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Hello there! I'm Milena. I've been on this site for a little while now but haven't really done anything besides lurking, mostly due to me worrying about not being up to par with the other members here (this is my first time on a site dedicated to roleplay specifically). Lately I've had a very strong urge to push myself though, especially with my writing, so I've decided to come out of my shell a bit. I'm somewhat awkward upon first meeting someone as well as for the first few conversations but once I'm more comfortable with you things should flow smoothly. Moving on... o.o;


  • I prefer to play female characters as that's what I'm most comfortable with, but I'd be willing to try a male character at some point.
  • My goal is to write at least one paragraph per reply, I would like the same in return (at least six sentences).
  • Please have a basic understanding of grammar.
  • While I try to reply as quickly as possible my anxiety does sometimes get the best of me. I will aim for at least one post per RP each week. Patience is appreciated.
  • Third person is a must and I'd prefer past tense.
  • No fandoms, I just don't find them interesting.
  • I'm more comfortable with fantasy but I'm open to trying almost any kind of genre as I'm not sure what I enjoy most yet.
  • No smut please.
I love anything involving dragons and I would love to do something with them. I prefer a medieval setting for this, though I wouldn't be opposed to a more modern one. I'm happy to add a bit of romance to it, if that's where we'd like to go, but I'm perfectly fine without it.

I want to keep a good OOC dialogue going so we can discuss the plot and maybe do a bit of world building. I don't usually plan every aspect of an RP as I like to be somewhat in the moment with my posts and let the characters go their own way. I can roleplay through the forum or messages, either one works fine. I'm always available on Discord if you need to let me know something or if you just want to chat. If you find you aren't enjoying the RP anymore, please let me know instead of just disappearing. These things happen and it's okay.
I have quite a list of original medieval fantasy plots and some involving dragons if you'd like to try role playing with me.