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I read it in the paper so it must be true.
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pls PM ! don't post here

hello !
welcome to my bitesize search c:
i'm currently only looking for one partner bc im a busy bee


i'm king. i like green tea, soft toys and writing in lowercase for the aesthetic

what u get from me

⇨ dedication to the aesthetic. i make code, playlists, pinterest boards and if i love our story, i'll make memes and ~art~
⇨ third person and past tense posts.
⇨ patience. i post like once a week or ten days, it'll reduce to like one a fortnight during the summer (i work at a summer camp so u can imagine)
⇨ sick ass characters (with real face claims!), i prefer a reasonable amount of detail in a character sheet but i don't expect to know their blood type
⇨ proper spelling and grammar, don't worry i don't type aesthetically in my posts!
⇨ i don't expect smut and don't need it but i'm always down to discuss it!

what i want from u

⇨ patience!! if im posting one a fortnight you clearly aren't expected to post speed of light. if ur chill with slow posts, i'm the person for u!
⇨ an interest in more than one pairing/gender/dynamic. i'm not about the static life but that being said, if we're romancing, mxm is my preferred pairing !!
⇨ ooc chatter!! if we hit it off im gna want to add u on discord. 50% of the rp fun is the ooc chatter and making friends!!
⇨ interesting characters and contribution !! i love plotting and coming up with aus,, if ur not interested in doing anything than just writing i'm kinda :\ about that
⇨ at least 3 paragraphs of interesting content !! i don't need nor want walls of text, but at least a reasonable amount for us to work with
⇨ threads !!
⇨ 18+ !

what im looking for

ok so two things. i just saw endgame and i'm in the mood for something with canonxoc. Usually I do mxm and it's my strongest preference but if you want a female oc, I'll accept that lmao. I particularly like to play Tony and Quill, but if I know the character I can make an attempt! I'm looking for someone to play Steve or Bruce for me!

if ur interested pm me! please tell me about urself and which things ur interested in then we can get to discussing !
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