star trek

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Based on or borrowing elements from any of the Star Trek television series or movies.
  1. malikgrippen

    SMF Shadow Fleet - A Star Trek roleplay forum

    Shadow Fleet is a professionally run, SMF based Star Trek RPG set in the year 2401 (after the Hobus supernova). Our fleet is made up of players from a variety of different backgrounds, who have come together to contribute their own unique point-of-view to a storyline in one of our SIMMs. Active...
  2. Resoan

    Original and Fandom Search

    hi there! 33 | she/her | est time zone been rping for sixteen years now, if that matters to you. some info before getting to the good stuff~ only looking for partners 18+. gdocs, email, and discord all work for me. discord's preferred for ooc, but it's not necessary. please note i do not write...
  3. S

    Fandoms? [My Hero Academia craving]

    Hello all, I'm new to Iwaku but I've heard good things! My name is S h i s h a, and I'm looking for some new partners. I can move off-site or stay on-site, whichever you would prefer. I have Discord and Reddit but I wouldn't be comfortable with email or google docs I'm afraid. Generally I...
  4. Vigilante

    Star Trek: Discovery

    Any takers? Looking to do something that is set on the Shenzhou, so pre-Season 1.
  5. M

    Come Fly Away With Me [Originals & Fandoms; 18+]

    Hello, one and all! I've come back from a short hiatus and I'm itching to get back into writing with some of you lovely people of Iwaku! Specifically, I'm seeking semi-lit/advanced, multi-paragraph partners who can play the male role/double for me. :) And also partners who are laid-back/patient...
  6. M

    Seeking Original & Fandom Partners [18+; MxF Only]

    Hello; please to meet you all! I'm here (again) to find a few partners-in-crime to roleplay with. I enjoy just about every genre/setting except realistic high school/college life, Steampunk, Anime, Furries/Anthros, Cartoons, and Video Games. I can play both male and female characters (preferably...
  7. S

    Seeking Fandoms![Anime, Movies, Shows] 1x1

    I am currently looking for dedicated, long term partner(s) for a few specific fandoms!
  8. S

    One on one

    My name is Shauna and I have been role playing for 15 years; I am female, in my 20s, and prefer to role play with people who are 18+! - I will not role play anything to do with pregnancy or having children. - I will not role play romantically with or as a charecter under the age of 18. - I only...
  9. Vigilante

    Looking for Partner - original and fandom

    Hello! As the title suggests, looking for a role play partner for a female character. That doesn't mean I don't want to work with a male. I'm fine with working with a male, as long as you are prepared to play a female character. I've been role playing for quite some time, looking for a Role...
  10. S

    1x1 Search! Fandom&Origal&Anthro plots! Romance/Drama/Action f inside

    Hello folks, as you can see, I'm looking to start some roleplays. Currently I'm only interested in fandom roleplays and original/anthro roleplays. So, here's what you need to know about me and the what I'm looking for ~ I'm Seraphim or Seraph ~ 25 years old and I prefer my partners be over...
  11. Vigilante

    Star Trek: Discovery AND/OR Blade Runner RP

    Looking for anyone who may be interested in Star Trek Discovery or something in the Blade Runner universe?
  12. neptune

    Winter Break Partner Search!

    I turned in my last project today and I am officially on winter break! Since I'll have a little more time from now until January 8th, I thought I'd post a new search and try and snag some partners for a couple cravings I have c: First: - Check out my RP resume for more about me. - I play male...
  13. M

    Mystic's Fandom Search [18+ Only]

    Hey! I'm on the search again; this time I'm looking for a few laid-back fandom partners to write with! Let me know which pairing(s) catches your fancy by sending me a message here or via PMs. :) .......... Rules & Requirements: - Red Star members only - MxF romantic pairings only - Please be...
  14. M

    Space The Final Frontier - Need Dr. McCoy! [18+ Only]

    As you can tell by the title, I'm on the search for someone who can play Bones for me from the new films! And in return, I will gladly double up and play any of the male canons for you (Pike, Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Chekov, or Scotty!) so just let me know! :) Rules & Requirements: - I'm only...
  15. Vigilante

    Star Trek: Discovery

    I know it may seem early, but I think there is room for an STD RP. Basically, for those who have seen it, the show actually starts at the end of a seven year journey, revolving around the lead character, Michael. At the end of the two-part pilot, Michael's journey is only beginning. What I...
  16. C

    to boldly go.

    Hello! You can call me star, I’m a 20 year old female who loves music, writing and playing video games. Though, you’re not here to find out about me. Like everyone else, I’m here looking for a roleplay! Specifically, I'm really looking for a Star Trek (the 2009 reboot) roleplay! I have a few...
  17. M

    AREA 51 ( Seeking partners! )

    Area 51. a little foolishness now and then is relished by the wisest of men. -roald dahl Once upon a time, in the land of Area 51, lived a very small Goof named Max. Max was a good person...
  18. Supernova

    Partner Search (Fandom & Non-Fandom)

    Hello, I am looking or some new partners. I have been craving some more fandom roleplays, but I am also open to some non-fandom as well. If your interested leave a comment below or pm me. I prefer F/F and M/M, but I will do M/F if the plot is interesting or if the fandom couple is already M/F...
  19. M

    [MxF] Starfleet Academy or 'Five Year Mission' Adventures! (Star Trek - reboots)

    Hey guys! Would anyone like to do Star Trek (reboots) with me? I'm seeking anyone who can play the role of Dr. McCoy for me and no one else. I am willing to play any of the other male canons for you - Kirk, Spock, Chekov, Sulu, or Scotty (and maybe Khan)! I would like for this to be an advanced...
  20. Supernova

    Looking for a partner.

    Hello! A little bit about me: Hi I am Sarah. I am twenty years old and I have been roleplaying for a little more than three years now. I prefer MXM pairings, but I am completely open to FxF and I can be persuaded into MXF. Doubling is not a requirement. I am open to having multiple role-play's...