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*…lights a candle*

Uhm… Hey, hello there! It seems you’ve fallen into my bottomless plothole! Now you’re trapped here! You only have two options to escape. First of all, you could start an epic adventure with me in a quest to escape this pit! Either that, or you could just click away and go somewhere else (but where’s the fun about that).

Either way, you can call me Yanaike (which, coincidentally, is also the name of my favourite RP-character). I’m 25 years old, I graduated recently and I have recently started my first job. As a way to fill my free time, I’m looking for roleplay partners! I’m open for both long-term roleplays: worldbuilding, brainstorming, plotting and an epic adventure; as well as short-term roleplays: quick hook-ups between our characters to see if and how they get along.

I’m looking for an adventure-themed story with supernatural elements. Also, I want to specifically use my favorite RP-character Yanaike. I’m of course fine playing other side-characters. In the fancy-named tabs below I’ve listed what I’m looking for. Most of it is a mere guideline. Nothing is set in stone! So, if you don’t agree on some of the things listed in the tabs, or if you want to do things differently, please tell me, and I’m sure we’ll figure something out!

If you like what you saw, or if you have any more questions regarding this thread, please shoot me a PM or reply below!

  • Les Prerequisites

    • I’m quite picky when it comes to my roleplay partners. I prefer to be honest to you and tell you if I don’t feel things will work out between us, rather than leave you disappointed later.
    • Please make sure you always give me something to respond to. During brainstorming I expect you to tell me what you like and dislike and ask questions about setting, characters, plot etc. In the RP, make sure that enough happens in your post to drive the story forward. I will of course gladly do the same.
    • For me, Roleplaying is about having fun. It should give more energy and inspiration than what it takes. If it does not, I’ll tell you and we end our roleplay. I expect you to do the same. Don’t keep writing just because you feel obliged to.
    • Communication is a key aspect of roleplaying. Tell me when something is bothering you and you want to change the direction of the RP. Also tell me if you don’t feel like roleplaying anymore and why. Please be honest with me, and of course I’ll do so too.
    • I live in GMT+1 (Western Europe) and write most often at weekday evenings and at weekends the full day.
    • I’ll give you about 3-5 posts a week minimum and I expect you to do the same. If something pops up in real life which makes you unable to respond that’s fine, but if you keep giving me less than 3 posts a week, I might lose interest.
    • Posting length is irrelevant to me. At least give me something to do respond to. If you need to write a full novel to do so, be my guest. If you can do this in one line, go ahead! My posts tend to be anywhere between 5-50 lines with an average of about 10 lines per post.
    • I would consider myself an intermediate roleplayer, according to Iwaku’s posting expectation levels.
    • English is not my native language. My grammar is pretty good and since I use a spelling checker I won’t make a lot of spelling mistakes. But sometimes I feel like I suffer from a lack of vocabulary to tell exactly what I want to say. Please be respectful and I’m always open for suggestions to improve my English.

  • L' Essence

    I’m looking for an adventure based story. Adventure for me is about exploration, visiting new areas, discovering new stuff, meeting interesting side-characters and learning about other cultures. I definitely love the mystery-side of adventure: things being unknown and new. I’m slightly less interested in the action-side of adventure, but I am definitely open for it when it comes to that point. I would also love for our characters to be constantly on-the-go, travelling from place to place and surviving by using their abilities.

    Ideally, our story should also include supernatural elements. That being said, I’m a bit hesitant to use the word ‘fantasy’. While I like fantasy, I prefer a story in which supernatural elements or magic is an uncommon phenomenon, albeit commonly known and even accepted by ‘regular’ people. As for fantasy creatures the same goes. I like fantasy creatures, but not whole countries filled with them, just an occasional encounter with such a creature or race.

    As for setting, I could see Yanaike fit in four era’s time wise:

