a C3 would be among the weakest of the C ranks.

To increase in rank you must pass a test in a ceremony specifically designed to allow this. (that is to say, if you think your character can achieve a higher rank, PM me and we can talk about it) Even if you are as good as a C rank, for example, you'll stay a D1 until you pass. There's a ceremony every semester that you may take part in.



This is just for fun, but may help explain why students fight more than just the giggles. They get 60 out of 100 points from their normal classes and 40 points put into the fighting portion. If they score a 70 in total... they pass, but if they want to fight as little as possible, that will require near perfect scores going into the 60 possible points out of 100 for the academic portion and at LEAST 10 points for fighting, ending them with a max of 10 if they had fought and scored 0 points in the tournaments.

For every fight you participate in, you receive 1 point toward your final GPA. This ensures that everyone fights at least a couple dozen times throughout the year to ensure their grades are good. However, you can only earn a maximum of 50 points through fighting. This ensures that prolific fighters cannot neglect their studies.

If your character ends up failing then they can make it up in a summer school training program. The lower your score is the more hard work you suffer through.


Magic, Powers, and Martial Arts

Characters will be of similar power to what can be seen from many fighting games such as Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Tekken, etc. There can be magical abilities of varying nature as long as it isn't powerful enough to give you a definitive advantage over fighters without magic. For example, Blanka from Street Fighter can shoot electricity out of his skin, but he's still able to be defeated by someone without any such magical powers. His electricity cannot instantly fry their heart, it's not always on, not so fast nobody can see it coming and not able to avoid it, etc. There must be considerable disadvantages either to the magic or other qualities of the fighter to balance things out. Magic should also follow a theme, so no "I can do everything" magic.

As for non-magical fighting, it will involve some suspension of disbelief. The fighters will be able to act around peak human and not blatantly break the laws of physics, although may have some highly unlikely fighting ability being demonstrated. You can be knocked back dramatically and slam into walls and still keep fighting, do flip kicks, run along walls for brief moments, etc. Obviously, for someone without magic, they'd probably be better at this sort of fighting in exchange.

Vital Spirit is the energy of the soul that every living creature has. This can be used to hand wave certain normally lethal damage as only incapacitating then to help avoid accidentally killing each other too often. Of course people can still die, it's just harder to do so if they have plot armor given to them by this excuse. The energy that provides for magic is called chi/ki/aura, and is the detectible energy felt resonating from a person, especially more powerful individuals. Examples being if a D-Rank character angers an S-Rank character, they will be able to “feel" the strength and power of that person to some extent.

Martial Arts can be chosen from any of the hundreds of various styles that exist in the world today, made up (if described well enough), or hybridized styles like MMA or Kajukenbo. For a nice assortment of basic styles to choose from, click HERE.

The Campus

New Peaks Academy is a sprawling campus, with several buildings that house the various classrooms. In addition, off of the school grounds there are same-sex dorms where the students live. Sorry... no Co-Ed stuff here. The staff knows you're all a bunch of hormone-ridden teens. Other than the dorms, there are several restaurants that the students and faculty can stop at to eat, shops to get books and games and trinkets, a couple parks to relax in (complete with those charcoal grills you see in some parks, if you feel like having a cookout!), and a grocery store where you can buy foodstuffs to take back to your dorm.

To this end, students are given a stipend of $200 USD per month to spend as they see fit. This means if you blow it all on that game console you wanted... you better have some way to get food for yourself. Students CAN take part-time jobs if they choose to.

Click HERE for a map of the campus.

Dorm Room Layouts

Male Dorms 1: Single-Floor Building, spacious studio-style dorms. Click HERE for floor plan.

Male Dorms 2: Used mainly for students attending on Scholarship or Outreach Programs. Two-Story building, Studio-style dorms. Click HERE for floor plan.

Male Dorms 3: Single-Floor Building, Luxurious Studio-Style Dorms w/ small deck. Click HERE for floor plan.


Female Dorms 1: Single-Floor Building, Studio-style dorms. Click HERE for floor plan.

Female Dorms 2: Used mainly for students attending on Scholarship or Outreach Programs. Two-Story Building, Studio-style dorms. Click HERE for floor plan.

Female Dorms 3: Single Floor building, Luxurious Studio-style Dorms w/ small ground-level deck Click HERE for floor plan.


As with many schools, there are students who get together in like-minded groups. These are called "factions" at New Peaks Academy. There are four main factions, as well as a fifth sub-faction. They are as follows.

