Containing or focusing on magic users—especially female—who draw power from occult or mystical sources.
  1. Alma

    Summer Requests!

    Hello everyone who reads this! My summer break finally started and I have a few months until I have school to get back too. So in the meantime, I'd love to take on a few RP partners. I'd prefer to RP with people who are 18+. I have a basic grasp of grammar, but I understand we all make...
  2. Jinx

    Three Whole Plots!

    Hey I'm Jinx, and I usually bother with some formatting and coding, but honestly it's late and I just want to get these plots out here. Below I'll post the obligatory 'about me' section and you can request a writing sample if you're really that ambitious. Thanks for reading! Without further...
  3. skylar

    Searching for Roleplay Partners

  4. Tiger Dragon

    The Witches Apprentice

    Buba had found Ophelia on another world. The girl obviously did not belong where she was. Her clothing was modern, her accent obviously not from the medieval world she found her in. Buba took aside the poor girl, feed her and asked her what happened. The story was really simple. She fell through...
  5. Lulunopia

    Lulu's Partner Search

    Welcome Hello, my names Lulunopia, call me Lulu or Lu. I'm seventeen going to be 18 next month and have been rping for about 3 years now. My grammar and spelling depend on if I'm awake or not but, mostly it's good seeing as if I'm dead on my feet I stay away from the internet. Never know what...
  6. Vio

    Rose Witch Covenant

  7. Ysolde

    Seeking female characters for female romance

    Hello there I am redoing my seeking thread to entice new players and request older players to see if they might be interested in playing with me again. About me: - I am a 44 year old transgender lesbian woman. - I only write FxF plotlines - I usually post at least once per day - However I...
  8. ~Dark Disney~

    PARTNER REQUEST The Shinigami Realm

    (Read all before you PM or post. Updated often ) I DO NOT RP OVER PM/ unless it is a smut based rp Note: You start a rp with me and don't reply and I have to keep tagging you or messaging you to see what's up where is your reply it's been over 2 weeks almost every time I am waiting for...
  9. Me

    MxM Plots

    MxM. Semi literate, 3+ sentences. I usually do a maximum of two or three small paragraphs. I have practically no limits, so I'll allow anything that isn't against the rules. Here are my plots. Feel free to suggest something. 1 There'd been a war going on. Mc, a guy who was training to be a...
  10. KayWyn

    ▐▐ Fandom/Original Search ▐▐

    Hello, I'm Kay! I'm sort of coming back from a minor hiatus recently, one that kinda blindsided me (as well as my entire family). --ME/GUIDELINES-- 18 y/o senior student about to move on to college. I don't mind your age, so long as you're mature. My oldest brother is currently very sick, so...
  11. Milena

    Trying to get my bearings

    Hello there! I'm Milena. I've been on this site for a little while now but haven't really done anything besides lurking, mostly due to me worrying about not being up to par with the other members here (this is my first time on a site dedicated to roleplay specifically). Lately I've had a very...
  12. The Mood is Write

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST A Particularly Painful Partner Probe

    The Call of the Wordbinder Hello! I'm Moody, but you could also call me Modwri. I am thirty years old and have spent roughly the past dozen years independently studying writing and roleplaying, though I've been roleplaying since I was thirteen. I live at home with my mother and my roomie, and...
  13. Vio

    Rose Witch Covenant [SEEKING MORE PLAYERS]

  14. Pahn

    Boiling Blood [rissa x Pahn]

    A southern gothic supernatural story by @rissa and @Pahn The midnight air in Cedar Grove, Tennessee smelled sweet, as if the trees and plants were sweating their greenness on everything. Being the middle of the summer, the light breeze was very welcomed. They were low on gas and would have...
  15. reptilian

    I need friends

    Haha, hey! So, I've recently come out of a deep dark hiatus (old news), and I'd like to write again! Before I list some pairings and whatever else, I have a few rules/things to say about myself. I'm a bit awkward and nervous, so please excuse me being lame or quiet at first! I do like to talk...
  16. Vio

    Rose Witch Covenant [REBOOT] [STILL SEEKING]

  17. L

    Lady Di's idea thread. Open!

    First things first, I prefer m/f and I prefer playing the female. I normally write upwards of 2 paragraphs, and I would like to say my posts are fairly descriptive. I prefer when the storytelling and idea work is 50/50, its always best when we both come up with twists and additions to the plot...
  18. Sailor Moon

    Roseburn | IC

    R o s e b u r n Discord | Char Index OOC "Things are about to change..." On the surface, Roseburn is an old town where nothing out of the ordinary ever seems to happen, and if it does, you better not talk about it. That shadow outside your window wasn't really there, and those glowing, red...
  19. Michelle the Editor

    PLOTS Michelle's pile of plots lurking the back of the closet

    Based on a game that didn't work out [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] Untested ideas [slide]
  20. Sailor Moon

    Roseburn | Audition Thread

    Using the word audition can make things sound scarier than they really are. Chances are if you put a lot of effort into your character sheet and create a unique character, you will be accepted! Please submit your characters here, and only your characters. Questions can be asked in the interest...