    • Modern: An era similar to ours, where modern technology exists (cell phones, computers etc.). Depending on preferences we could go with a technology-lite option where our characters are far away from human civilization, or maybe only visiting human civilization a few times. Another possibility is to go with a more dystopian setting, with slums, poverty, big differences between upper and lower class etc. Or maybe something else…
    • Steampunk: An alternative timeline where modern technology exists, but technology is still driven by steam engines. Although I have never done steampunk before, I think Yanaike would be perfect in this industrial-like era. Other ‘punk’-genres might be possible too, but I’m less familiar with them.
    • 70s/80s-style: An era of past glory where modern technology exists but in basic and simple forms (the first computers, the first cell phones etc.), a disco/jazz-like vibe and diner-style restaurants. I’m not entirely sure about what fits into the 70s/80s-era and what not (since I didn’t live back then), so it would be appreciated if we don’t have to be fully historically accurate in the story.
    • Medieval: And of course the medieval era which seems to be a staple era in many roleplays. An era in which modern technology is not present and people still live in castles and ride on horses. As in the 70s/80s setting, it would appreciated if we don’t have to be fully historically accurate (most notably regarding Yanaike’s clothing :p). Also it would be nice to focus more on the fantasy-aspect of the story and not so much on the actual life in the middle ages.
    I might also be convinced to use Yanaike in a more futuristic, post-apocalypse or pre-medieval setting, but I currently do not really have an idea how she would fit in.

    As for setting, in terms of an actual place, anything works for me. Yanaike is traveling around, so she could end up in any kind of place. Her natural habitat is either a forest or an urban environment, so that could be a possible starting point for the roleplay.

  • La Protagonist

    A sweet, young nomadic adventurer driven by a thirst for knowledge. Her most recognizable feature is a long monkey-like tail, but besides that she looks completely human. She is smart, swift and very agile. Due to her bad manners and somewhat random/animal-like behavior she might be a bit awkward in social situations.

    Meet Yanaike. I’ve tried this section short and simple, but I’ll gladly answer your questions about her, or send a more comprehensive character profile If you want to. Yanaike is a carefree character, living today and not so much thinking about tomorrow, or about her past. She’s a bit shy around new, unfamiliar people, but once someone earned her trust, she is very loyal and friendly. She can be described as a ‘geek’, always eager to learn stuff and spending countless hours reading books or looking at a computer screen. She has a very nature-like lifestyle and doesn’t carry around a lot of possessions, she also doesn’t understand the concept of ‘money’ or ‘value’. She is also an excellent thief, capable of snatching things beneath people’s noses, often done for just the thrill of stealing, or for survival. Depending on the story, Yanaike might also be a witch, able to do small magic tricks and to control the element of air. She is a novice magician, reflected by the fact that her spells could fail and her magic is only aimed at defense, evasion, survival and improving her other skills.

    Finally, I’d like to describe Yanaike’s strengths and weaknesses according to the classic roleplay attributes (on a scale from 3-18):

    • STR – 3: She has almost no physical strength whatsoever and even perceived easy tasks like opening heavy doors can be difficult for her.
    • DEX – 17: She is very fast and agile. When running she can easily match the speed of cyclists. She can also run over roofs and other difficult terrain with relative ease.
    • CON – 13: She has an above average constitution. This means she has a high endurance and might also have more health than others.
    • INT – 18: She has an incredible intelligence level. She loves reading books and can absorb a lot of information from them and she loves problem-solving.
    • WIS – 9: She has a somewhat below average wisdom level. This is reflected by her somewhat trial-and-error approach of solving things and her naivety towards other people.
    • CHA – 6: She has quite a low charisma level. This is because of her social awkwardness and bad manners. Her low charisma doesn’t mean she looks ugly or unappealing though.

  • L' Antagonist

    So… what about your character? Honestly I’m open for almost anything, as long as your character has some kind of driving force behind him/her: a reason for him/her being there, and not just for story’s sake. He or she doesn’t have to be an actual antagonist by the way, another protagonist, friend, team member or whatever, is just fine! Below I’ve given a brief overview of character traits that would work well with Yanaike. Please consider these only as a loose outline or a source of inspiration. If the character that came to your mind doesn’t fit the description, that doesn’t necessarily mean they do not get along.

    A strong (but dumb) warrior-like type would match Yanaike well in terms of stats and skills, but I could just as easily see her work together with another intelligent being. Ideally your character should be charismatic with a lot of patience, amazing social skills and the ability to convince Yanaike to tag along. Your character might even be a bit more malicious, acting as the ‘bad-boy’, tricking Yanaike into doing things that she doesn’t really want to do and misusing her naivety. Since Yanaike is more of a follower, your character could be more dominant. He/she could even act like a mentor to her, maybe even teaching her magic. A more upper-class character, opposed to Yanaike, would also work, maybe even a royal person (prince, princess, queen etc.)?