Founded during the inaugural year of New Peaks Academy, Imperius Gloria is all about personal growth and development. Faction members only have a loose affiliation with one another, and are often found doing whatever they can to one-up members of other factions. This behavior extends to members of their own faction as well, but to a lesser extent. Many a member of Imperius Gloria has been reprimanded for rulebreaking on at least one occasion. It is known the faction undertakes less than fair methods of ensuring they attain only the highest honors at New Peaks, including bounties, bullying, and even serious physical harm, but thus far no solid evidence has been procured against the group as a whole. Perhaps one day another group shall challenge them? Faction mascot: A Gladiator. Current Faction Head:

This faction arose shortly after Imperius Gloria rose to power, in a full-hearted attempt to usurp their iron grip on Twin Peaks' inner-school society. Their innate values are of polar opposite to the Imperius; group success and growth is far more important to the members of this group than solitary progress. To the people who call themselves Janissaries, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While the Janissaries failed in their attempt to bring a more permanent peace amongst the factions, they are not one to give up, and continue pushing a way of peace with few listeners. They will often go out of their way to make new students feel welcome, assist those in need of tutoring, and organize and run many of the school's public events. Faction Mascot: A Beagle. Current Faction Head:

For a few years, New Peaks maintained a two-faction system, the Imperius Gloria holding power, and the Janissaries futilely trying to stop them. One year, a young man by the name of Josef Sokolov asked a question that is still repeated by many a confused first-year student: "Why must we fight outside the battlefield?" Sokolov saw every battle as a new work of art, a new reason to keep living, for another story was about to be written as the competitors stared each other in the eyes before combat. Known for being a very artistic, poetic person, Sokolov seceded from the Janissaries with many like-minded individuals, forming the Zhan Dou yi Shu, referred to as zhan dou for short. The Zhan Dou yi Shu are far less competitive than the other factions, and prefer to only fight when absolutely necessary or instructed. They are best known for their grace, aptitude, and poise while performing in a fight, taking extra care that each and every one of their moves is exactly how it should be. A fight is not just a way to injure another, it is a way to bring beauty into the world, they say. Faction Mascot: A Water Strider.

Founded seven years ago, the Pugni de Animi does not generally prioritize fighting. The average member fights as little as possible, often only participating in the bare minimum number of bouts and the exam tournament that takes place at the end of each semester. The reasoning for this is that they believe a sharp mind leads to a sharp body as well. As such, the Imperius Gloria particularly enjoy making examples of this faction with every opportunity they receive. Members of this faction are incredibly bright, and some are capable of quickly analyzing their opponents for errors or weaknesses. However, the lesser degree of focus on the physical aspect of fighting leads many of them to be unable to capitalize on what they figure out. Regardless, the group has grown significantly since being founded. Collaboration with the Zhan Dou is not unheard of for this faction, as the two seem to get along better than any other pairing. Faction Mascot: Horned Owl

Not so much a real faction as a catch-all for students attending New Peaks via the school's numerous outreach and low-income scholarship programs, Mendicants are only called such as an insult by the more financially-sound students of the school. Still, in recent years the lower-income students have begun to band together under this name and seem to wear it as a badge of honor, shoving it in the faces of their wealthy peers. Despite this recent mobilization, New Peaks has yet to officially recognize this group of less-fortunates as a true faction, a weapon Imperius Gloria holds over their heads daily. Mendicants can be members of the other four factions, though a Mendicant being accepted into Imperius Gloria is incredibly rare.


Alternative Lifeforms

Due to magical influences... or on rare occasions, genetic experiments, it's possible that some people have developed nonhuman features such as horns, tails, scales, etc. The term "Parahuman" is the politically correct one, but they can also be called things like half breeds, subhumans, beast folk, etc. Cases of alternative lifeforms are uncommon, but they are generally treated unfairly. Especially in "civilized" parts of the world. Just make sure they didn't get their abilities through drinking the blood of innocents, experimenting on unwilling test subjects, etc. and it should be fine. Well, legally fine, but you still might be treated poorly by other students.

Some animals are given intelligence and humanoid qualities this way, but due to how silly it might make things if kung-fu ducks start appearing, I'm going to have to disallow stuff like this in most cases.



I may or may not add more rules to this list as it comes to my attention. I may have forgotten some things.

