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I like any genre as long as it has an awesome storyline.
(I got permission from @CrystineLucarnia to format my 1 x 1 search like this. Please do look at her search threads if interested. She does MxM and FxF:



Characters will be marked with colored tags at the top of the posts to show their status for RPs:

, REQUEST PENDING, and CLOSED. Each character is available for only one partner, or one partner per plot if multiple storyline options are given. REQUEST PENDING is the exception to this. The tag means that I am in discussion with someone about a possible RP, but it has not been started yet. If you message me with a clear idea for your character and/or what you want to do with the story, then I may agree to let you have a second spot, after which the character will be immediately closed.

Post Content and Length

I enjoy roleplays with posts of various lengths. However, if we fall into a rut of one or two lines I will object. I also prefer Rpers who can contribute to the storyline as well. If I end up being the only one contributing to it, I will admit to slowly lose interest and I might never post. We can discuss where things will go through our OOC if you like, but do please contribute and bring ideas to the RP!

Obviously, this is a thread for male roleplayers/characters. Their pictures will either be anime or realistic, but they can easily be converted if you want to.

I am more of a PM person than threads because sometimes, I do not have access to my laptop. I can do things through Threads as well, but a reply will be slower than it would be in PMs. I also am a Redstar roleplayer so if you want the RP through threads, we should start our thread in the Redstar forums. If we were to decide to take the story in that direction, I feel it best to be able to do so without fear in there. Doesn't mean we have to, but the option is open.

Please PM me all requests with the title "Among my future" in order to show that you read all of this. I know that it's a lot and that it can be easy to be turned off by seeing so much text, but I have had a lot of dropped roleplays due to people entering with interest only to realize my preferences didn't match up with theirs. Thank you for the time if you did read everything!

Notice: Do not post in here!

If you are interested in the characters, PM me only! This forum should be only for my characters, not you posting interest!

Also, I know this is a bit mean of me to say this. But If I do ignore you (whether it be during your interest, or during the RP), it means I lost interest. You can always ask me and I will apologize. My ignorance is mainly due to being uninspired, your grammar, and/or I don't like the way things are going. It's mean of me, but that's just what I do.

If you want Male characters, Click here



I am starting to realize that I am, right, having a craving for certain type of girls right now. So any of these women below are what I am TRULY craving right now. I can play all the others regardless, but you'll get a faster response for me if you express interest with these girls below:

1. Shilga Oscendo (Updated with Sugar Daddy x Sugar Baby Plot!)

2. Karli Ominotago

3. Sharia Goulart

4. Leesha Osamo

5. Moriko Higurashi

6. Elizabeth Howe
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Mei Lam

Open - FxM (Waitress x Patron [Any occupation]) [Eastern Historical Fantasy, or Fantasy]

There is a well-known Foodhouse that had served many patrons from all around the country. It is well-known for dumplings, soups (wonton soup, udon, ramen, pho, etc.), and their fish. The owners are an older couple and their daughter, who is the only server in the small foodhouse. People wait in line for the food and the welcoming family who live above their restaurant. It stands in a very busy city where tourists often come down to see the parades, the many seasonal festivals, and the historical monuments that shaped their country. Welcome to Ninghing Ju!



+ Talkative
+ Clumsy
+ Selfless
+ Brave
+ Passionate

- Impulsive
- Gullible
- Subjective
- Sensitive
- Irritable
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Shilga Oscendo

Open - FxM (Jock/Nerd/Rebel x Loner, Accidental Time-Travel [Arranged Marriage], and Sugar Daddy x Sugar Baby) [Modern, or Historical Fantasy]

School RP: She is the new student in the school, wearing nothing but a baggy hoodie jacket and jeans that tries to hide her figure. She is quiet and would rather not talk to anyone, or even sit very close to someone. A traumatizing memory from middle school psychologically affected her social skills with others, and thus makes other people think she's weird. But she has an enact talent for singing and writing and is often seen listening to her music through her iPhone. However, she is forced to work with someone on a big project. And you are her partner.

Time-Travel RP:
This rp will either be in ancient Japan or in Medieval Europe. Ancient Japan plot is when this girl will be forced to partake in a ceremony to wed a demon (your choice), or in Medieval Europe she will be mistaken as the princess that is to be wed to the newly-appointed King.