    Your character could be either male or female. Yanaike is straight, so if you want romance to be an option, your character should be male. That being said, don’t expect a quick-romantic relationship between him and Yanaike. She requires a lot of trust and patience before a romantic relationship could work. I rather go into the roleplay without romance as a pre-defined element, and then just see how things work out. If romance happens that’s fine, if it doesn’t, that’s fine either!

    Finally, your character could be any race or ethnicity. He/she could even be a fantasy creature (elf, dwarf, vampire, werewolf, alien etc.). Of course it is fine if your character is human too! Or he/she could be anything in the middle, a human character with animal-like features, just like Yanaike.

  • Les Examples

    In this tab I’ve give a few ideas for a plot. The first five ideas are specifically made with Yanaike in mind. The last two are more generic ideas, where Yanaike could fit in. Even though I have listed a few plots, I rather create a plot together with you through brainstorming. These plots could be used as a source of inspiration though!

    • Crossing the Border: A valuable artifact has been stolen from YC’s kingdom. YC is tasked with retrieving the artifact. Since he realizes he can not go on this quest alone, he seeks a skillful thief. Unfortunately no-one is brave enough to cross the border, that is until YC meets Yanaike.
    • The Librarian: YC works at a library/museum. Yanaike spends endless hours each day, studying the contents of the library/museum, but she always seems a bit odd/alone. Curiously, YC decides to have a talk to get to know her a bit better.
    • The Artifact: YC is a malicious vampire, looking to retrieve the artifact of life (or anything else). He/she tricks Yanaike into stealing the necessary pieces for him/her, until Yanaike gets into trouble with the police/law.
    • Mirrors: Yanaike is tracked down by evil sorcerers for stealing an artifact. As a way to escape from them, Yanaike enters the ‘hall of mirrors’, a temple filled with mirrors (portals) to other worlds. In the hopes that he sorcerers won’t track her down, she flees from her fantasy world to a world with no natural magic. There she meets your character.
    • The Door: Tired of her boring life, my character runs away, until discovering a small and mysterious looking door. She crawls through it, unknowingly entering the fantasy world. On the other world Yanaike wipe off the dust from her dress, when suddenly she wonders if she didn’t use to be taller. And did she ever had her tail? And since when was her name Yanaike? Struggling with lost memories from before, and learning about her new abilities, she meets YC in the fantasy world.

    • The Event: One day, YC receives an invitation. Upon opening the invitation, he/she finds that it only contains a date, a time and a set of coordinates. Will your character give up all of his/her life to learn what will be happening at that specific time and place?
    • The Ghost Train: YC lives in a big city. In the center of the city, there is a railway station, handling roughly 200 trains a day. There is one train however, that is not scheduled and has no information on internet whatsoever. A train that departs every Thursday, just past 10 o’clock in the evening, from platform three. Will your character take the ride?
It seems Yanaike might get along well with my character Aileen Nyx.

• I live in PST (West Coast USA) and find time whenever I can to roleplay. My schedule is a bit awkward since I do not have a set-in-stone schedule, so my login times are random, but I am online nearly everyday.
• My post lengths depend on the situation. Typically, I like to provide as much detail as I see it in my head, which can, more often than not, result in paragraphs. Some situations call for short replies, such as fast-paced scenarios or dialog, and I switch as seen fit to make the best response I can.
• THE DOOR plot may suit this couple best, or Yanaike could have gained her powers from the Meteor Show like other metahumans.

Aileen is a female witch with Chakra based powers. She has a black cat named Iri. She doesn't know it yet, but she is hexed by an ancient witch named Donovan, whom is trapped in her head. She lives in the Never Normal world of metahumans, within the Risen Era in 2018, one year after The Meteor Shower brings millions of people powers. Her powers are innate, so she did not notice any change with herself like the others, and her powers do not surface until she stumbles upon The Witch's Tome, which did fall from a Meteor. Shortly after finding The Witch's Tome, paranormal entities and other witches begin to threaten her life for reasons unknown to her, and the fight for her survival in Millennium City triggers.

Aileen is definitely a dominant character, but has huge man vs self conflict, so her powers will be extremely difficult to render until she gains more balance. Having a optimistic friend would help her greatly with this. I haven't entirely hashed out her personality yet, but I will be basing it off of the Gemini Astrological Sign. At a glance, this means she will be altruistic, tolerant, very creative, and will strive to do the right thing. However, her mind will be clouded with pessimism, and though she will be responsible, she will also be hasty, stubborn, and snarky.
I'm still looking! :)
I'm still looking! :)
Still looking!!! :D
I'm still looking! :)