  1. No weapons are allowed in standard battles with the exception of magically created/summoned weapons. You may bring out any sort of weapons in unofficial battles, but prepare yourself for the consequences when you are caught. There are a few special tournaments that allow certain qualified weapons, such as shinai for the kendo tournament, so if there are multiple characters who make use of the same weapon, ask me about it and I may organize a tournament or special event for them. The weapon cannot be overly lethal such as steel-blades swords, heavy maces, spears, etc. Such weapons will be blunted, wooden, etc.
  2. New Peaks Academy follows the rules of the country it was started by, this being the USA. As such, no student may consume alcohol or smoke tobacco. Staff members may do so, and can purchase such things at the stores on the island. Any STUDENT who is caught with this sort of contraband will be punished accordingly. There are also no drugs permitted on the island, and severe punishments are handed down to any student caught with narcotics or paraphernelia. This is in addition to the investigation that will commence to find out HOW they got it.
  3. No killing or severely damaging your opponents. This includes rupturing organs, splintering bones, snapping necks, severe burns, freezing, etc. If you carry out an attack with such a capability and have no intention of stopping, Any judge present can stop them without fail, no matter what. As a result, your character may suffer realistic punishments. If it was an accident and only something that would wound and not kill them then it will be pretty lenient, but if your character is intentionally trying to kill their fellow students then don't expect them to be around very long unless they're really good at covering this up. They can still take part in unofficial battles though. There will be a very talented school nurse on site who can pretty much magically heal wounds most people can't, but is not able to heal everything. Get kicked in the chest and crack your sternum, it's still going to take at least a few days to heal... magic or not.
  4. No other official rules exist in battle besides the first two rules and stopping when the judges say to. Granted, rule number 2 does encompass quite a bit of things that would be illegal. Other mid-fight rules are to be decided between the players who are fighting.
  5. Don't keep your opponent waiting on a post for more than three days unless you give proper warning beforehand. If not then your opponent can deal moderate damage to them, but not enough to incapacitate them. If three more days pass and they still haven't posted, you may then incapacitate them.
  6. Winning the battle can be stopping your foe from being able to fight, getting them to surrender, withholding what would have been a fatal blow but making it evident that you could have done so, or knocking them out. Unlike real life, suspension of disbelief allows people to be knocked unconscious for extended periods without suffering traumatic brain injury (unless that is your desired outcome). Therefore, knockouts are treated as perfectly normal, valid methods of winning.
  7. Put First Rule of Fight School, don't fail Fight School somewhere on your CS so that I know you read these rules.
  8. You may have up to 3 characters. If you want one to be an instructor/teacher, PM me and we can discuss it.
  9. You are create NPC characters that anyone can use in their posts as well. You may make up to 3 NPCs
  10. You may have a student transfer to the school at any time or just pretend they were always there. It's a big school, so maybe your guy/girl just didn't get noticed too much before you made them into a Player Character. The RP will START on the first day of school for the year, but any characters brought in later are subject to this rule.
  11. Being a Private School, tuition at New Peaks is not cheap. Please note if your character is from a wealthy family, or at New Peaks on a Scholarship of some sort.
  12. Players don't have to post every day, but I expect at least one post per week per player in order to keep things moving at a steady pace.
  13. Cooperative posts are encouraged. If you do not know how to do a co-post or what a co-post even is, Just ask.
  14. This is not a place for those who make short posts. Posts will be two paragraphs or longer unless there is almost nothing for you to respond to. Violating this rule once will result in a warning. Repeat violations may result in removal from the RP.
  15. Players are free to come up with names for the various stores or restaurants on the island, as well as what KIND of stores they are. This is to be kept reasonable, of course. I am able to overturn the creation of any buildings that are too odd or don't fit the setting. Similarly, players may also make and control lesser NPCs to make their posts seem more interactive and realistic for a busy school setting. Major NPCs such as Teachers may not be made or controlled without prior GM permission.

School I.D. Cards and Background Checks

The following I.D. is for students

I.D. Number: (Come up with a random 8 digit number)
Rank: (E3 to C3, please. NO 1st-Year student may start higher than C-Rank)
Year: (I would like people to make 1st-year students, but if you PM me with a cool concept, I may allow 2nd or possibly 3rd year students)
Age: (Keep it high school range, 13-18 area, although some young prodigies or people who had to retake years can get a slightly wider age range then normal... but no ten year olds or full-on adults)
Appearance: (Picture preferred, but descriptions are fine)

Fighting Style: (Students may have one martial arts style if they specialize in it, and be up to Black-Belt Level, or two styles if they want to have a broader skill-set, but may not be black-belt in either one)

Powers: (Low-Tier neat powers. Nothing like “I can hurl fireballs that consume my foes", or “I can see attacks before they even happen, and react as fast as lightning.)

Personality:(At least one paragraph of detail, please. “Shy and timid" means “please send this character home to their family"

Background: (At least three paragraphs here, please.)

Stats: Each character will have a set of stats to clearly establish what parts of fighting they are most proficient. Each stat has a max value of 250 and they can be developed through fights, training, or special events, and pertinent skills will be awarded, for example, if a fight is only fought in standup combat, you won't get any points in ground combat. I can and will use this to reward strong character development.
Your starting stat values depend on your rank, and lower ranks will generally find it easier to boost stats compared to higher ranks.
E3 has 90 points - 110 for E2 - 135 points for E1
D3 has 160 points - 190 points for D2 - 225 points for D1
C3 has 260 points

Stand-up - affects proficiency with stand-up combat moves such as punches or kicks
Ground - Governs wrestling and ground combat
Acrobatics - affects nimbleness and speed
Weapons - How well a character fight using arms not part of the body.
Endurance - Impacts how long a fighter can keep pace in the ring, as well as how difficult they are to knock out.
Reflexes - How well one can see and react to attacks.

Perks: Perks are special characteristics that give boons to stats and help to describe your character as a whole. Perks may be obtained in your character application and developed later on. You are free to create your own perks, so long as they have some degree of balance. Your powers can also given you stat boosts as a perk.
Here's a couple examples of perks for reference, as they are created I will make a catalog here.

Grounded: +2 Ground +2 Stand-Up, -5 Acrobatics.

Wispy: +5 Agility, -2 Ground -2 Stand-Up

Some other special perks will also be awarded through various means.​


You may also submit an I.D. for judges/instructors. Rather then "Grade", type in "Occupation", exclude Rank and I.D. number, and up their age limit to whatever. These guys and gals obviously don't fight under most circumstances. The instructors can be used for training students, to further plots between players, etc.


Student Roster

I will hyperlink everyone's accepted characters here.
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