Horror which revolves around one or more psychotic killers and focuses on murder and mayhem.
  1. D

    Newscast - 8pm update, critical information

    The sell I am looking at an original group roleplay for a modern slasher story. I can imagine recruiting four players, and then myself (total of five players). I will be the GM. I will: - Provide plot direction through the use of the Newscast announcer. - Play as one of the 'victims'. This is...
  2. SerpentJournal

    * Long term / Cravings [Mortal Kombat, Hotline Miami, Elder Scrolls, Star Wars]

    ABOUT Female / 21+ / I've been roleplaying for roughly 12 years. I write in the 3rd Person / Past tense / Anywhere between 2-6 solid paragraphs per reply. I work full-time, however I'm usually always available and frequently active. Able to reply a few times a day, my slowest is a few times a...
  3. Pahn

    Pahndora's Box of Horrors Pahndora's Box of Horrors To whomever receives this, The Nightmare world is worse than I imagined. The horrors I see at every turn, the screams that resonate through my skull, the eyes looking at me through holes in the walls... I don't know how much longer I...
  4. Moose

    Serial Killer Hunt (Murdery role play)

    I want a short RP. I will be playing a serial killer who is highly paranoid and good at what he does, and you would be playing a group of 2-4 people who own a large tract of land, and you kidnap them to hunt them for sport. My character was on vacation in your area when you guys decided to hunt...
  5. Sir Salty

    Slash n Slay [Horror Mashup Slasher Themed]

    After watching Cabin in the Woods and to be honest my guilty pleasure, Jason versus Freddy. Yes it's a guilty pleasure. The fighting is cool and Jason got it, fucking aggressive as balls. I decided, why not an RP that's sort of a mashup themed RP. I'm thinking 4 Slasher Killers and 4 Teenagers...
  6. Tarieles

    Tari Wants to Try 1x1

    Hey Ho Everyone! I am Tari, and some of you might even know me! I'm generally into group RPs, but I want to try 1x1 for a bit. I have tried it before, but my first one was a flop and the second one fizzled when my life went to heck. So I'm searching again! Firstly, a few guidelines for anyone...
  7. Ringmaster

    Castlevania City: TNR casual

    Name: Castlevania City Population: 10 million people Like a European version of Gotham City, Castlevania City stands as an example of the macabre and lies on the mortal foundation ruins of what was once the penultimate site of Dracula's stronghold that the city was named after. After Dracula...
  8. Q

    VIKINGS: Odin's Wolves || Season 1

    PROLOGUE Earl Thorvald - the self-proclaimed leader of Kaupang - has declared peace within the lands of Skíringssalr. A treaty was signed and ratified by all the surrounding towns, prohibiting raids to the west and prosecuting those who act unlawfully. The King of Norway, Arnstein Flatnefr, has...
  9. Sen

    Roleplaying Dictionary - Horror

    What is horror fiction? Horror is: A broad genre of fiction that focuses on and involves frightening, creepy, dark or uncomfortable themes with the intent of inciting fear or anxiety in the targeted audience. Including elements that incite fear, fright, disgust, and shock, or meant to elicit...
  10. redblood


    Test thread for tags.