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Historical fiction, low fantasy, romance, mystery, horror
hey guys! i'm super new to iwaku so i'm currently trying to branch out and meet more roleplayers with similar interests that i could possibly start something with. i don't have any specific plot ideas, so i'll keep it vague in order to attract anyone who might be interested. i only rp M/M and F/F couples, and i like to include romance (whether it's 100% healthy/functional or not) in almost all of my roleplays. other relationship dynamics (siblings, friends, enemies, etc.) are all very welcome as well, though. my favorite eras to write include:
  • 1890s (america or britain)
  • WWI (america or europe)
  • 1920s (america, paris, or london)
  • WWII (america or europe)
  • 1960s (america)
  • 1980s (america)
  • modern (america)
if anyone else is interested in an M/M or F/F roleplay in one of these time periods, i'd love to brainstorm ideas together! i'm cool doing this over private conversation or on the forums, and i'll likely close this thread after i find 1-2 solid RP partners. any takers?
I've been looking to do a roleplay in the 1960s! I'm 100% up for that one, if youd like
I've been looking to do a roleplay in the 1960s! I'm 100% up for that one, if youd like
i'd love to! do you want to PM me so we can brainstorm?
Hey, looking to do a Victorian style roleplay in London. I'd use Oscar Gould
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