star wars

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Based on or borrowing elements from the Star Wars movies and/or expanded universe.
  1. Wanderlust.

    Written in the Stars - Star Wars AU - RPnation/Discord

    After Order 66 was executed, the force-sensitives of the universe went into hiding. Now unchallenged, the First Order rose to power, their insatiable hunger for complete control leading them to seek out remaining force-sensitives, either to kill them or train them as weapons of their own...
  2. N

    INTEREST CHECK GROUP RP PLOTTING Star Wars Mandalorian and Sith Roleplay

    Plot: The Sith Empire has pretty much gain dominance over the galaxy. The Galactic Republic is about to fall but the Jedi Order fell years ago. The remaining resistance is the Mandalorians. They had remained largely out of the fighting slowly recruiting and preparing themselves. As darkness...
  3. Nomad-22

    Star Wars Roleplay Search

    Hello everyone I'm Nomad-22 but please feel free to call me Nomad. Before I get started here are some ground rules from me. 1) To be honest I'm not into smut RPs. However, if there is romance(I prefer MxF) in a thread that we're rping together the relationship can be referenced(fade into black)...
  4. Raynar Saassin

    Star Wars X A3! (Raynar / Foxes81)

    Anaxes Orbit Imperial Occupied Space Above the Imperial Controlled planet of Anaxes, a Space Battle was underway as a fleeing Rebel Frigate was attempting a Hyperspace Jump to escape the system. Onboard the Bridge, the Captain; Anton Gerald ordered a status report. "Status Report, now!" "The...
  5. Nomad-22

    Star Wars Roleplay/Mass Effect crossover search(reboot)

    Hello everyone I'm Nomad-22 but please feel free to call me Nomad. Before I get started here are some ground rules from me. 1) To be honest I'm not into smut RPs. However, if there is romance(I prefer MxF) in a thread that we're rping together the relationship can be referenced(fade into black)...
  6. Cloverhand_reader

    Star Wars RP - Obi Wan (Open)

    (I'm looking for pretty much any character, but angst with Anakin would be fun, or some romance with Satine. This starter was short because I wanted to leave it open for any character, my next ones will be longer) Obi Wan Kenobi felt constantly exhausted whenever he returned from a mission, in...
  7. Skyracer4

    Looking for a partner for a Star Wars RP

    Hi guys, Skyracer here! I'm a new member to the site and am looking for a partner to start my first RP on this site with. Don't worry, I have several years of experience in roleplaying already. Right now I am in a Star Wars mood so I want to craft a story based in this universe. I prefer to Rp...
  8. tilucki

    moo's spring time search! ( M/F , F/F )

    hiya and thank you for clicking on this thread! i go by tilucki on here but you can also call me moo. just like my profile title says, i am a sleepy (and lazy) artist and have been roleplaying for over 8 years now. i have survived and returned from the messy year that was 2021 and am back...
  9. F

    "I don't have a clue, Ain't me without you" Soulmate Daemon Aus, Fandom Partner Requests

    Howdy, I'm looking for a casual, long-term partner. I will be slow to get back into roleplaying, especially since I've had a recent dump of bad things happen among my family and my romantic partner is currently sick, and I want to care for my loved ones. However, I'd like to attempt some...
  10. True North

    Star Wars Survival (Unofficial title)

    Substory *undergoing construction* *click the planet for its fully accredited artist*
  11. Nomad-22

    Never mind

    Seeing that this was not going anywhere I have decided to close this request thread.
  12. Space Cowboy

    Seeking a writing partner! M4F Redstar-friendly

    I am an old-hand when it comes to writing and role-play. I can be somewhat playful and cavalier with my writing but I will treat whatever we end up writing together over with the respect it and it’s genre is due. I’m fairly open minded and I enjoy all sorts of genres and topics, so please don’t...
  13. Nomad-22

    Never mind this request

    I have decided my earlier proposition was not going to work out. Please ignore this.
  14. Cloverhand_reader

    Obitine RP (Satine needed)

    I'm not entirely sure how this site works since I'm new to it (I joined in 2019 but I only started RPing here today) I'm looking for an Obitine RP since I've been watching Clone Wars and I'm obsessed with them I have two different RP starters which I'll put in spoilers below and you just tell...
  15. Cloverhand_reader

    Looking for someone to RP Star Wars with me

    This is my first time RPing on here so please be nice as I work out how this works, I'm wanting to RP Star Wars. I have a few ships which I can list below and we can figure something out if you'd like. But I'd also love to hear any ideas that you may have If you have a ship that isn't listed...
  16. Nomad-22

    Star Wars Invasion of Earth (Possible)RPs

    In the height of the Clone Wars, a large wormhole mysteriously appeared within the Belkadan system. A CIS patrol stumble upon the anomaly and lunched a probe. To the astonishment of the captain, the probe’s findings revealed what appeared to be a whole another galaxy. Moreover located further in...
  17. True North

    Star Wars: Darkness Rising

    Darkness Rising Lucifarus - Midtown Hostel Interior “I know the name of the buyer.” A female humanoid with a pair of sunny headtails peeped. The Rylothian concernedly stared down at another humanoid of her race who knelt with arms bound. One of his head tails coiled around him like a bloody...
  18. True North

    Star Wars - A Dying Planet

    Ok I'll work out the details in the OOC, but pretty much the concept is that there is a dying planet with a village of tight knit villagers who protect each other and their younglings from ill-willed invaders. The planet is dying because an emerging black hole has pulled the planet's orbit out...
  19. ThatGuyOverThere

    Looking for Partners

    Hey everyone, I am looking for someone who would like to do a Sci-fi Military RP with this simple premise: Our characters are a part of the S.T.A.R program. Special Tactical Assault Reacon This group is made up of four soldiers that have shown exceptional skill in their field but also have...
  20. Rainier Ashton Bernhardt

    Star Wars RP Partner search

    So, I'll make this a brief as possible, I am searching for: - A female companion whos is well versed in the lore and mythology of the Star Wars. - A very literate who can give as much as she gets; I am a very detail-oriented writer. I like to be thorough in writing which can make me write...