Sugar Daddy x Sugar Baby: Shilga recently was accepted into a Liberal Arts school where she hopes to get her bachelor's in Creative Writing. The problem is that the tuition might hinder her performance. So she tries to find a way to pay the bills. It is very hard at first, considering no job is flexible for her studying. Then she decided she will need to advertise her experience as an artist; drawing, writing, minor voice acting, singing, and pet care.

Then one day, she and her roommate were discussing how other people paid for their tuition; one of them being the women finding Sugar Daddies. They started laughing and joking about how Shilga could probably find a sugar daddy. For the fun of it, they went to a sugar daddy website and put a very detailed profile of Shilga and her experience writing, painting/drawing, and even 'the bedroom' (although Shilga is a virgin). Since Shilga was overweight, she figured no one was going to respond.

Boy, was she wrong.

(This Picture was created by @Luindis for the purpose of any RPs Shilga will be in. DO NOT STEAL!!)




+ Loyal
+ Caring
+ Curious
+ Energetic
+ Dependable

- Introverted
- Moody
- Distrusting
- Oversensitive
- Unpredictable
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Ekaterina Murdoc

Open - FxF, FxM (Poor x Rich, New Student x Popular Student) [Modern]

Another year in the prestigious Potsdam Academy: Where only the truly rich and talented students go to. It has everything from the best food, best academics, and also the best clubs. It is also known that students are the most beautiful ones of course. So when a new student comes in, a poor student, there was an uproar. But the school stands by the decision as the student was exemplary talented and would even bring more prospect (meaning more money). The new student is causing more ruckus when she arrived in school one day wearing her street clothes as she cannot afford the school uniforms.


Personality: Seke

+ Hard-Working
+ Reliable
+ Patient
+ Observant
+ Practical

- Altruistic
- Overachiever
- Private
- Aggressive
- Distrusting
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Karli Ominotago

Open - FxM (Good x Evil, Criminal x Detective/Police) [Modern]

There has been a known 'vigilante' called 'The Grim Reaper' who kills Rapists, Murderers, and Kidnappers who escaped from Prison or 'they' have known to be criminals. Each victim would be tortured and killed, with their blood written on the walls of their crime (So it would either read 'Rapist, Racist, Murderer, Child Pedo', etc.). The police are on high alert because it is a serial killer, no matter how much public opinion favored Grim's justice. You are recently enlisted and assigned to find Grim and to end 'their' tyranny (You don't know if it's a boy or a girl). Would you be quick to turn them in once you realize the reason why Grim is doing these crimes in the first place?



+ Imaginative
+ Curious
+ Artistic
+ Passionate
+ Charming

- Fiercely Independent
- Unpredictable
- Stressed
- Fluctuating Self-Esteem
- Genophobic
Connor Erebus

Open - FxM, and FxF (Student Governor x Rebel/Loner, Human x Werewolf Alpha)

School: Connor is well known to be very aggressive and solve problems with her fist. It got bad to the point that blood had been spilt (it was from the nose, but close enough). The school is now thinking of expelling her, and whether it was out of the kindness of your heart, or to benefit you to stay in position, you offered to 'help' her and cease her aggression.

You, however, have one month to do that.

Werewolf: It has been known for years by your pack that when your mate (A human) turns eighteen, you and your mate will have a dream of meeting each other. This mate is proven to give you strong children, and thus your bloodline will benefit the pack. You dreamt of an individual with short blonde hair and it is unknown if it is a male or a female. Either way, this was your mate and you need to look for them.


Personality: Dominant (Seme)

+ Confident
+ Ambitious
+ Generous
+ Loyal
+ Encouraging

- Stubborn
- Materialistic
- Vain
- Sarcastic
- Short-Tempered
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Akari Urushihara

Open - FxF, FxM (Bounty Hunter x Criminal/Pirate Captain) [Historical Fantasy, or Fantasy)

Well-known as the 'Vixen' Bounty-Hunter, she uses her sexual appeal and power of seduction to get whatever she wants. She always got her kill and is not afraid to pull the trigger if necessary. Now she is after you, as you have a bounty on your head. But after awhile, she seems to be very attracted to you, even at times letting you get away as she 'enjoys' chasing you and would rather not kill you.


