swords and sandals

Fantasy with themes and elements from classical mythology or religion, especially Greco-Roman myth or Biblical tales. Essentially swords and sorcery in a mythic setting.
  1. cam

    The Sword-Scholar from Khitai

    An old man straightened at the edge of a field, and shielded his eyes from the morning sun. In the pale halo, a rider approached. The silhouette was slender and unfamiliar. His weathered thumb twitched reflexively. Nobody ever approached from the east, as Turan stretched beyond with scorching...
  2. The Mood is Write

    A Particularly Painful Partner Probe

    The Call of the Wordbinder Hello! I'm Moody, but you could also call me Modwri. I am thirty-one years old and have been independently studying writing and roleplaying since I was thirteen. I live at home with my mother and pets, and play games or read manga (or manhua sometimes) when I'm not...
  3. Tone 6th

    Come Clash Swords!

    Hey everyone Tone here (been awhile) asking if anyone would be interested in combat themed one on one rp. I'm pretty big into samurai and knight sword play, and I would love to shape a world around it. However, I'm down for any kind of fighting role play. If anyone is interested please post here...
  4. F

    When Worlds Collide

    When Worlds Collide A 1x1 between @Xyvian and @Fox of Spades Tartarus: Bzzt, bzzt, bzzt. The pager on his belt was going crazy, but the grim reaper ignored it all, choosing instead to narrow his eyes at the man before him. Hades was... to be frank, an idiot. The Greek God might have had...
  5. The Mood is Write

    A Sensational Set of Several Scenarios (Updated Feb 10)

    The Call of the Wordbinder Hello! I'm Moody, but you can also call me Modwri, if you prefer. I am twenty-seven years old and have spent roughly the past dozen years independently studying writing and roleplaying. I live at home with my mother, and during the day I babysit for a family friend...