Personality: Dominant (Seme)

+ Loyal
+ Flirtatious
+ Charming
+ Adventurous
+ Brave

- Guarded
- Hot-headed
- Secretive
- Over Protective
- Troublemaker
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Open - FxM (Native x Settler, Royalty x Royalty/Peasant)

You and your people ('kind') are expanding the kingdom, and it is going by fast. Unknown to you though, you are slowly getting closer to a forest tribe who lives on the land. You were traveling through the forest [for whatever reason you decide] when you get attacked by bandits. Before you could do anything though, a young woman with dark skin and clothes made from the skin of deer came in and finish all three men with no problem. Then she runs off before you could do anything. But you become curious...who was that woman? It would be many months before you find your answer: she is the daughter of the leader of the forest tribe.

Alternative plot: You are a prince and are interested in marrying her, and the marriage would be a treaty between the forest tribe and the 'kingdom'. But her ways are too different from 'yours'.



+ Decisive
+ Dedicated
+ Loyal
+ Patient
+ Hard-working

- Assertive
- Impatient
- Cautious
- Unemotional [at times]
- Judgemental
Samar Navarro

Open - FxM, FxF (Assassin x Knight) [Fantasy]

There is a treasure that is legendary. Although it is just a legend, and it has not been confirmed. The treasure is known to give you one of three things: Unlimited Riches, Eternal Youth, or the Ability to see the Future. You are finding this treasure as to get the Princess/Prince's hand in marriage. But you need help, so you put up an Ad to find a partner to help find the treasure. You don't know it, but you got the attention or the 'Bloody Rose', known for killing good and bad people (as long as you got money). The assassin as no memory of their past and thinks the treasure will help 'him' [you will assume the assassin is a male] find out about 'his' past.


Personality: Dominant-Submissive [Seke]

+ Energetic
+ Creative
+ Spontaneous
+ Rational
+ Relaxed

- Stubborn
- Insensitive
- Reserved
- Easily Bored
- Risky
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Abira Lahlou

Open - FxM (Writer x Her Character) [Fantasy]

Abira is a hopeless writer who dreams of creating a story that would be known. Not famous, but at least an enjoyable one for people to enjoy. She, however, is not enjoying her life. Losing her job, her friends, and her long-time boyfriend cheating on her, she is contemplating suicide and losing hope for her story to be published.

You live in the world of Ohurna, where it is peaceful. Not perfect, but peaceful. When suddenly, your world is turning dark...literally. Dark monsters and smog is taking over the skies and lands, and if it is not stopped, it will soon take over the world. The Sages and Prophets are praying the gods to save them. The answer to the prayer was that the 'creator' of their world will be summoned to stop it themselves. Once the summoning was completed, it revealed a woman with a hijab around her face. And you will be the one to guide her and help her through the journey if only she won't stop gawking and revealing things you never told anyone.



+ Open-Minded
+ Flexible
+ Creative
+ Energetic
+ Dedicated

- Impractical
- Sensitive
- Reserved
- Too Altruistic
- Not Detail-Orientated
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Sharia 'Shadow' Goulart

Open - FxM (Bandmate x Newcomer) [Modern]

You and your band were going to go on tour for the first time. You and your three friends were getting prepared for the tour until one of your bandmates, the drummer, died in a major accident. You and your remaining two friends grieved and now the dream of getting on tour have been lost. But one of your friends didn't give up and went to find a new guitar player. That is when he stumbled upon a woman on the street, banging on her drums like nobody's business. She even has a crowd as they put money on the tip jar. Impressed, he invites her to join the band and then tells you and your other friend. You are not happy, because your group has always been a boy band, and now having a girl in there will make things more complicated. But the other two disagree and say that it will not be a problem. So now with a female on board, you are trying to do whatever you can to get her out to find a male bandmate and/or make sure she knows you hate her. But how long will that last?



+ Creative
+ Insightful
+ Determined
+ Altruistic
+ Inspiring

- Sensitive
- Private
- Stressed
- Heavy Sleeper
- Hydrophobic
Tallulah Wakanda

Open - FxM (Master x Slave, Rich x Poor) [Modern]

You are a very highly successful businessman. At age eighteen, you graduated from Yale and started your own company for the first time. By the time you got t your twenties, your companies are the top elite which made you the youngest and sexiest businessman in the eyes of women. Now you are twenty-four, with more money than you can imagine. People are starting to notice that all you ever do is work. People wonder how come for a man as young and attractive as you don't have a girl by your side, They do notice that you are not open to anyone, barely having friends as your first priority is work. Your background is mysterious to everyone, all that is known is that you came from a rich family and broke away from them to prove that you can be independent and don't need your precious' parents money. That is all that is known to the workers, as you kept your family's whereabouts unknown (or maybe you just don't care).

Your twenty-fifth birthday came up, and your grandpa (who you barely have contact with) decided to throw a banquet for you. It wasn't the biggest surprise, though, as it happened after it was all over. You went home to see a giant gift box which is from your grandpa. Once you open the box, you realize it was a girl...a stranger! You soon find the card which your grandpa writes that the girl is his present and to enjoy her, for she is after all non-refundable since she had no place to go. And because you want to please your grandfather (and prove your independence to him), you decided to keep the girl. Although as the days pass, you might get tempted to kick her out despite her past.



+ Sympathetic
+ Hard-Working
+ Protective
+ Insightful
+ Determined

- Perfectionist
- Too Selfless
- Aggressive
- Quiet
- Reserved
Leesha Osano

Open - MxF (Human x Any Supernatural/Fantastical Creature, Arranged Marriage) [Fantasy, Historical Fantasy]

There has been a war going on for centuries between humans and (werewolves, vampires, elves, dragons, etc.). But now it is time to make a peace treaty, as it was agreed upon that the Prince of (Werewolves, vampires, etc.) and the Princess of Humans would marry and then consummate in an isolated cabin. But a terrorist group from each side disagrees with the peace treaty and decide to kidnap them. They plan on killing them and place blame on each side so war could happen again. But the princess and the prince flee, trying to find sanctuary until they are ready to go home. But how when each side blames each other? Will being refugees bring the two close together despite the arrangement?


+ Innovative
+ Empathetic
+ Reasonable
+ Compassionate
+ Imaginative

- Sensitive
- Eccentric
- Can't Function Alone
- Escapist
- Indecisive
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Moriko Higurashi

Open - FxM (Good x Evil, Popular x Loner) [Modern Sci-Fi]

In the world of extensive technology, the life expectancy is high and now life has been easier for the human race. But inside the happiest times comes the darker times.

Moriko has been after someone named 'Speed' (YC) for years after he murdered her father. Living by herself, she is barely getting by with the life insurance money her father left behind and is constantly worried about her future. So she is trying to find the criminal even though she might not understand the full truth and the darkness hidden in an almost perfect society.

Even during her chase, she is able to go to school and silently be a 'teenage girl' crushing on a popular guy despite her tomboy tendencies. But what she doesn't know is that her crush is the one she is chasing as well.

The teenage boy has many secrets, and the murder of the well-known scientist is connected to a more darker organization that would shake society to its core.



+ Active
+ Steadfast
+ Forthright
+ Conscientiousness
+ Irreligious

- Fiery
- Opinionated
- Vindictive
- Soft
- Rowdy
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Elizabeth Howe

Request Pending - FxM (Dancer/Entertainer x Royalty) [Fantasy, Historical Fantasy (Arabian themed)]

There are rumors surrounding the pale red-haired woman with blue eyes. Her features are foreign as most women had tan skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. No one knows where she came from, and who she truly is as she goes by 'Zaina'. She has entertained the nobles and royalty for the few years she has done her dancing. She has gotten many marriage proposals in which she had refused. So it was [almost not] surprising when you, the prince, proposed and she said yes. What was the reasoning? And does it have something to do with her past?



+ Cheerful
+ Energetic
+ Humble
+ Romantic
+ Trusting

- Naive
- Childish
- Delicate
- Easily Discouraged
- Gullible
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Seraphina Antoinette

Closed - FxM (Betrothed Villagers, Arranged Marriage) [Medieval Fantasy, Fantasy]

Seraphina was known to be the clumsiest and yet, the most charming girl in the village. She lives close to the castle where she is often seen roaming around helping people. But one day, her dear father became sick, and they barely had enough money. Desperate for money, she puts up an ad on the Pancart [A placard with public notices] that she needed help on curing her sick father, and that in return, she will be the wife of the savior or the son of her savior. She wrote down all the stuff she could do; make clothes, cook food, healthy to provide children, and adept at animal/farming/ranching care.

To her surprise, someone accepted the Ad and with the letter, it said she was to meet them at the town square at night to meet her betrothed. Knowing the deal was the deal, she wore her best dress and goes to the town square to meet her soon to be husband...



+ Feminine
+ Amiable
+ Loyal
+ Incorruptible
+ Personable

- Sensitive
- Clumsy
- Hesitant
- Timid
- Vulnerable
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